God really sucks, but will He swallow Glenn Beck moronic mumblings?

WHEN he realised all was lost for Mitt Romney, the first thought that popped into the vacuous cavern that passes for the skull of Mormon conservative talk show host Glenn Beck was:

Man, sometimes God really sucks.

He added:

I got up at 3:00 in the morning and I knew. And I couldn’t sleep, and I started to say my prayers and I got up and kneeled down by the edge of my bed, and I knew that — or I suspected that my mind’s not God’s mind — and the peace and the comfort that he had given me and so many of my friends was not about an election.

Beck’s response of Obama’s victory: a juvenile T-shirt

According to this report, the fool – “a fusion of entertainment and enlightenment” – added:

God’s about a bigger picture than an election or a candidate. God is about the freedom of mankind. God is about the Constitution, which is divinely inspired.

In the weeks prior to the election, Beck had made comments that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was trailing in the polls because “God wanted to perform a miracle in the end”.

Beck is now trying to capitalise on the elction result. He’s created a T-shirt that says “O’crap,” with the “O” being the Obama symbol.

Yours here for just $30.00.