Catholics who insist on engaging with the real world are destroying the Church

NOTHING cheers me up quite as much as a prolonged wail from some deluded dude (or dudette) lamenting the growing trend towards atheism.

So it was with a heart filled with joy that I waded though a lot (but by no means all) of Sunday’s post by A Catholic in Brooklyn. Life’s simply too short wander too deeply into the complex cock-eyed minutiae of Catholic dogma so I only accorded it 20 minutes.

Anyway, this nameless female “legal secretary”, writing a novelette-length piece under the title of “Stop blaming the Bishops”, noted with despair that a recent Pew survey indicated that:

One in 5 Americans have no religious belief, nothing to guide them morally.   It is then only logical that ‘Pew found Americans with no religion support abortion rights and gay marriage at a much higher-rate than the US public at large’.  And we wonder why society’s morals are in the toilet?

Even more frightening is the fact that among the ‘nones’, those who have no religious affiliation, 88% are not even looking for something to believe in. 

Little Ms ACIB then asked:

How did the United States, a nation’s whose founding documents say that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights come to the point where so many not only don’t believe in God, they aren’t even looking for Him?

For chrissake, folk are even turning their noses up at “spirituality”:

For years we have heard people say, ‘I’m spiritual, but not religious’.  I personally think that’s a cop out, but at least it showed a belief in some sort of God.  Now even that pretense is being dropped by a growing number of people:  ‘In 2007, 60 percent of people who said they seldom or never attend religious services still identified themselves as part of a particular religious tradition. In 2012, that statistic fell to 50 percent’, according to the Pew report.

The reason, she reckons:

Can be found in the crisis of faith in the Catholic Church [which is] is the one and only church founded by Jesus Christ  It is the only one to whom the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven were given.  All other religions were founded by men. Only one was founded by our Creator and Redeemer.

However, the keys seem to have disappeared down the back of a sofa now buried in a landfill site:

The Church has never at any time seen such a major crisis of faith among the laity as seen today.  Bad priests, bad bishops, even bad popes have come and gone, but the laity have always remained strong in the church.  The laity with their faith and devotion have always been the ones to hold up the clergy.  

Now longer though:

But now that base is crumbling before our eyes in a way never seen before.


Far too many of the clergy and religious in the Church seem more concerned about the physical salvation of the world than about the salvation of souls.

She adds:

To quote Pope Benedict XVI from a public audience given on October 17, ‘Christians today often do not even know the central core of their Catholic faith.’ Among those who identify themselves as Catholics in the US, only about 20% attend weekly Mass. They rarely go to Confession, they pick and choose which teachings of the Church they will accept, eg contraception and abortion.  54% of Catholics voted for pro-abortion Barack Obama in 2008, and while the number is somewhat lower in 2012, there are still over 40% of Catholics supporting Obama.

Few are paying any attention to Catholicism’s Caped Crusader these days

And yet these same Catholics, ignorant of their faith and more times than not unaccepting of the little they do know of what the Church teaches, are some of the most vocal opponents to the bishops. …When we see something we disagree with, we don’t deal with it in prayer and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Instead, we yell and protest to show our dissatisfaction.  We look for the approval and guidance of the world, and the light of the Church grows ever dimmer while the darkness engulfs us.

The world is drowning today in misery and evil.  We see it everywhere we look.  I honestly don’t know how the world can hold all of its misery.  And now we are seeing the death of Christianity right here in the United States.