Shocking figures reveal that Catholic clergy are the worst sexual predators

PATRICK Parkinson, a Sydney University law professor testifying at a state inquiry into sexual abuse, said today that Catholic clergy commit SIX TIMES as much abuse as those in the rest of the churches combined.

The Australian child protection expert added:

Prof Patrick Parkinson

And that’s a conservative figure.

Parkinson told the Parliamentary inquiry that the figures for the Catholic Church were strikingly out of proportion, and he proposed a 12-month amnesty from charges of perverting the course of justice if the Church opened all its files on offenders alive and dead. Those involved in cover-ups, however, would have to resign, he said.

Professor Parkinson, who chaired a review of child protection laws in New South Wales and twice reviewed the Church’s national Towards Healing abuse protocol, said he broke with the Catholic Church over its cover-up of his independent report on the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Speaking under parliamentary privilege, he said the order sent three priests overseas to avoid police questioning, then suppressed his report on their actions.

He told the committee an American child safety expert had labeled the order:

The Church’s most defiant and unrepentant group.

Professor Parkinson added:

The lies were breathtaking, and [former Australian head] Father [Frank] Moloney was absolutely at the centre of all the untruths.

Earlier, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton set the inquiry’s opening day alight with more broadsides against the Catholic Church’s systemic obstruction of police inquiries over five decades.

He said police had statistics for sexual offences by clergy and church workers since January 1956, uncovering ”shocking” figures: 2,110 offences against 519 victims, overwhelmingly perpetrated by Catholic priests and mostly against boys aged 11 or 12. But in all that time the Church had not reported a single crime to police.

Savaging the church’s Melbourne Response protocol for dealing with complaints, Ashton said:

If a stranger were to enter a church and rape a child it would be immediately reported to police. But if the stranger were a member of the clergy, their special process would be wrapped around him. What is different about the clergy? It is the reputation of the church that creates the difference.

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21 responses to “Shocking figures reveal that Catholic clergy are the worst sexual predators”

  1. remigius says:


    Bears defecate in areas with lots of trees!

  2. Trevor Blake says:

    Pope John XXII wrote the ‘Crimine Solicitaciones’ in 1962. It orders clergy who rape children to move to a new parish, and it orders children raped by clergy to keep silent. The current Pope has confirmed this papal bull exists and is still in effect. [link]

    Anyone who claims this is an isolated case, or a series of isolated cases, is willfully ignorant. The Roman Catholic Church is (among other things) an international child rape ring.

  3. Buffy says:

    Apparently abstinence does help the church grow fondlers.

  4. Robster says:

    Jees, what a worry. Is child rape a part of the training the priests-to-be get in their seminary thing? Must be, ‘coz they’re very good at it. I suppose when you lie for a living, one more fib or two won’t be too much of a worry, until they’re found out.
    I’m proud that this sort of truth is at last being revealed to all in my country.

  5. Marlon says:

    Paedophile priest stories often refer to decades of abuse. Given that the Catholic Church was above the law (or WAS the law) for centuries in some parts of the world, why don’t we just assume that the child sexual abuse has been going on for 1700 years or so? Maybe it’s part of the priestly culture and always has been.

  6. Old Nick says:

    In 1971, the German writer and ex-Catholic, Karlheinz Deschner, was prosecuted (but acquitted) for describing the RCC as

    “the remains of a monster which in the course of 1500 years pursued, tore to pieces and devoured – with a good conscience and a healthy appetite – countless human beings.”

    Plus ca change . . .

  7. Angela_K says:

    But still the moronic faithful give their money and support to this vile criminal organisation. “But it’s only a tiny few priests”, “it’s the victim’s fault”, “the victims are liars” etc.

  8. Stonyground says:

    It appears to me that the RCC is still above the law. They get by throwing the odd priest to the wolves when all else has failed, but in a sane world the whole edifice would have been shut down and the major players thrown in jail. The only hope is that they will continue to lose members until their malign influence has been reduced to nothing. I don’t suppose that I will live long enough to see it.

  9. Broga says:

    With a RC controllers in the top echelon of the BBC we may assume that they will give as little air time to this as they can get away with. This vile outfit still grabs air-time, including on the dreary TfTD, while secular opinions are censored. Isn’t it time our dozy politicians woke up and did something about this? And what about the tax money being funnelled into their indoctrinating faith schools?

    We have Mitchell forced to resign in Plebgate and Osborne caught trying to travel first class on a train on a second class ticket. The censoring of secular opinions is a far bigger scandal than either of these.

    When the speaker on TfTD was announced today as someone from that propagandist outlet The Tablet I switched off. There are better ways to start the day.

  10. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: Indeed. Thanks for putting me right and it was an enjoyable read.

    I have a two general questions about TfTD. Do the contributors go to a special BBC training centre to learn how to do that god awful, faux attention grabbing, moaning first sentence. It has a tone, and they all use it, that is, whatever they are aiming for, sepulchral. I didn’t hear any of it this morning but when I do I have to reach for a swig of triple strong coffee.

    The second question is whether the training teaches them how to force a strained and utterly non sequitor reference to God in the last sentence? You can wait for it like waiting for the second shoe to drop and then enjoy the painful embarrassment of it.

  11. Daz says:


    It appears to me that the RCC is still above the law.

    Yep! I know I probably sound like a broken record, but only the RCC and Wall St financiers seem to have such immunity from investigation. Any other organisation in which lawbreaking had been so commonplace would have been closed down and had its records seized by now, rather than merely waiting for cases to appear and investigating them individually.


    Bears defecate in areas with lots of trees!

    But are the bears Catholic, and does the Pope shit in the woods?

  12. barriejohn says:

    Broga: Didn’t you ever have to listen to the miserable wretches during school assemblies? I’ve spoken before of my early teaching experiences, when the local ministers would troop into the school hall on one Friday in the month – taking it in turns to lead the “worship” (why, oh why, do they employ that ghastly word?). (The CofE vicar was ex officio school governor, btw, even though it was a state school!) One of them would place a little Dansette record player at the front of the stage and play “All You Need is Love” (all the way through), while the audience gradually nodded off, and then intone in that ghastly voice that they use: “The Beatles are singing about love there. God says a lot about love in the Bible, you know…” At least it put a lot of the kids off of religion for life!

  13. sailor1031 says:

    Let us not forget that, in addition to being world champion kiddie-fiddlers, this evil organization has enslaved and exploited orphans and young unwed mothers in gruesome factories, stolen thousands of babies and sold them, laundered millions for the Mafia and other criminals, probably connived at murder (there have been ten murders of witnesses and police officials involved in the Banco Ambrosiano affair) and after WW2 ran the infamous “Ratline” escape route for wanted nazi criminals helping many to escape justice – Klaus Barbie and Adolf Eichmann to name but two.

    That’s all just in my lifetime!!

  14. barriejohn says:

    Have you seen this, sailor1031? I’ve posted the link here before:

  15. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: Our headmaster was a Doctor of Divinity so he did the assembly business himself. Our weekly divinity lessons were given by a local C. of E. vicar. In my last year, thanks to a fascination – you might say obsession – with atheism, I won the school divinity prize. I still have it – Great Expectations. I had, of course, to temper my views on the subject which was The Synoptic Gospels. The vicar said, “I feel I must to award the prize to you.” His words said much about his feelings and his attitude said it all.

  16. sailor1031 says:

    @Barrie; I have indeed. You posted this a while ago and I actually downloaded it (rather than just bookmarking) because I didn’t want to lose track of it. I was rereading it just a few days ago. Thanks

  17. tony e says:

    Barriejohn, sailor1031,

    You also forgot the Rwandan genocide, the death of Anneliese Michel under exorcism and the magdalene institutions, if we are keeping it within recent history.