Gay couple brush off right-wing nut-job Nick Griffin’s ‘damp squib’ threat

THE gay couple who won a B&B discrimination case this week said today they were not concerned about comments made on BNP leader Nick Griffin’s Twitter account.

Far-right lunatic Nick Griffin, MEP, who once described gay people as ‘creepy’

Michael Black and John Morgan, of Brampton, near Huntingdon, won a landmark ruling on Thursday after being turned away from a Christian guesthouse.

Later, their address was published on Griffin’s Twitter account, which also called for a demonstration outside their home, and the police are investigating this stupid man’s call for a “justice team” to give the couple:

A bit of drama.

Griffin is also in hot water this week for using Twiitter to attack Catholics, and has been forced to apologise over his use of the term “Fenian”.

The swivel-eyed bigot says here:

The British National Party is most definitely not anti-Catholic or anti-Irish. A large number of our officials, activists and supporters on the mainland are Catholics, either by upbringing or active religious profession. We are the only party speaking up in defence of traditional Christian values and recognise that the Catholic Church has been more faithful to those values than the Church of England.

Meanwhile, Black, according to the BBC, described Griffin’s comments as a “damp squib” that would “fizzle out”.

It would be difficult for people to gather as we live in a small village and there’s nowhere to park.

Among the tweets on the @nickgriffinmep account were two which read:

So Messrs Black & Morgan, at [their address]. A British Justice team will come up to Huntington & give you a…

“…bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple’s home is their castle. Say No to heterophobia!

An earlier tweet on the North West region MEP’s account had asked for the couple’s address and then said:

We’ll hold demo… for rights of all home owners, gays included, to rent or not rent rooms to whomsoever they wish.

Griffin’s Twitter account has now been suspended.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5live earlier, Griffin said he spoke out for the “silent majority”.

They [Black and Morgan] used and abused the system to persecute a Christian couple. I think people have the right to discriminate.

He claimed that the reference “give you a bit of drama” in his tweet was commenting on the fact the couple are involved in amateur dramatics, and he had only wanted a “peaceful” demonstration.

Black, 64, and Morgan, 59, went to court after they were refused a double room at Swiss Bed and Breakfast, in Berkshire, by its owner, Susanne Wilkinson.

When they arrived in March 2010, the owner would not let them stay in a room with a double bed.

Recorder Claire Moulder said that by refusing the couple access to a double room, Wilkinson had

Treated them less favourably than she would treat unmarried heterosexual couples in the same circumstances.

However, the recorder accepted that Wilkinson was genuine about her Christian beliefs and had also stopped unmarried heterosexual couples from sharing a double bed.

Wilkinson’s legal defence was paid for by The Christian Institute, “a national charity that protects the civil liberty of Christians”, and was therefore bound to fail.

CI spokesman Mike Judge, who must hold a world record for failed cases involving “persecuted Christians”,  said:

Yes, Mrs Wilkinson’s B&B is a business, but it’s also a family home. The law should be more flexible in allowing people to live according to their own values under their own roof. A bit more balance is needed, rather than allowing one set of rights to automatically suppress another.

Meanwhile, it is reported here that a New York-based lesbian couple have been forced to search for a new wedding venue after being turned away by a rural farm upstate.

Melisa Erwin and her fiancée Jennie McCarthy had hoped to tie the knot at Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke next summer, but say the Christian owners, Cynthia and Robert Gifford refused to host their ceremony because they’re lesbians.

Robert Gifford said:

I think it’s our right to choose who we market to, like any business…we are a family business, and we just feel we ought to stay down the family path.

New York, however, may feel differently, as the state’s Human Rights Law bans places of accommodation from discrimination against individuals based on sexual orientation. Erwin and McCarthy have since filed a complaint, but as the Village Voice points out, New York’s same-sex marriage legislation is so new, there will be no prior case law for a judge to consider. It asked:

Bigots have had the right to be fear-mongering assholes since the drafting of the U.S. Constitution – but do they have the right to decide to not host a wedding because the two people getting married happen to be lesbians?

In August, another New York lesbian couple settled a lawsuit against Vermont’s Wildflower Inn after the bed and breakfast refused to host their wedding reception, according to the Associated Press. Under the terms of the settlement, the inn also agreed it would no longer host weddings or receptions.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn and Agent Cormac