Pissed-upon Koran led to the vandalisation and torching of five churches

A FIREBRAND Muslim cleric called Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda is languishing in custody in Tanzania, accused of stoking religious hatred after Islamic protesters vandalised and torched five churches in the main city, Dar es Salaam, last week.

Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda

The violence followed allegations that a Christian boy urinated on a Koran.

According to the BBC, more than 120 people had earlier been arrested over the attacks ­– one of the worst cases of religious conflict in mainland Tanzania.

The 14-year-old boy was also taken into police custody last Friday for his own safety. Angry Muslims then marched to the police station to demand that the teenager be handed over for “punishment”.

When police refused, the group attacked churches in the city’s Mbagala area.

Dar es Salaam police commander Suleiman Kova said Sheikh Ponda had been arrested for giving speeches that incited people to hate other religious groups and the government.

This influenced people to stage protests similar to those that led to last week’s violence, he said.

He’s been conducting various activities, including that of organising demonstrations without following the right channels.

Sheikh Ponda is the head of the influential Council of Imams, which is involved in a long-running power struggle with a government-backed group of Muslim clerics known as Bakwata.

Kova said Sheikh Ponda had also been arrested because his group was operating illegally.

Through his institution, he’s threatening the well-being of other Muslim leaders.

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22 responses to “Pissed-upon Koran led to the vandalisation and torching of five churches”

  1. Matt Westwood says:

    Well I’ve pissed on a copy of the Koran, and I’ve also poured beer on it. For my next trick I’m going to rub bacon on it, and get my wife to smear it with her menstrual juices. Come and get me, fascists.

  2. Stonyground says:

    I strongly suspect that the pissing incident didn’t happen. It would be a pretty unwise thing to do in a country that is infected with murderous Muznuts after all. These people are not known for carefully checking their facts before going on one of their rampages are they?

  3. Trevor Blake says:

    When someone reads the Qur’an online and then turns off their computer, or goes to another page, the desecrate it! Insult the Prophet from the comfort of your own home!

  4. remigius says:

    The best bit is ol’ Sheik Ponda was reading it at the time.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda: Hi, pinhead spook and ass

    I expect Remigius will come up with a better one when he has ponda’d upon it. Issa that not so?

  6. charlie says:

    A ponda issa ponda and nothing more.
    OK, OK, not the best of jokes, but I am disabled and will use that “excuse” as needed……..LOL. My humor portion of my brain is wore out from the total BS job being dumped on the USA public with the garbage that is passed off on us as a “debate”. There has not been a real debate between candidates for US president since the 1960 TV debates with JFK and old “tricky” Dick Nixon.

  7. Matt Westwood says:

    BTW did you know “baptises” is an anagram of “piss-beat”? Maybe that’s what was special about the liquid Jesus used in his healing rituals. Wonder if he was the first person in history to introduce urolagnia into his religious rituals?

  8. remigius says:

    Matt. No. The Hindu’s and Buddha Botherers have been taking the piss, literally, for thousands of years!

  9. mikespeir says:


  10. remigius says:

    Piss Be Upon Him.

  11. Matt Westwood says:

    Some people get off on spanking
    I can’t say I’m partial to this
    Just part your legs wide
    Pull your pants to one side
    And wash me with hot yellow piss

    Some people like heavy bondage
    But I think that scene’s pretty borin’
    Some come into the loo
    ‘Cause you know what to do
    Come and wash me down with your hot urine

    Some people do it for money
    A lot of them do it for free
    But what am I bid
    I would pay several quid
    To lie underneath you while you pee

    Some people take sex quite seriously
    Others just do it for fun
    I don’t care what you think
    It’s a wonderful kink
    Looking out for … Number One

    I see that you’re looking embarrassed
    I know, I make everyone blush
    But just to be sweet
    Come on my rubber sheet
    Let yourself go, darling – gush

  12. remigius says:

    Matt. Reminds me of my favourite track from Neil Diamond’s 12 Songs album…

    It’s not about you
    It’s not about me
    Love is all about wee
    Yes, it’s all about wee

  13. Buffy says:

    Maybe some of our military planes could dump some antipsychotics in the water supply over there. It would likely be more effective than any of our other efforts.

  14. Robster says:

    The muzzies aren’t allowed to drink so perhaps it was an alternative attempt at getting pissed. Is there a television service in this country? If not, they should consider it to keep the muzzies busy. Or, maybe get a job.

  15. RabbitOnAStick says:


    Muslims are allowed to drink. Lots of them do. And lots too. Saudi kings and princes are renowned for dying of alcoholism.

    The koran doesn’t say don’t drink :it says don’t poison your body (with things such as drink and tobacco).

    The issue with drinking is a bit like peanuts you can’t have just the one.

    Some of the best Sufi ‘islamic’ ‘poems’ from the Persians (The Conference Of The Birds) specifically refer to drinking [almost to become spiritual].

  16. RabbitOnAStick says:


    your zombie post – alas has gone. Thankfully copied for posterity. And i see gween has made more of a fool of himself with this!

    18 October 2012 at 14:22 (UTC 1) Link to this comment
    The event itself is not a children’s event. It is supposed to be for 18 and over. But we must agree, what is this unhealthy fascination with death and degradation?

    What is the unhealthy fascination with a dead degraded leader of the entire weirdy cloud worshipping race

  17. barriejohn says:

    My close friend had a lengthy contract in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s, and was appalled at the anmount of drinking that went on, even though alcohol was officially banned. (He took his religion very seriously, so had little time for Muslims or for any form of hypocrisy.) The Koran doesn’t forbid drinking any more than the Bible does, but fanatics will always try to outdo one another in the extremity of their “devotion”.

  18. Ian says:

    From 1977 to 1984 I was on the staff of the West Yorkshire Police Academy, Bishopgarth, in Wakefield.

    For many years we ran a unique course for Police Officers from the Commonwealth which later was opened up to all countries. Many amongst those attending were Muslims who ate with the rest of the residents in the canteen and had the same choices as everyone else eg, breakfast: bacon, eggs, sausages (pork or beef) etc etc, you get the picture. The only Muslims that by the end of the course who had not eaten pig meat in one form or another at least once, many regularly, were the Ugandans.

    Also by the end of the course many had ventured into the bar in an evening and some drank alcohol; I can’t remember any of them getting drunk but it did loosen some inhibitions.

    One interesting incident occurred when the Foreign Office arranged for a special course to be run for Police Officers from Iraq and a fairly high powered delegation arrived from London, Baghdad and the Iraqi Embassy; during lunch they sat at the top table awaiting their meal, unfortunately nobody mentioned to the canteen manageress of their dietary restrictions and the pork chops that were served almost caused an international incident.

    However the course did eventually go ahead. Oink!!

  19. Fiona Gilson says:

    I bet it’s not actually strictly forbidden to piss on the Koran in the Koran, so what’s the bloody problem? If one is going to take it all so literally.

  20. jay says:

    Some friends of ours went on a chartered nudist cruise. Since many of the crew were Indonesian Muslims, part of the contract stipulated that the organizers would pay hotel accommodations for crew members who conscientiously objected.

    Out of hundreds of crew members, only about a half dozen sat that cruise out.