Atheists can learn lessons about morality from believers, says UK philosopher

RIGHT now, there’s a blazing exchange taking place on the BBC World Service’s Facebook page, following a broadcast on religion this morning which utterly infuriated me.

Alain de Botton

Getting wound up by the squads of religionists who get a disproportionate amount of airtime on the BBC is something that happens to people like me far too often – but in this case it was an ATHEIST who got me spitting tacks.

Alain de Botton, philosopher and author of a new book entitled Religion for Atheists, argues in a piece – now posted as an audio file on Facebook – that atheists have a lot to learn about cohesiveness, morality and aesthetics from religious communities. WTF!

According to this blurb, de Botton’s book:

Explains ways in which atheists should look to religion for some solutions to contemporary ills. In doing so, he hopes to move the tired old debate between atheists and believers onto more fruitful ground.

Blending deep respect with total impiety, de Botton proposes that agnostics and atheists should stop mocking religions and start stealing from them. For too long, he believes, we have faced a false choice between either swallowing doctrines or doing away with consoling and beautiful rituals and ideas.

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  1. Zaki Aminu says:

    “…..I know what you mean Brian, the comments you mention I am used to seeing, but I just tend to ignore them. I think Dawkins is a gentle soul….”

    Dawkins, “gentle soul”? Don’t make me laugh! Philosophically, he’s the nearest thing I can think of to a bull in a china shop! A sort of intellectual Genghis Khan.