Pope portrayed as a Nazi paedophile by Dutch artist

IT looks for all the world like a fridge-freezer conceived by Picasso, but the exhibit below depicts the Pope as a Nazi paedophile, and some folk ain’t happy with it.

The controversial sculpture. Inset is the Swastika-style cross

Commenting on “The Holy Truth”, an abstract work by 70-year-old Dutch artist Jeff van Weereld which has been unveiled at the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness, Scottish MSP Dave Thompson said he thought the artist had misunderstood the Christian faith, which he said was about:

Loving others as we love ourselves.

In sore need of a reality check, Thompson said freedom of artistic expression and the right of people to have views was something to be valued but added:

I think we have to be very careful we don’t use that to cross certain lines which could deliberately provoke people and insult them. And this sculpture appears to be particularly provocative and distressing. Although the installation is abstract, and it may not be obvious what it is supposed to depict, the sculptor’s explanation becomes part of the work of art.

Jeff van Weereld’s explanation his piece is:

There are four symbolisms in the sculpture, which are all based on fact – although some are dusted over by the Church. There is high incidence of paedophilia, the Pope did spend a good part of his formative years in the Hitlerjugend and the Wehrmacht, the Church is friendly to the outside, but not necessarily within the hierarchy and they do tend to cover up things.

The sculpture is a three-and-a-half metre tall stylised image of the Ratzinger in a state of sexual arousal with his hand firmly on the shoulder of two little boys. It has also been embellished with a Swastika-style crucifix.

Less controversial but nevertheless bound to grate the religiously-sensitive is the Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater, currently on sale for £3.99 at Find Me a Gift.com.

The sales pitch reads:

If you’re after some fun novelty kitchen accessories the Cheesus Christ Grater has to be one of the cheesiest kitchen gifts around! This stainless steel novelty cheese grater will tear strips off all your cheeses, with holy-arious aplomb! Yes, as you’ve probably gathered, there’s more to this grater than just holes and that is that it bears the face of ‘Jesus’. Is it an apparition or a sign from above? No, we have to confess it’s simply down to laser etching technology!

It adds:

But hey, this grate gift means no harm, well except to cheeses that is! It will superbly turn blocks of cheeses into mounds of marvellously grated up, um, well, cheese, to feed the thousands of cheese loving masses! The packaging will make you smile too as it features a hilarious cheesyfied dedication to honour the existence of cheese. This glorious Cheesus is the saviour of cheese graters and will deliver your favourite cheeses from rusty evil graters forevermore!

The ‘prayer’ on the back of the pack reads:

Our Cheese in heaven, halloumi be your name.

Your tangy taste, we will not waste,

on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily brie.

Forgive us our stilton,

as we forgive those who stilton against us.

Lead us not into cheese slices, but deliver us from cheddar.

For the glory of the dairy, the curds and the whey are yours.

Now and forever.


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Soo funny I nearly peed myself lol

Hat tip: Angela K (Scottish report) and Linda Sage