The lunacy of Islam #15,010 (or thereabouts): beating a boy to death over his Koran failure

THE parents of a seven-year-old boy are on trial at Cardiff Crown Court in connection with his death – but, curiously, the BBC, in this report, fails to report that Yaseen Ali Ege was allegedly beaten to death because of his failure to get to grips with the Koran.

Yaseen Ege suffered a horrible death because of his failure to memorise long passages from an idiotic book

Sara Ege, 33, denies beating Yaseen Ali Ege to death at their home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, in July 2010 and setting fire to his body.

The boy’s father, Yousuf Ege, 38, denies a charge of causing the boy’s death by failing to protect him.

The pair wept silently as Ian Murphy QC, prosecuting, explained the circumstances.

A court sketch of Sarah Ege

The jury was shown a piece of wood which the prosecution claims was used by Mrs Ege to hit her son “like a dog”.

Ege covered her ears as jurors heard the 999 call she made saying that there was a fire in the home and that her son was still upstairs.

The court heard firefighters found Yaseen on the landing and he was taken to the University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff where he was pronounced dead.

It was first thought that the boy had died in the fire and that his death was a tragic accident, the jury heard.

But a post mortem examination revealed he had died several hours before the blaze, of multiple injuries caused by being hit by a blunt instrument.

Sare Ege admitted she been hitting Yassen with a stick, in her own words, “like a dog”, for three months before the fire, the court heard.

The prosecution claims that she beat him so severely on the day of the fire that he died.

It was also found that the fire was started deliberately. Ege admitted pouring lighter fuel over her son’s body, the jury was told, saying:

I know he was gone but I was just trying to protect myself.

It is only in this BBC video that the Islamic connection is made. It describes Ege as “a highly educated woman” and her husband a “property developer” and that:

Both were renowned for being devoutly religious. As Yaseen failed to memorise long passages of the Koran, she became  more and more angry with him.

She lost control and heard voices telling him to hit him more.

Teachers who knew the boy described his as “delightful” but said that they noticed on occasions he had been hurt and “was in such extreme pain that he could not walk”.

Hat tip: Rob L