Campus atheism will ‘morally confuse young people’

MEMBERS of the Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism near Milwaukee aren’t happy bunnies. For the last ten years this bunch of delusional screwballs have had access to the University of Wisconsin-Madison

To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on campus.

But they are about to have competition, and this displeases them no end. According to this report, an atheist group at the  university is set to receive almost $70,000 of student fees to fund its programmes and events for the 2013-2014 school year.

Jason Storms seen railing against abortion on a University campus

Jason Storms, Director of the FSSOE, is deeply concerned:

It’s going to morally confuse young people in understanding their place in the universe. We’ve seen the rise of the secular state in the last century, [and] I don’t think it’s helpful to contribute to a worldview that [is based on humanism].

And the imbecile asked:

How has believing that there is no God contributed to our society?

Storms said that while he hopes that University of Wisconsin-Madison has an equal access policy that allows for funding to be provided just as freely to evangelical Christian groups, he still is saddened by the possible ramifications of furthering doubt and atheism. But he is not surprised at the decision.

It’s an extremely liberal school. Very left wing. Any Christian that goes to that school, their faith is under heavy attack.

The funding must still receive final approval from student council, the chancellor and the Board of Regents.