Anti-gay Republican Senate candidate faces trial for abusing a boy

THERE was never a chance that the Republicans would snatch Delaware from Democratic Party control, but they had high hopes for their State Senate candidate Eric R Bodenweiser, a rabid anti-gay activist and member of the Delaware Family Policy Council.

Eric R Bodenweiser, Christian zealot and homophobe

Then things went horribly wrong. With ballots with Bodenweiser’s name already printed, the Republicans had to find a new candidate after Bodenweiser, 53, was arrested and charged with 113 counts of sexually abusing a young boy more than 20 years ago.

The rising star in conservative politics was indicted by a grand jury and is now on $250,000 secured bail.

The indictment alleges Bodenweiser repeatedly had sex with a boy between October 1987 and August 1990 in Sussex County, starting when the boy was 10 and ending when he was 13.

Bodenweiser defeated incumbent Republican Senator Joe Booth in the September primary to become the GOP nominee for the 19th Senate District on the strength of social conservative support, and quickly got a heartfelt endorsement from former US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.

O’Donnell called him:

A great man that deserves our support and that we need to send to Dover. Eric has the kind of character that will stand up against corruption, that will do what is right in the face of opposition, in the face of pressure.

The 39-page indictment charging Bodenweiser with 39 counts of first-degree unlawful sexual intercourse and 74 counts of second-degree unlawful sexual contact, provides little details, beyond a paragraph for each count stating that the incident occurred between October 1, 1987, and August 31, 1990.

At that time, Bodenweiser was working in the family business, operating Bodie’s Dairy Markets, a chain of convenience stories and laundromats based in Georgetown and with locations throughout Sussex County.

During his arraignment, Bodenweiser requested a jury trial. He is scheduled to appear in Sussex County Superior Court for a hearing on November 19.

Incidentally, Obama won Delaware with about 59 percent of the vote. Delaware, which has three electoral votes, is among the top 10 most Democratic states, according to polling done by Gallup earlier this year.

Incumbent Democrat Senator Thomas R Carper cruised to re-election for a third term. defeating three challengers: Bodenweiser ‘s replacement, Republican Kevin Wade, independent Alexander Pires and Green Party contender Andrew Richard Groff. Carper won 66 percent of the vote, compared to 29 percent for Wade.

Breaking news: First openly gay Senator is elected in Wisconsin. Tammy Baldwin, 50, had been running as a Democrat against Republican challenger Tommy Thompson, 70, who formerly served as governor of the state. She first held office as a state representative in 1998, and is stated to have kept her sexuality in the shadows for the most part.

However, according to a glum Christian News:

Much has been made of Baldwin’s win Tuesday, which makes her the first lesbian to serve the Senate in Washington. Pro-homosexual groups are applauding her victory as an achievement for the homosexual agenda.

More breaking news: Voters in Maine and Maryland made history in becoming the first two states to approve of gay marriage by popular vote. They are now the seventh and eight states to approve of such unions.

And some bad news: Lunatic Ten Commandment judge Roy Moore Roy Moore is restored to Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court.


21 responses to “Anti-gay Republican Senate candidate faces trial for abusing a boy”

  1. Same old story… the more homophobic they are, the more skeletons in their closet. Operative word closet.

  2. Barry Duke says:

    Watch Glenn Becks amazingly accurate US Presidential prediction:
    Thanks for the kink James Baldwin

  3. AgentCormac says:

    Slightly OT – I’m delighted to see Obama was re-eected this morning, and hardly surprised to hear Romney say, “I join with you to earnestly pray for [Mr Obama] and for this great nation.”

    He just assumes that everyone is religious, like him. That they believe in the efficacy of prayer, like him. There are no other opinions to take into account. There is no debate about it. Thank f**k he isn’t President.

  4. tony e says:


    I’m sure that Romney’s followers having been praying like mad over the past few weeks.

    So they must have come to the conclusion that either prayer does not work or that god is a democrat?

  5. barriejohn says:

    Thanks for the kink James Baldwin

    Many a true word!

  6. AgentCormac says:

    barriejohn – thanks for the Telegraph link. Interesting article and, hopefully, a cause for optimism.

    tony e – I wonder if they’ve ever considered that Hurricane Sandy was actually god blasting America for allowing a Mormon to run for Prez?

  7. Broga says:

    Another virulent homophobe exposed. Listening to Republican religious nutters howling about same sex marriages and their anti abortion, even when the woman has been raped, views it is clear they are increasingly being abandoned by the modern world. Simon Schama summed it up well when he said, “The Republicans are listening to their own voices in echo chamber.” Another commentator commented on the increasing secularism of America, particularly amongst the young and on the college campuses. And a young woman explaining why she voted Democrat said, “I’m in charge of my uterus, not Mitt Romney.”

    They can’t believe they have lost. They are furious. One billionaire gave $50 million to the lost Republican cause. And immediately after the result a Republican was promising that “Obama is already a lame duck President and we will block him all the way in Congress.” So much for Democracy. I’m afraid the USA “democratic” system is rotten and corrupted by big money. They may as well get used to it. The USA no longer rules the world. The Republicans, in their persistently deluded state only think it does. But I did enjoy hearing their howls of anguish. Schadenfreude is not an admirable trait but sometimes it does give pleasure.

  8. AgentCormac says:

    Completely OT, I’m afraid but I was amused to read that one of our favourite MPs has just about manoeuvred her way out of politics for ever. Bye-bye, Mad Nad. And good riddance!

  9. jay says:

    The good news is that Romney lost. The bad news is that Obama won. I’m so sick of our tweedledee tweedledum political parties providing only the illusion of choice. Spending completely out of control no matter which party is in charge (hopefully they will fight each other) .

    BTW any bets on how Obama’s justice department will handle the marijuana votes? Probably just like they are treating medical marijuana : full drug warrior mode ignoring the vote of the people.

  10. Matt Westwood says:

    $2.5 billion has to go somewhere. No doubt there are some people on the breadline somewhere who are only too pleased to have a job making flags or baseball caps.

  11. Matt Westwood says:

    Stop calling it “marijuana” (which was a word made up in the 1930’s propaganda war as an insulting latino-sounding derivative of “mary-jane”, intended to suggest that partakers turned less-than-male) and give it its proper name: cannabis.

    No, seriously, the word “marijuana” is as unacceptably insulting as “nigger” and “faggot”.

  12. barriejohn says:

    Matt: You’re right about the preferred use of the word cannabis, but on more dodgy ground regarding the origin of marijuana. It is outdated, though.

  13. Marky Mark says:

    Hey Jay…I placed my vote for Jill Stine the Greenparty candidate. The more votes third party people get the more serious their political views will be considered. Had it been a closer race in my state I would have voted for Obama.

    As for this ass-hat, the Repugs and their ranks are filled with these sorts, like the Catlick church.

  14. OurSally says:

    Just a technicality – “had sex with” implies some kind of mutual consent. “Raped” is the proper word when one person is a minor.

  15. Bob Phatuski says:

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Everyone knows these homophobic right-wing idiots are all raging closet-cases.

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