The lunacy of Islam #15,010 (or thereabouts): beating a boy to death over his Koran failure

THE parents of a seven-year-old boy are on trial at Cardiff Crown Court in connection with his death – but, curiously, the BBC, in this report, fails to report that Yaseen Ali Ege was allegedly beaten to death because of his failure to get to grips with the Koran.

Yaseen Ege suffered a horrible death because of his failure to memorise long passages from an idiotic book

Sara Ege, 33, denies beating Yaseen Ali Ege to death at their home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, in July 2010 and setting fire to his body.

The boy’s father, Yousuf Ege, 38, denies a charge of causing the boy’s death by failing to protect him.

The pair wept silently as Ian Murphy QC, prosecuting, explained the circumstances.

A court sketch of Sarah Ege

The jury was shown a piece of wood which the prosecution claims was used by Mrs Ege to hit her son “like a dog”.

Ege covered her ears as jurors heard the 999 call she made saying that there was a fire in the home and that her son was still upstairs.

The court heard firefighters found Yaseen on the landing and he was taken to the University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff where he was pronounced dead.

It was first thought that the boy had died in the fire and that his death was a tragic accident, the jury heard.

But a post mortem examination revealed he had died several hours before the blaze, of multiple injuries caused by being hit by a blunt instrument.

Sare Ege admitted she been hitting Yassen with a stick, in her own words, “like a dog”, for three months before the fire, the court heard.

The prosecution claims that she beat him so severely on the day of the fire that he died.

It was also found that the fire was started deliberately. Ege admitted pouring lighter fuel over her son’s body, the jury was told, saying:

I know he was gone but I was just trying to protect myself.

It is only in this BBC video that the Islamic connection is made. It describes Ege as “a highly educated woman” and her husband a “property developer” and that:

Both were renowned for being devoutly religious. As Yaseen failed to memorise long passages of the Koran, she became  more and more angry with him.

She lost control and heard voices telling him to hit him more.

Teachers who knew the boy described his as “delightful” but said that they noticed on occasions he had been hurt and “was in such extreme pain that he could not walk”.

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  1. Lazy Susan says:

    “Both were renowned for being devoutly religious.”

    Unspoken value judgement: being devoutly religious is a good thing. How could devoutly religious people do something bad?

    I look forward to “being devoutly religious” meaning “being a bit unbalanced.”

  2. Barry Duke says:

    Sorry Lazy Susan, but I felt I had to nip any discussions flowing out of Dylan’s utterly ga-ga video post in the bud before it all got too silly. So I have made his and your post vanish.

  3. Lazy Susan says:


  4. RussellW says:

    If they’re convicted, I wonder how long either of them will spend in jail.

    30 years each seems appropriate, but highly unlikely.

  5. Broga says:

    The effects of religion again. It is painful to read about this little boy.

    This is OT but about leading the way out of faith and of interest, I hope. I was reading this week’s New Scientist when I came across the work of Professor Bart D. Ehrman, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina. I had never heard about Professor Ehrman before but he has written or edited 17 books including The New York Times bestseller “Misquoting Jesus.” Bart began as a conservative Christian, moved to agnosticism and then his studies of the history of early Christianity led him to be an atheist.

    I have just started reading “Misquoting Jesus” and Bart’s erudition really does seem to ravage what Christians believe about the roots of Christianity. I now see that the fundies are producing books to try to discredit his views. They have a tough task. Anyone else heard of him?

  6. […] The lunacy of Islam #15,010 (or thereabouts): beating a boy to death over his Koran failure. […]

  7. Matt Westwood says:

    Poor kids.

    Islam could never take over the world. Muslims are too busy killing each other to get it together to … Judean People’s Front, anyone?

  8. go says:

    –Teachers who knew the boy described his as “delightful” but said that they noticed on occasions he had been hurt and “was in such extreme pain that he could not walk”.—

    And they did not call the police in these instances because…..???

  9. Lucy says:

    Exactly. Please don’t let it be because they were respecting ‘cultural. differences’. I may weep.

    Another child sacrificed on the pyre of adult inadequacy.

  10. David Anderson says:

    Broga: If you are still around on this one. Yes. I have several books by Ehrman including “Misquoting Jesius”. However, his latest book “Did Jesus Exist” has been roundly critisized by several people. In this book he seems to have abandoned all his critical thinking and just asserts Jesus must have existed because of all the stuff that was written about him.

  11. Broga says:

    @David Anderson: Sad that he has backed off. I read the first part of “Misquoting Jesus” on the Kindle sample and was so impressed that I ordered the entire book. Having read quite a bit further I find his researches would find a place in the pages of “The Freethinker” or here. Page after page of erudite contradictions and criticisms. I was particularly struck by his comments that almost all the trainee parsons in the USA are trained in the historical research system and are well aware that the bible just does not stack up. However, they abandon that when they start work.

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep clear of “Did Jesus Exist.”

  12. charlie says:

    What is the proper punishment for such “parents”? I wonder because most religions will tell you and me that we all should treat others as we wish to be treated. If so, then do these two “parents” want to be beaten “like dogs” and then set on fire?
    While Islam may not have the “do unto others” as part of their “system”, other religions supposedly teach that. Yes, I know they do not often actually practice such, and yet I wonder just what an appropriate punishment for such critters would be. I refuse to call these two “people”, they and those like them are a disgrace to humanity in my opinion.

  13. ahmed din khiyal says:

    Islam means peace and security.

    Islam has been divine religion from Adam to Muhammad.

    There is no lunacy of Islam rather verily it is people who commit wrongs and injustices.

    People can be hindus, christians, jews and muslims as well.

    so Islam cannot be blamed for this brutal and ruthless deed.

    It can never ever be attributed to Islam.

  14. RabbitOnAStick says:

    islam means submit.
    the whole concept is to rote learn these verses not to read them and never ever to understand. many are incomprehensible any way. and if you do not understand arabic you can’t get the true meaning.

    dubai holds a contest each year ‘the holy ‘coron’ contest’. its a total joke. it should be the holy moron contest. Basically small kids from all muzzie lands converge and just recite the whole stupid thing. the prize is whoever recites the whole thing the “best” wins $250,000 or more.
    Most of these kids are totally impoverished (the easiest to fundie and enforce this stupid awful religion (as they all are)).
    thats why islam is not just so stupid but also invidious as all these muzzie morons do is rote learn it and oft recite it – they haven’t a clue what it means or how it is to be applied.
    Much like fundie xtians reciting chapter and verse. they don’t know what it means.
    what is truly sick about this religion is if you are imprisioned in Dubai if you can recite the entire coron you can get your entire sentence quashed and be released. Dubai’s jails are full of foreigners that they do convert in large numbers, especially women.

  15. stokebruernehuman says:

    What is the sharia punishment be for a crime like this – a male beaten to death by a woman? Double stoning? Or would she be pardoned or even honoured for trying her best to spread the word of god?

  16. Lazy Susan says:

    Bart D. Ehrman appears in the “christianity disproved link on the right.

  17. barriejohn says:

    ROAS: There’s loads of it on YouTube. They seem mesmerized by the fact that they can get kids to recite screed upon screed of meaningless drivel, which tells you all you need to know about the Muslim mindset!

    And? by the way I dare you to try and even make something like what the Quran has. even God dares you. Because not even today nobody can. the beautiful rhymes and the way it’s pronounces what a fool.

    What a fucking idiot!

  18. barriejohn says:

    PS You’re right not to overlook Christianity. How many kids understand The Creed, which I used to recite day after day? It was a real puzzle to me, as a young boy, that I believed in “The Holy Catholic Church”, as we were Church of England, like the Apostle Paul; and why on earth did Jesus “descend into Hell” when he was the Son of God? What was he supposed to have done wrong?

    PPS Roman Catholics still employ Latin in their services, and many Anglicans still use it in part. I do understand their argument about language changing its meaning over time, but it definitely meant that many in the past were largely ignorant about their faith.

  19. barriejohn says:

    Here’s another one:

  20. barriejohn says:

    And Korean children receiving “religious instruction”:

  21. Matt Westwood says:

    “Roman Catholics still employ Latin in their services, … it definitely meant that many in the past were largely ignorant about their faith.”

    That was the whole point. Read up on how Wycliffe produced the first English translation in 1382 or somewhen around there, which caused considerable ructions. From what I can tell, this was a major step forward in the emancipation of humanity because now for the first time people understood the shit they were fed.

  22. Cesar says:

    I’m really tired of seeing these murders being called “Honour Killings” when they should be call by their real intent “Shame Killings”.

    “A man killed his 13 year old daughter because he was ashamed that she preferred to study than to marry her grandfather’s best friend”

    “A couple killed their 9 year old son because they were ashamed that he wasn’t able to learn long paragraphs of a text in a language he doesn’t speak. The child can’t even read in his own language”

    “A man killed his wife because he was ashamed that she tried to leave him because he beated her”

    Works better that way, it shows the cause of the killing. Its shameful, simplistic and barbaric cause.

  23. barriejohn says:

    Matt: True, and some paid with their lives for making the “Word of God” accessible to the people. (“The jewel of the clergy has become the toy of the laity.”) Again, one can understand their reluctance to have any Tom, Dick or Harry “translating” the Bible according to his own prejudices (as you have with sects like the Jehovah’s Witnesses), and many of those translations were accompanied by highly tendentious (and anti-Catholic) “commentaries”; but it’s not as if the Latin Vulgate was anything other than one man’s translation of the scriptures anyway – albeit a very early one!

  24. Cesar says:

    @ barriejohn Apparently, not even literate Arabs from the time of Mohammed considered the Qur’an as the most beatiful or eloquent piece of literature

  25. Stonyground says:

    What else would you expect from people who ceased to advance in the seventh century CE? Barbarians!

  26. Broga says:

    @Lazy Susan: Thanks for the Bart D. Ehrman information. I will check it out. The book I am reading (I think I gave the wrong title initially) is “Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions of the Bible (and why we don’t know about them)”. If, as Bart says, and there is no reason to disbelieve him, the teaching in all the biblical colleges is the “historical” approach the stress on virtually every pastor must be severe. They know they are teaching lies, they know of the contradictions, they know various stories have been conflated in their sermons to iron out the contradictions, they know they were written long after the event by various people and not by those they supposed to be written.

    I remember, many years ago now, I got to know a curate through social contacts in the village I was then living in. I asked him, one time, if he really believed something or other. It may have been about the animals in the Ark. He said something like, “Of course not, how could I possibly believe anything so bizarre?” He added that, “If I preached to my congregation what we study in college they would tear me from the pulpit.” He later gave up the church and became a maths teacher. This underpinning of historical fact, with which the clergy have to live despite what they preach, must be of encouragement to atheists. Many of the clergy must be as atheistic as myself.

  27. Lazy Susan says:

    Broga – “Many of the clergy must be as atheistic as myself.” – I think so.

    I don’t see much value in studying these ancient texts except for historical interest. I do find the historical side fascinating – eg the Epic of Gilgamesh, or The Odyssey – and where they deal with humanities, they can be spot on. Like when Circe turns Ulysses’ men into swine – you can see the metaphorical point being made. Fairy stories are like this too – eg Snow White’s stepmother’s jealousy of her youth and beauty. These stories are as relevant now as when they were first distilled out of human experience.

    But memorising them? What a waste, both of any lessons that may lie in the scripture, and of the memoriser’s time.

  28. RussellW says:


    Religions, particularly monotheistic religions create rivalries and hatreds which in a secular society wouldn’t exist.


    According to a survey cited by philosopher Daniel Dennett, some clerics in the US have become atheists,, however, since they’re not trained for any other occupation and they have to make a living, they live a lie.

  29. Lazy Susan says:

    Ahmed – Islam is as Islam does. You cannot hide behind a claim that people don’t follow the True Islam, and if only they did, all would be perfect.

  30. RabbitOnAStick says:


    what you write of this ‘adam’ is childish.
    There was no ‘Adam’ no perfect beings in a beginning’: nothing but evolution. This is a fact. Even you are a product of evolution. Clearly demonstrable against the fantasy you just stated.

    And lets be honest here. My family tree traces just a few hundred years, from research to only 1600. And yet you believe the bible that there was an ‘adam’.
    Open your mind to facts. Clearly demonstrable. Where is the honest record of this ‘adam’. In a book known to be false, inconsistent, untrue and containing many outright falsehoods lies and pure fictional stories.

    The bible in the time of no writing no records rampant illiteracy by unintelligent pastorilist goat herders and imbeciles who thought the word was flat and the earth held up by ‘string’ were able to trace the ‘divine’ family line of all those kingly jews back to ‘adam’. How stupid to even think for one second this is true. they were able to trace a family line with no records back many thousands of years!! Really!
    No one but an idiot would believe this nonsense. And believe there was someone ‘made’ called adam.
    Islam is nothing of peace. Neither is any other religion. It’s about control and dominance. The word islam means submit.

  31. RabbitOnAStick says:


    …….this is a serious problem with all you religious people.

    here you label everyone on this planet as having to have a religion. Thats just stupid. we don’t. we shouldn’t.
    “People can be hindus, christians, jews and muslims as well.”
    This shows how wrong you are.
    NO! NO! people are NONE of these things.
    First and foremost we are ALL HUMAN FIRST.
    These stupid idiotic labels are given by people just like you because you are too weak to understand facts. And too cowardly to face them. You are not born anything religious. gawd didn’t make you or help your parents to conceive. It happened randomly. You are born with no label save male or female. No religion touches you unless someone indoctrinates you into it. It is not inside you it doesn’t call you you are made to live learn and believe it by others. The primary function of human life is no different to all other life forms on this planet – reproduction. This is an evolutionary fact.

    This planet is 4.5 billion years old. You should think about this figure. You should then try to think about whether some ‘creator’ made us all within the last few thousand years or whether we have come along through other more possible means. As I wonder if you conceive something made ‘us’ within the last 6000 years – which is just irrational.

    If you take reality – factual reality – it’s at least 45,000 years humans have been on this planet [I chose this figure because Aborigines may have had their continuous lifestyle for at least 40,000 from archaeological research and carbon dating of site].

  32. Broga says:

    @Lazy Susan: I too find the epics and ancient legends fascinating and instructive. Robert Fagles translation of The Iliad, to the extent that I am competent to judge, seems superb. I never read bible stories to my children but for years, until they could read, I read children’s versions of the Greek Legends when they went to bed – and we read much else, of course. They were curious, we talked about the events, the cunning of Odysseus, the Theseus and the Minontaur, the Clashing Rocks (a particular favourite)and so many others. Nothing was ever censored.

    I am convinced that these legends are powerful in that they deal with fundamental human experiences which resonate in the mind.

  33. Angela_K says:

    How to make a muslim:

    In the interests of fairness, the above cartoon could equally apply to all religions.

  34. Matt Westwood says:

    @Angela_K: Always wondered about the reason for the stupid headgear. I suppose the Jewish skullcap is so small because their sacred writings are relatively small, i.e. the Pentateuch.

    Now, your comedy A-level assignment for the day: use the same paradigm to explain why Christians wear no bizarre headgear.

  35. Angela_K says:

    @ Matt Westwood. Ah. The christians have advanced just a little so most of them have reached the ability to read the Bible – but not much else.

  36. Brian Jordan says:

    Now, your comedy A-level assignment for the day: use the same paradigm to explain why Christians wear no bizarre headgear.

    The headgear is a hierarchical thing – look at e.g. the Archbishop of Canterbury on parade. Christianity is a hierarchical religion, so the higher up the cleric, the fancier the hat (and dress).
    Islam is less hierarchical and most Muslims fancy themselves as in direct personal contact with Mo and Allah so insist on wearing fancy hats all of the time.

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  38. […] shares yet another Islamic horror story . . . this from the UK. THE parents of a seven-year-old boy are on trial at Cardiff Crown Court in […]

  39. allismyth says:

    They do not teach kids to read but to mimorize the sayings while they are young, they don’t understand the meanings but will not question the memorys when they are older. Most people know this as indoctrination and not as teaching faith. Teaching people to understand what they read is the death of many religion’s. Wise people understand myths and still find value because they are understood “Crying Wolf” has value today as when it was written long ago. Religion should take a clue and admit their myths then their true meaning will find its value in what has value the faith junk will fall by the wayside as it should.