Televangelist’s grandson has a message for the US Bible Belt: Gay is OK

RANDY Roberts Potts, grandson of one of America’s most famous televangelists – Oral Roberts – is a man on a mission … to convince “conservative” Bible Belt communities that gay relationships are more than just a matter of sex, but about love and companionship, and “being human”.

Randy Roberts Potts and his granddad, Oral Roberts (click on image for video)

In an interview with CNN, Potts, who spent years of his life “running away from his sexual identity and his family name” was prompted to come out of the closet in the wake of recent reports about young men committing suicide because of their homosexuality.

He made an It Gets Better video dedicated to a gay uncle who committed suicide, and is now promoting his Gay Agenda tour through the Bible Belt.

Potts, who married aged 20 and has three children, revealed that he has “a tense relationship” with his mother, who still insists that :

Homosexuality leads to death and the Bible condemns it.

Asked what his late grandfather would have made of his mission, Potts – who is about to marry his male partner – said:

If he was still around and in his prime, this might be a cause he would take up. I know he had a lot of fear about homosexuality, but he might have been more accepting if he were younger.

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17 responses to “Televangelist’s grandson has a message for the US Bible Belt: Gay is OK”

  1. Jim Dawson says:

    Randy Roberts Potts and Oral Roberts! Calling your children that would be child abuse over here. No wonder old Oral’s got issues with other men’s willies.

  2. Trevor blake says:

    Now is the evolutionary phase where change happens. Older Christians hold the several-thousand year old view that homosexuality is wrong, younger Christians hold the modern view that homosexuality is neutral or good for some people. Change comes to all things, including the unchanging word of an invisible monster that lives in the sky.

    I would bet good money that in 1-2 generations, the change to the modern view will be complete. In this case the change is for the better and I won’t confirm an atheist stereotype by complaining about the good.

    So let me clarify that I’m complaining about something else. In 1-2 generations, when homosexuals are accepted by Christians, the drop in bias will be achieved by a rise in lying. The bible is clear in its support for slavery, but those parts are just ignored. Hey presto! Modern bristianity cannot shut its mouth about the clergy of the civil rights movement – see, Christianity was always for racial equality! Don’t mind the bible or 2,000+ years of history! Soon, while the bible will remain clear in demanding Christians murder homosexuals, those parts will be just ignored. Hey presto! Modern Christianity will not be able to shut its moth about clergy supporting homosexuals – see, Christianity was always for gay / straight equality! Don’t mind the bible or 2,000+ years of history! Protestant Christianity will change first. Catholicism will quietly make it a minor naughtiness but officially shake its boney finger at homosexuals. The groups that carry on the older traditions will be isolated socially. Lying is less awful than murder, so hats off to progress. Still – some day I’d like to see Christianity laughed at more roundly for resisting the high ground then claiming it was always theirs.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says:

    Homosexuality leads to death…

    She’s got a point there.

    But then, heterosexuality also leads to death. Everything leads to death. Death is inevitable. Deal with it.

  4. barriejohn says:

    You’re making up names again, Barry. Have you though about therapy?

  5. barriejohn says:

    Oral Roberts in action:

    What a fraud! You won’t find any negative comments appended to that video – I wonder why?

  6. barriejohn says:

    From The Young Turks – always reliable:

  7. barriejohn says:

    More from The Young Turks!

  8. Ed-words says:

    This same gentleman wrote an article for the Island Press
    about his grandfather Oral, going to the top of his
    unfinished hospital and demanding 8 million bucks to finish it before
    he would come down.
    Well, Tulsa, Oklahoma(where else?)had enough hospitals, and he
    eventually returned, a bit sheepish, but undeterred.

  9. Newageluddite says:

    To Ed-words- Many Oklahomans found his “Send me money for my hospital or God will call me home” antic to be another embarrassment, but he received enough money to finish and open, not only his hospital, but a medical school. They both operated for several years before closing, I believe due to lack of funding.

  10. Normand says:

    On a different note,Justice is rendered in Canada.

    Shafia Trial Verdict: Honour Killing Jury Finds All Accused Guilty Of First-Degree Murder

  11. barriejohn says:

    Campfield has been banned from a Knoxville bistro now. I don’t agree with that action, but it IS funny:

    Today’s Special: Fried Chicken. Crispy Chicken Livers. No Stacey.

  12. Ed-words says:

    Potts is a good writer. His grandfather was a better man than
    many of his peers today.If you check out my link above,then

    “Something Good is Going to Happen to You!”

  13. barriejohn says:

    @Ed-words: I thought you had linked to that ridiculous pile of bullshit to demonstrate that these people are either completely nuts or, if they really do believe such nonsense, the world’s biggest conmen!

    PS Perhaps I should “rediscover” God and write my own book: Something Good is Going to Happen to My Bank Account.

  14. barriejohn says:

    PPS I got things back to front in my last comment, but I’m sure you get my drift!

  15. Ed-words says:

    Barriejohn, my first two sentences are correct.
    And Oral did stress hope over fear.That’s an improvement.

    Overall, I was being sarcastic. Fortunately, Mr Potts
    doesn’t buy it either.