God for the retarded

I RECENTLY discovered Ben C O Grimm’s Atheism News Magazine – and have been regularly checking into it to see what’s going on in the mad, bad world of religion.

The reports on Grimm’s site are, by and large, pretty grim, the most horrifying today being the Christmas day attacks by mad Muslims in Nigeria – but I couldn’t help chuckling over a book cover reproduced there.

Entitled Helping the retarded to know God: A guide for Christian teachers of the mentally handicapped by Hans R Hahn and Werner H Raasch, it set me wondering whether this abomination is still available.

It is. Just. Amazon has two copies for $8.85 and $11.00, respectively.

But is doubtful either will sell, as the only review on Amazon isn’t exactly encouraging.

El Reviewor wrote:

 Cognitive disability is one of the effects of religion. If you want your child to become mentally retarded, by all means indoctrinate them into a religion.

People who already have a legitimate disability do not need this book; it would be like a double whammy of tragedy, compounding one mental drain with another.

The very concept of this book is criminal and perversely depraved.