Christian Voice lunatic calls on ATHEISTS to support his ‘Boycott Tesco’ petition

AT least two Freethinker readers have received emails from Christian extremist Stephen “Birdshit” Green, asking for their support in his ongoing war on the supermarket giant over its Gay Pride funding.

Not surprisingly, John M White and AngieRS are somewhat puzzled to have received a communication from the nutter.

Stephen Green

Said White:

Oddly, I just got an email from Stephen Green.  He was politely asking me to sign a petition to moan at Tesco for sponsoring another gay pride event, and to gloat about the dip in their share price that was supposed divine retribution for them suggesting gay people not be stoned to death, but be respected as a part of the community.

I politely declined  … I am curious if anyone else who has been a commenter on his site received a similar email.  I am not part of his mailing list and I can’t think of any way I would end up receiving it unless he accidentally sent it to the blacklist of people banned from commenting.

I think I commented twice and disagreed with him so I imagine my address got linked into a database of his somewhere.

And AngieRS said:

Hi, I don’t know why I’m on Birdshit’s contact list, but I got this from him today.

Attached to her message was a copy of Green’s email, notifying supporters that the wording of a petition he concocted has been amended, and that it now reads:

We the undersigned note that retail giant Tesco are to give £30,000 to the 2012 London Gay Pride, also known as ‘World Pride’.

We believe no business should promote immorality, obscenity, aggression and division, especially if it wishes to retain the loyalty of Christian customers.

We intend to shop elsewhere until Tesco reverse this decision.