Christianity is the antidote to nasty things like Nazism, claims foolish Catholic bishop

IF A contest had been staged in the UK to find the most offensive Easter sermon of 2012, Mark Davies, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Shrewbury would surely have shashayed off with the top prize.

The Roman Catholic Bishop Of Shrewsbury, Mark Davies

Davies, according to this report, used the PAGAN festival to warn Britons that if they persisted in undermining Christianity, the country would fall victims to “the most sinister of ideologies” – such as Nazism.

This posturing nitwit – who surely must be aware of the fact that it was German Catholics and the Roman Catholic Church who put total power within the Nazis’ reach – said:

It has, indeed, been the experience of this past century, as both Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have observed, how the most poisonous ideologies have arisen within the Christian nations of Europe.

Thus Nazism or Communism attempted to discard the Christian inheritance of faith and morality as if it had never existed.  They sought either to return to the pagan past or to ‘re-create’ and ‘redeem’ humanity by political will and ideology with terrible consequences.

He then lamented:

Today we are becoming increasingly aware that there are those in leading positions within our society who wish to see history somehow reversed, who wish the very light which Christianity brought to these islands would recede.

Equally foolish, but in this case simply vacuous and banal, were the words of “Dumbledore”. The Archbishop of Canterbury used his last Easter message before his retirement later this year to attack what he called the downgrading of religious education.

Rowan Williams criticised the Government for not including religious education as a subject counting towards the English baccalaureate, an alternative to A-levels which is being offered by more and more schools.

Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society, summed up the collective Easter tosh thus:

The churches are in revivalist mode and are stopping at nothing to stem their haemorrhaging support and boost their power.

To do so they are inventing persecution, threatening the Government, rewriting history and even persecuting an oppressed minority – gay people.

Hat Tip: Agent Cormac