Crazy Christian thug barred from the UK

TODD Bentley looks like one of them geezers you’d cross the road to avoid. And you’d be wise to. Built like a breezeblock and covered in tattoos, this bald, bearded Canadian thug is a bully-boy for God.

Todd Bentley displays his Jesus tattoo. Click on pic to watch this lunatic boasting of his violent actions.

The US based evangelist imagines he can “cure” people of all sorts of ailments – by beating them up. Bentley once kicked a woman in the face while wearing biker boots, and on another occasion, pushed a man over so forcefully that a tooth popped out of his mouth.

Bentley is reported as saying:

While operating in the gift of faith, I felt I was to kick a woman in the face as a step of obedience.

He added:

This is one of several isolated accounts where I have prayed in an unorthodox manner for individuals, but I do not consider it violence when no one is injured.

According to this blog, Bentley, who was in Wales last year, claimed he could raise the dead, cure cancer, and give the power of speech to mutes.

Some, of course, would argue that people who believe that God’s “healing powers” can be channeled through a violent sociopath like Bentley, who was once involved in a”sexual assault ring” deserve a bloody good bruising, but the UK Government disagreed, and has barred the nutcase from returning the UK, where he planned on bringing his dangerous antics to the Portadown Christian Centre, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, and to Croydon.

Following a campaign, led by Labour MP for Croydon North Malcolm Wicks, the 36-year-old evangelist has been banned from entering the UK.

Wicks, who wrote to Home Secretary Theresa May urging her to block Bentley’s entry to the country, said:

I am delighted.  The Government has made the right decision on this one … This man was a disgrace to any idea of Christianity.

Writing on his Facebook page, Bentley condemned the decision.

I am deeply saddened by the recent decision of the UK Government regarding my entry into the country. We know and believe that the UK has a great destiny, and we are praying for the leaders and those in government. Please continue to stand with us in prayer regarding this decision and our return to the UK.

And, according this BBC report, Bentley, who describes himself as a “healing evangelist, revivalist, and author”, said:

We are thankful to God for the support from our friends in the UK who truly love Jesus and embrace the supernatural, faith and healing.  Please continue to stand with us in prayer regarding this decision and our return to the UK.

But a Home Office spokesman stood firm:

The Government makes no apologies for refusing people access to the UK if we believe they are not conducive to the public good. Coming here is a privilege we refuse to extend to those who might seek to undermine our society.

The BBC contacted George Elliott, pastor at Portadown Christian Centre, but he declined to comment on the matter.

The Presbyterian Church, which has no connection with the centre, has issued a statement saying:

Violent activities reported as part of Mr Bentley’s faith healing technique have no part whatsoever in our understanding of a loving, caring and compassionate ministry that is sought, often by weak, frail and distressed people.

Clearly Bentley is barking mad, but so, apparently was the man he claims to represent: Jesus. According to this report, the man who spawned Christianity “had lost his mind” and several other biblical characters, among them John the Baptist, St Paul, St Francis, may all have been “mentally ill”.

Ironically, this revelation is contained in a Church of England sermon!

Hat tip: Gill Kerry and Robert Stovold (sermon report)

22 responses to “Crazy Christian thug barred from the UK”

  1. Barry Duke says:

    A friend of mine just posted this comment under the link I put to this story on my Facebook page:

    “But Barry, you’re bald, bearded, covered in tattoos and built like a breeze block!”

    How am I to respond to that!

  2. barriejohn says:

    We have discusses Bentley and Joel’s Army on the site before.

  3. Matt Westwood says:

    Bald, bearded and built like a breeze-block? So are many of us. Some of us violent and dangerous thugs, however, proud as we are, deliberately get our jollies by hospitalising other bald, bearded, built-like-a-breeze-block violent thugs, and we don’t kick women in the face. Call me a sexist, but women I don’t hit (nor children nor weedy wimps either).

    This Todd Bentboy, however, is on my list for a righteous mashing.

  4. Stuart W says:

    I have a feeling that this won’t be making the Christian Institute’s news bulletin.

  5. Broga says:

    @Stuart W: Rowan Williams must be glad he is legging it. Comments on the sermon from the usual Christian suspects would be welcome. If Jesus was mentally ill then presumbly so is God as they are one and the same (I think). But the evidence for God as a murdering psychopath, with paranoid delusions and an insatiable need for flattery is there in the bible.

    There is an aspect to the serman to which I am sympathetic and that is the wish to improve the standing of people who suffer from mental problems of varying degree. However,I guess the C. of E. will wish to bury this one as soon as possible and they definitely won’t want it to rise again. I suppose that none of us are entirely sane all the time.

  6. Lazy Susan says:

    We are thankful to God for the support from our friends in the UK who truly love Jesus and embrace the supernatural, faith and healing. Please continue to stand with us in prayer regarding this decision and our return to the UK.

    Any reason he speaks in first person plural? Is there more than one of him?

  7. Ken says:

    A ministry in N. Ireland made the following request on realising Bentley was due to go there:

    “I have just learnt the dreadful news that TODD BENTLEY is scheduled to be ‘ministering’ in Portadown, Northern Ireland from 3-5 September. His visit is mainly being hosted by the so-called ‘Portadown Christian Centre’ which is headed up by the so-called ‘Pastors’ George and Irene Elliott. Haven International Ministries, based in Bangor and headed up by David & Fiona Ingham appear also to be co-hosting this visit.

    True Christians please pray that this man Bentley, who is clearly described in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, will be thwarted by the Lord. I think it is indeed very apt that just prior to coming to Portadown he is scheduled to be ‘ministering’ in England in a church called ‘FOLLY’s END Church’.”

    Seems to be broad agreement on this one.

  8. barriejohn says:

    Todd Bentley has been closely associated with Revival Fires and the so-called “Dudley Outpouring” of 2008. The people behind this monstrosity ministry are, sad to say, completely bonkers. Going through their “school” isn’t cheap!

    (Doesn’t she look like Sarah Millican?)

  9. barriejohn says:

    Oh, no, not that fucking troll again!

  10. remigius says:

    I would urge the government to reverse it’s decision to ban Todd Bentley from the UK. I would pay good money to see him heal Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

  11. David Anderson says:

    I see it was the government and not the Lord who thwarted Bentley. From what I’ve read about the Lord I should think he would approve Bentley’s behaviour.

    Seems like the church is catching on. The babble is a load of bollocks.

  12. barriejohn says:

    @Remigius and @David Anderson. Quite so. He’s only performing the same sort of tricks that you read about right through the Bible!

  13. Broga says:

    Bentley is a degenerate. His degeneracy, founded on an ignorant conviction of his religious certainties, cannot be tempered by any civilising influence. He is made immune to such influences by both his religious conclusions and his innate nature as a brute. Bentley, as a sadist, has decided that christianity provides him with the ideal reason for extreme cruelty, in which he delights, while believing that he is doing good work.

    His kind, although he is an extreme example, is by no means rare in those who follow the ways of gentle Jesus. And they have been present throughout the centuries. They perhaps reached their apogee, when they had the ultimate freedom to torture, during the Inquisition and the burning of witches.

    If you think these remarks are an exageration then consider the encounters with the many christians who have slavered at the prospect of atheists burning in hell.

  14. Alan C says:

    (Doesn’t she look like Sarah Millican?)Yes she does:-)
    They should let the crazy bastard come, folk like him are a “godsend” for rational thinkers.

  15. tony e says:

    A vile, nasty, cowardly, bully – surely he is the mext poster boy for christianity?

  16. Robster says:

    The news is, is that the baby jesus is dead! Quite dead,has been for a while,even decomposed, worm food, ashes to ashes dust to dust and all that. How do these deluded twits love a dead thing? They seem to love him so much, they’ve got plastic dead bloke on a torture device stick figures all over their places of “worship”. Is that healthy or “normal”, jees I’d hope not. Mind you, it’s no wierder than eating and drinking magic stuff that becomes the body and blood of the dead bloke on a stick on Sunday mornings. It’s not just extremely silly, it’s really quite sick.

  17. ZombieHunter says:

    So does this cretin actually pose a risk to security or is he just being banned because he’s unpleasant??

    besides, anyone dumb enough to let this clown “heal” them probably needs a good kicking anyway.

    besides there are easier ways to get yourself a kicking in the name of religious stupidity, come to Glasgow and walk past bairds bar wearing a rangers top or walk past the louden tavern wearing a celtic top and see how long you last 😛

  18. Marky Mark says:

    What is a “breezeblock” ?
    Is it similar to what we say in the US, “Built like a brick shithouse” ??

    This is another of the dangers of religion, one thinks they are obligated to cause distress in the name of, or support of, their religion…and will be forgiven for it if all they do is ask.
    Their hate cults…all of them.

    ZombieHunter said:
    (anyone dumb enough to let this clown “heal” them probably needs a good kicking anyway.)…LOL

    I have a nephew who was involved with the professional cage fighter league, he teaches and trains now. Him being an atheist, I would love to see this knot-head stumble on to him and try to force his religious belief on him.
    My nephew is the completely opposite of this guy, never forces his opinion on people, is not aggressive towards others…and never a bully. And it is because he knows he is responsible for his own actions, and needs not to be forgiven by some deity.

  19. Scethin says:

    @ Marky Mark
    A Breezeblock is a rectanglar block of concrete.
    We (UK) also say “Built like a brick shithouse”
    I think Barry was being genteel?!

  20. Scethin says:

    Good post Barry.
    I understand the rationale behind this kind of banning order to be that the person banned poses a threat to the “peace”, but what this knuckle dragger poses a threat to is the “good name” of Christianity.
    Let him in!