New Superman blasted as blasphemous by stupid Christian comic store owner

LAST week DC launched a revamped version of Action Comics, which has been given a makeover by veteran Scottish comics auteur Grant Morrison.

According to this report:

Just as the first Action Comics premiered against the backdrop of the Great Depression, imminent technological advancements like television, and the rise of Nazi Germany, Morrison wanted to tap the zeitgeist of current economic and global turbulence, as well as infuse his foreigner’s perspective of America to into Clark Kent’s alien acclimation to humans.

Well, this did not go down well with Jeff Lamb, owner of The Comic Conspiracy in Asheboro, North Carolina. He declared he’s boycotting all Grant Morrison comics after what he views as religious blasphemy in Action Comics #1. And he’s calling for Christian comics readers and retailers to join in the Morrison boycott, characterising the first issue of the relaunched DC Comics series as:

A slap in the face to Superman, Christians and Superman creators Siegel and Shuster!!

The panel that upset Christian moron Lamb

That “slap in the face”, according to this report, is a single panel in which the Man of Steel, when struck by artillery fired from a tank, utters “GD.” What many read as a grunt — Superman says “GNUHH,” “HNN” and “GGAAAAAA” in the same scene — Lamb interpreted as an abbreviation for “goddamn” (or maybe simply “God”?), an affront to his religious beliefs. He wailed:

Superman was created to be the ‘perfect’ super-hero. Unblemished. Superman is an American icon … This wasn’t creative flow. It wasn’t necessary in the story. It isn’t Superman at all. And it goes against a basic Christian principle. It was a blatant stab.

Lamb added on Facebook:

I’m sorry, Superman would NEVER take God’s name in vain. In the words of the late Jim Croce, ‘You don’t tug on Superman’s cape’.

Lamb said he intended to contact Diamond Comic Distributors to cancel orders for Action Comics #2 and all other titles written by Morrison, whom he called:

A liberal Scottish schmuck … I ask my customers to understand as best they can. I understand that it’s only a comic and it’s not the real world, but I feel that as a Christian I have to draw the line somewhere.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn