Meet Perseus Flange, Bishop of Little Piddlebed

WHEN Andrew John first created Perseus Flange, the Bishop of Little Piddlebed, for his quarterly podcast on the Pink Humanist site, in my mind’s eye I immediately saw Willy Walsh.

Retired Bishop Willy Walsh

Walsh retired from his post as Bishop of Killaloe, Ireland, in 2010, much to the relief of Catholic bigots traditionalists. Here’s what one of them had to say, under the headline Farewell to a Shitten Shepherd, about Walsh’s departure.

His words reveal him as that lamentable sort who yearns to turn the holy Catholic Church – of which he is a bishop – into a carbon copy of the Episcopal Church, replete with clerical divorce, lesbian priestesses, theological lassitude, blessing of same-sex unions, and a focus on the temporal which excludes any consideration of the hereafter ­– in other words, a sort of pseudo-religious social club in which the spirit of contemporary political correctness can flourish, where preaching the Truth is replaced by a convivial consensus-finding chat over tea and biscuits and in which nothing really matters at all so long as no-one ever says anything that might be construed as offensive.

Bishop Perseus Flange, an old-school Anglican, not a Catholic, can never be accused of being a jovial old cove, or having such a laissez faire attitude.

In John’s latest podcast, posted today, he tackles the cantankerous Flange – who refers to the Pink Humanist as the Punk Humorist – on the subjects of the Coalition for Marriage; the nuclear family and Jesus’ alleged ability to “zap” demons.

Here’s the link to John’s podcasts. Enjoy this amusing distraction from Jubilee Sunday.

5 responses to “Meet Perseus Flange, Bishop of Little Piddlebed”

  1. The Vicar says:

    Y’know, if that guy just wore some bronzer and died and styled his hair (but not his eyebrows), well…

    Ooom-pa Loom-pa Doopity Do
    I’ve got another sermon for you…

  2. barriejohn says:

    The bigot is right, though, isn’t he? These wishy-washy vicars are not keeping the faith.

    I thought you might have given this guy a mention as well, Barry. He’s taking “trendy vicar” to its limits, I feel!

  3. Daz says:

    Oh gawd. A trendy vicar and an Elvis impersonator, rolled up into one package. I was wrong—there is a hell!

  4. AgentCormac says:

    OT But nice to see one of our very own hate figures being given a good shoeing by her boss. Hopefully Wasri, the vile apologist for religion in all its forms, will now end up languishing in prison for having (allegedly) lied to the public and stolen our money.

    And she dares to lecture the rest of us on how faith equals virtue and that people who refuse to be conned by religion are somehow morally inferior?!!!!

  5. Matt Westwood says: