Christian Voice lunatic calls on ATHEISTS to support his ‘Boycott Tesco’ petition

AT least two Freethinker readers have received emails from Christian extremist Stephen “Birdshit” Green, asking for their support in his ongoing war on the supermarket giant over its Gay Pride funding.

Not surprisingly, John M White and AngieRS are somewhat puzzled to have received a communication from the nutter.

Stephen Green

Said White:

Oddly, I just got an email from Stephen Green.  He was politely asking me to sign a petition to moan at Tesco for sponsoring another gay pride event, and to gloat about the dip in their share price that was supposed divine retribution for them suggesting gay people not be stoned to death, but be respected as a part of the community.

I politely declined  … I am curious if anyone else who has been a commenter on his site received a similar email.  I am not part of his mailing list and I can’t think of any way I would end up receiving it unless he accidentally sent it to the blacklist of people banned from commenting.

I think I commented twice and disagreed with him so I imagine my address got linked into a database of his somewhere.

And AngieRS said:

Hi, I don’t know why I’m on Birdshit’s contact list, but I got this from him today.

Attached to her message was a copy of Green’s email, notifying supporters that the wording of a petition he concocted has been amended, and that it now reads:

We the undersigned note that retail giant Tesco are to give £30,000 to the 2012 London Gay Pride, also known as ‘World Pride’.

We believe no business should promote immorality, obscenity, aggression and division, especially if it wishes to retain the loyalty of Christian customers.

We intend to shop elsewhere until Tesco reverse this decision.


32 responses to “Christian Voice lunatic calls on ATHEISTS to support his ‘Boycott Tesco’ petition”

  1. Tom McCann says:

    I don’t usually make personal comments about people, but just can’t resist it in this case. The first phrase that occurred to me when I saw his picture: “mad staring eye” (singular)

  2. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    I’m offended! Why Hasn’t this bigoted idiot sent me an e’mail? I’m gonna go and sulk now!

  3. Matt says:

    This shines a real light on the perception of Christians in relation to sexuality. The mere fact that a gay-hate campaign being extended to atheists is so laughable, it’s newsworthy!

    If the title read something like “Christian Voice Lunatic Calls on Christians to support his “Boycott Tesco” petition” we’d find it perfectly normal, and not really anything new.

    It at least shows the perceived difference between theistic and atheistic morality. And while perceptions can be misguided, they can equally at times be quite telling…

    P.S. After reading at least 4 stories on here about this guy, I only now realise the reason for his adopted middle name: Brilliant.

  4. Daz says:

    Where’s my email? No Fair!

  5. john c says:

    Check out the petition, suggest Pluto and Donald sign it as well.

  6. AgentCormac says:

    I love Birdshit’s denouncement of ‘aggression and division’. Isn’t that precisely what he’s promoting?

  7. Stuart W says:

    My email address is also apparently on the CV mailing list (for now) which I can only guess came about as last year I tried to post comments maybe three or four times on his blog. So Green refuses to post my non-profane opinions but still wants to be able to use my email addy without permission, eh? Actually perhaps I should be calling him ‘Stephen’ now, as he very sweetly addressed me by my first name in the e-alert.
    I wasn’t going to report this here last night as suspected it might be a tactical ploy by Green to get further publicity for his petition and wasn’t going to play into his hands.

  8. remigius says:

    I often receive unsolicited emails asking whether I am happy about the size of my penis, with the sender offering to make it bigger.

    I now have a pretty good idea where they are coming from.

  9. Hitchens'apprentice says:

    Good! Shop somewhere else, christian shoppers! The ‘Stench’ you leave behind ruins the shopping experience for everyone……….

  10. elainek123 says:

    Cant talk now Im off to Tesco’s to do my shopping

  11. JohnMWhite says:

    Stuart W, you might be right about that ploy by Mr. Green to get a little more publicity (and live out another persecution fantasy), though I only ever attempted to comment on his site perhaps a total of two times. I would doubt I made such a lasting impression he thought “if anyone should wind up spreading the word about this, it’s JohnMWhite!” Still, I personally do not believe in the idea that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    Anyway, though I did not sign the petition, I did reply to his polite email:

    Dear Stephen G

    I’m afraid I cannot sign your petition as requested, as I am not a homophobe. I do wonder if you accidentally sent it to the wrong list; I imagine, having disagreed with you once, I am probably on the black list and not the usual mailing list. Anyway, gay people have never done me any harm and I believe some philosopher or other once said “judge not, lest ye be judged”. So I try not to condemn them and make their lives more difficult even if I do find it a bit odd where they choose to put their gendered bits. Also I would never wish to drive a large employer out of business in the midst of a recession – Tesco may not be angels but at least they provide jobs and affordable food in a difficult time for the country. There’s also, I must confess (I am a sinner), a little bit of selfishness in my appreciation of Tesco as they are the only store where I can get good butteries, also known as ‘Aberdeen rolls’. Asda are missing a trick there, I can assure

    On the bright side, we are in agreement on something. I too believe no business should promote aggression and division. Therefore I will forward to all my Christian friends the contact details of the Tesco highers-up that you thoughtfully provided. I suppose I will forward them to non-Christian friends as well, since they do have consciences, too. Together, we shall make it known that we wholeheartedly approve of Tesco donating to a Gay Pride event designed to inspire tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness in our community. Thank you for highlighting the efforts of Tesco and London Pride to encourage compassion and understanding between diverse groups of people.

    And as you say, “If we seek the Lord and do the little we can…” so I agree: Every little helps.

    John Michael White

    He replied:

    Hi Michael,
    Good idea.
    The more people who email them, the more it clogs up their ‘customer
    support’ unit over the issue!

    Um… not sure he quite got the message. Or my name…

  12. The Woggler says:

    This what I thought of trying to get onto Birdshit’s comments page:

    Christian Voice promoting bigotry and hatred
    We are calling for a boycott of Christian Voice not because of any like or dislike for people who are homosexual, but because they are, by any definition, a hate group.

    Christian voice is a minority group, which unfortunately is as loud and strident as it is ridiculous. Its advertising is far from clever – and rarely to be believed – and its members think everybody should do what they tell them.

    Christian Voice insults the name and beliefs of decent, ordinary Christians. Their nastiness and bigotry should be rejected and repelled by anybody who believes in a just, fair and equal society.

    But then I thought “what’s the point?” I spent a good while at the end of last year ‘debating’ with these morons, and in the end just had to give up. It really is like trying to knit soup. However, if I do happen to get this e-mail, I might consider using part of this in any reply.

  13. Stonyground says:

    I did wonder why more mainstream Christians don’t rush to distance themselves from SG but then I thought that they are probably unaware of him. We give him a fair bit of attention because we find him amusing and I know that the mainstream media occasionally report on his antics but overall is he really that well known?

  14. sailor1031 says:

    Stock price manipulation is a serious crime. Why isn’t the fraud squad investigating? I think Green is liable for the three billion loss of market assets Tesco shareholders have suffered. Maybe he can pray his deity to send him the money…..

  15. barriejohn says:

    Start a petition against marital rape and ask him to sign.

  16. AngieRS says:

    Actually, I’ve only just realised where he got my email from. I signed his petition under some dodgy name. Shows the care he’s taken to check them all. Didn’t think my email was meant to be used for spamming, anyway. Shall have to have another look at that website.

  17. AngieRS says:

    I think he has broken the petition rules, This from the privacy section,
    “You will not use any information collected from your petition for marketing or other mass email (spam) purposes without the explicit consent of your signers.”
    I don’t recall giving any consent.

  18. Daz says:


    “I think he has broken the petition rules”

    Ah, but you forget. The rules of mere mortals count for nought in the face of his Mission From God!

  19. JohnMWhite says:

    If that’s where he got your email, AngieRS, I still can’t figure out where he got mine. I’ve never signed one of his petitions, even as a joke. Odd.

  20. Martin says:

    I see J Sainsbury, Wm Morrison and Waitrose have joined the fight to boycott Tescos now.
    I wonder how that happened?

  21. john c says:

    Spam his petition with random junk,cartoon names, double entendres etc, it will give them a hard(er still) time maintaining credibility, check display name as well for the lols.Looking for original content.

  22. Trevor blake says:

    Not to make too much of two spams, but – secular morals always lead the way and theology catches up then claims the high ground. Theists can’t stop crowing about the REVEREND Dr. King, linking US civil rights with their faith. But that can only happen by ignoring two thousand or more years of Christianity condoning slavery. Ask any Christian you like where in the bible is slavery as an institution condemned. Ask why that Christian condemns slavery when their bible supports it.

    With no secular science to invent the cotton gin and improved transportation, slavery in the USA might have lingered longer. But just like always, theists thank god and not the firemen.

  23. AgentCormac says:

    I have just been watching Prof. Brian Cox doing his wonderful ‘Stargazing Live’ programme. I wonder if Green was watching, too? And if so, what he made of the vast swathe of scientific evidence that proves beyond doubt that his imaginary friend has nothing whatsoever to do with the universe or anything in it? Probably too busy praying for his Lottery numbers to come up to be bothered worrying about anything so trivial as the truth.

  24. AngieRS says:

    Yeah, true, Daz. Silly of me to think that Green confines himself to the rules most others live by.

  25. Ed-words says:

    “Jesus is the only Saviour”, says a Green sign,(earlier).

    Isn’t one enough?

    You Brits have plenty of kooks over there,but ours are
    running for President.

  26. Ed-words says:

    You all are about to wake up, as I’m going to bed.

    What’s that all about?

  27. AgentCormac says:

    @ Ed-words

    Unlike Green who’s an attention-seeking nonentity with no chance whatsoever of ever being anything different or better, your American kooks really are a dangerous bunch. For all our sakes, get out there and make sure none of them end up in the White House!

  28. AngieRS says:

    Unfortunately, Ed-words, I think with the Tory party, we’ve beaten you to it. 🙁

  29. barriejohn says:

    Agent Cormac: I, too, have been watching Stargazing Live. I’m sure that Stephen Green would love the programme, as they keep admitting that there are things that they “simply do not know”!

  30. Daz says:

    Ya know, the last time I saw a stare like the one in that pic of Birdshit, the bastard was just about to try to knock my block off with a pool cue.

  31. Stuart H. says:

    Yeah, I get them too. Think it’s a hangover from that petition he did a few years back around the Scottish kids hospice thing, where about 2/3 of the ‘signatories’ were people who ‘signed’ just to tell him what a heartless shit he was.
    Mind you, Birdshit always helpfully puts in contact e-mails for people to ‘complain’ to, which we can always turn around by e-mailing to congratulate them on standing up to a bigot.
    By the way, from my experience living out that way, in East Europe most protests against Tesco on ‘moral’ issues turned out, once you question the objectors (especially the godbothering sort)closely, to actually be on the grounds that Tesco wast started by a Jewish guy and so was viewed by such swivel-eyed loons as part of that great Jewish international banking conspiracy of legend (LOL!).
    Might be worth checking out Birdshit’s record and rhetoric a little closer to see if he falls into this camp.

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