Whores and saints, yes, but where the hell is Jesus Christ?

A NEW US study of religious courses at a dozen university shows that:

There is an outright hatred for Christ on the vast majority of college and university campuses nationwide.

Researchers, according to Christian News, surveyed 316 courses on religion at 12 universities and found that only three centred on the life and teachings of Christ.

Jesus: left hanging by US universities

Finding that there was “a war being conducted against Jesus”, the researchers pointed out, for instance, that:

University of Colorado at Denver’s 40-plus religious studies classes include ‘whores and saints’, ‘theories of the universe’, ‘Freudian and Jungian perspectives in dream analysis’, and ‘spirituality and the modern world’ but no electives focused exclusively on Jesus.

The results of their research, published in a publication entitled College Fix, said:

Jesus Christ is – without question – the most influential figure to ever walk the Earth, but professors clearly prefer to offer electives on much more obscure matters.

Those who conducted the study said that there are also notable differences in how Christianity is analysed compared to other religions. They explained that words such as “understanding” are used for courses relating to Islam, but the phrase “critical analysis”, for example, is used in class outlines surrounding Christianity.

They explains that, in comparison to the three courses that did center on Jesus, there were also two classes on witchcraft and shamanism, three on sex and religion, five on mysticism and twelve on women and religion. College Fix also outlines that some of the course titles were so obscure that it had no idea what kind of material would be discussed.

Additionally, College Fix said that the three classes that were focused on the life of Christ apparently all dealt with what others have to say about him, not who Jesus said he was or what he taught.

Take Georgia State University at Atlanta’s ‘Jesus Inside and Outside the Gospels’ course.  It’s a ‘comparative study of portrayals of Jesus as they have evolved over the past two millennia … and visual depictions of Jesus in modern media such as film, television and the internet’.

The researchers said:

If this survey highlights anything, it’s that [students are] not even given the option [to study the words of Christ. Meanwhile the classes that do focus on Jesus or Christianity sidestep his message and teachings in favor of historical context and critical analysis.

It concluded:

Bottom line, universities across America show an outright disregard and disdain for Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, according to this report, the likkle baby Jesus has been kicked into the long grass by Santa Monica’s city council, because atheist activists have finally succeeded in their battle to have a nativity display at Palisades Park scrapped.

Every Christmas for over half a century, the park hosted a display of the birth of Jesus, filling a block with a 14-scene diorama which included crib, wise men and livestock and associated kitsch.

Hunter Jameson, chairman of the nativity scenes committee, is not a happy bunny, saying that a pliable council had been manipulated by:

A tiny group of determined ideologues. It’s a very sad day. The original Grinch didn’t want people to celebrate Christmas.

The atheist campaign began several years ago when Damon Vix, a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, successfully lobbied for the right to mount his own booth in the park alongside the nativity.

He erected signs which called religions fables, proclaimed “happy solstice” and quoted the founding fathers’ arguments for separation of church and state. Atheists ramped up the campaign last year with multiple booths which mocked religion, including a supposed homage to the “Pastafarian” religion complete with its Flying Spaghetti Monster deity. The displays caused uproar.

The atheists were set to create even more rumpus this year after snaffling most booths in a first-come first-served lottery system, prompting the city council to ban all displays.

Said Bob Holbrook, a council member:

It became a war in the park. It was getting out of control.

Vix, who started it all, said he was very happy.

It was time to take a stand. This was a blatant violation of the separation of church and state, the principle our country was built on.

Daniel Archuleta, managing editor of the Santa Monica Daily Press (said the nativity battle pitted Santa Monica’s decades-long liberal influx against the city’s Catholic roots and conservative undercurrent.

Some of the older guard still see it as a sleepy little beach town, whereas in fact it’s a bustling metropolis. The irony of the nativity is that a lot of people thought it was tacky until it was taken away.

Hat tip: Agent Cormac (Santa Monica report)



27 responses to “Whores and saints, yes, but where the hell is Jesus Christ?”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    “Bottom line, universities across America show an outright disregard and disdain for Jesus Christ.”

    Welcome to the club, guys!

  2. Weeping Willow says:

    Dont they teach enough about Jesus Christ and his life in Churches that now they need to do that in universities. I am rather happy that they teach less about Jesus and more about everything else.

  3. mikespeir says:

    Leaving aside the issue of whether Jesus ever, in fact, walked the planet, just living in the Western World is basically a university education in the life and teachings of Jesus. Universities ought to be teaching us stuff we don’t know.

  4. Broga says:

    I find this as encouraging as it is surprising in view of the USA’s reputation as being the most barmy country in the West regarding religion. Of course, defending the constitution means you get labelled as a “determined ideologue.” Makes a change from militant atheist I suppose. This move away from belief in the tyrannical 3 in 1 God must be the result of people having access to facts in atheistic best sellers and, of course, the internet.

    We could do with a bit of this muscular sceptism here. I noted this morning that the BBC, still bathed in faux sanctity while mired in the Savile paedophile debacle, has started its month long whine-in on Advent. A woman vicar was given air time – Radio 5 I think – to drone on about Advent. Radio 5, or the early morning bits I listen to when Radio 4 becomes over unctuous, boring and repetitive, has usually been fairly free from proselysing religious types.

  5. remigius says:

    Oh come on, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional chorus of ‘Atheists Are Trying to Ruin it for Everybody’.

    All together now…

  6. Great Satan says:

    Excuse me for stating the obvious here – but how on earth do these students think that learning about Jesus/whores/saints/freudian & Jungian dreams etc will land them any form of gainful and useful employment when (if ?) they leave college/uni ? … take up something useful guys & gals like engineering or science etc

  7. Barry Duke says:

    Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, our local rag, the Costa Blanca News stands accused of a “venomous” anti-Catholic stance. One Howard Parsons, in a 600-word letter to the editor (sorry, no link available) was objecting to a recent article by regular CB News columnist Glenn Wickman.

    Wickman referred to the RC Church hierarchy as “the mafia” and accused it of being “fascist”.

    This, said Parsons, was “blantantly inflammatory,irresponsible and untrue”, and he pointed out that, “in the last two years, on three occasions, and at regular yearly intervals, articles have appeared in CBN attacking, insulting and ridiculing the Catholic Church and the Pope”.

    This was tantamount to “psychological persecution” of Catholics by the newspaper.

    I was about to scan the entire letter for my records, but a gust of wind blew the page off my desk and onto the floor. Before I could retrieve it, Fifi, our Mini-Pinscher, pissed all over it.

  8. barriejohn says:

    Broga: Did you read the following?

    And can you just imagine how nauseating Brenda’s* speech is going to be like this year?

    (*Queen Elizabeth II for our American visitors.)

  9. remigius says:

    Here we go Barry…

    Dear editor,

    Thank you to Dave Jones and Alex Watkins for the positive coverage of our Cáritas group in Almoradí last year.

    Unfortunately, however, after Glenn Wickman’s article ‘Payable on death’ we appear to be ‘back to square one’.

    I spent two weeks in England after the article appeared, so I have only now had the chance to respond. It is only one short part of Mr Wickman’s article that I object to, but its content, and intent was, in my view, venomous (to say the least).

    His reference to the church hierarchy/mafia’ and his use of the word ‘fascism’ in criticizing the Catholic Church hierarchy was blatantly inflammatory, irresponsible and untrue.

    I found his comments to be offensive and insulting, personally. It seemed to me that Mr Wickman was deliberately stirring up religious hatred and trying to polarize public opinion towards extremism in politics. I am surprised that this appears to be consistent with editorial policy of the CBN.

    In his criticism of the Church hierarchy, Mr Wickman appears to be calling the Pope and his bishops (particularly in Spain) fascists. He also appears to be saying that the Catholic Church is the mafia, which is even more appallingly offensive and insulting.

    As I said in my previous two letters, all Catholics are equal, in terms of membership of the Church. The Pope is ‘first among equals’ and is in the unique position of having universal authority to lead the Catholic Church worldwide.

    The clergy and laity are all equally members of the Church and so we are united in Christ and indivisible; any attack on the clergy is an attack on the laity and vice versa. Effectively, therefore, Mr Wickman is accusing 25% of the Spanisg population, practicing Catholics, of being fascist and members of the mafia. Is this (as it certainly appears to be) the official view of the CBN?

    In the last two years, on three occasions, and at regular yearly intervals, articles have appeared in the CBN attacking, insulting and ridiculing the Catholic Church and the Pope.

    The CBN enjoys the democratic right of freedom of the Press. In my view, however, it is using that right to infringe the democratic rights of others; I refer to the democratic right of everyone to practice their faith freely, without fear of persecution.

    Calling all Catholics in Spain fascists and members of the mafia as well as attacking, insulting and ridiculing them on a regular, systematic basis, amounts, in my view, to psychological persecution by the CBN. It is guilty of infringing the democratic rights of Catholics in Spain to religious freedom and respect for their faith and beliefs. Mr Wickman made other, in my view, erroneous criticisms of the Catholic hierarchy. I will leave it to our new Bishop (of Orihuela) to respond to those criticisms if he so wishes.

    As far as I am aware there is no Spanish language newspaper in England which is attacking the Anglican Church (laity and clergy) and the head of that Church, The Queen, on a regular, systematic basis.

    There is, however, an English language newspaper in Spain which is attacking the Catholic Church (laity and clergy) and the head of that Church, the Pope, on a regular, systematic basis. The name of that newspaper is the Costa Blanca News.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mr Howard Parsons

  10. barriejohn says:

    A little preview:

    I bet she won’t be making mention of Prince Harry, though – cheeky lad!

  11. barriejohn says:

    That last post of mine was an addendum to the previous one, making reference to the Queen’s Christmas Broadcast!

  12. Barry Duke says:

    Bloody hell, Remigius, how the hell did you find that? I have a regular weekly column in CB News, and I’ve never been able to find it online.

  13. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: Thanks bj for the link. I hadn’t read that. I think the pre Christmas religious puke has started already. Get your sick bucket handy. You are going to need it.

  14. remigius says:

    Well Barry, I’ll let you into a little secret. On my computer I have an app thingy called The Google. It sort of bots the interweb and stores links to web pages.

    I just copied “blantantly inflammatory,irresponsible and untrue” and done a search.

    It came back with…

    You must try to keep up with the latest tech, Barry 🙂

  15. Matt Westwood says:

    “Jesus Christ is – without question – the most influential figure to ever walk the Earth …”

    … Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, Einstein, oh I can’t be bothered.

    In other news, Neo-Pythagoreans are up in arms at mathematics courses in universities the length and breadth of the nation for their shameful neglect of the study of the life and times of Pythagoras. In some courses, the only reference to him is of his theorem. This shameful state of affairs shows a shocking disregard for all that is important in mathematics.

  16. Angela_K says:

    Talking of whinging catholics, they just don’t have a sense of humour:

    Back to OP. What kind of dunderhead would spend years at University studying christianity, apart from someone too dim and useless to do anything worthwhile. The religious keep telling us that the babble is the inerrant word of their god so a read through and the job is done.

  17. Stephen Mynett says:

    I particularly liked this quote: “In order to assist, I invite you to contact the CCO if RTE wishes to seek guidance in advance of similar broadcasts in the future.”

    Or, in English, we are a bunch of humourless jerks who want to censor your broadcasts.

  18. Barry Duke says:

    Google. Hmmm, Remigius, I might just give it a go next time around.

  19. Stephen Mynett says:

    Or for anyone with a little paranoia, like me, there is this search engine:
    Unlike google, they do not store any information about the user.

  20. remigius says:

    Stephen, just did a search on quackquackno for…

    “blantantly inflammatory,irresponsible and untrue”

    It came back with…

    Rather defeats the object of a search engine, eh?

  21. Broga says:

    “In order to assist, I invite you to contact the CCO if RTE wishes to seek guidance in advance of similar broadcasts in the future.”

    They must be happy with the BBC where no guidance is needed in view of the slavish and obsequious readiness to follow the RC dictat.

  22. barriejohn says:

    Remigius et al: Just out of interest, I did a search for those words (using the more usual spelling “blatantly”) on Yahoo! and it took me straight to Monsignor Parson’s letter. I then read on…

    Dear Mr Parsons,

    As you point out, we have upset you once a year over the past three years – hardly a ‘systematic’ attack.

    Every time you have sent a letter we have printed it in full and repeated our comment that as a newspaper we do not attack the Catholic Church – it would be a bit daft since the majority of our staff is Catholic.

    For the third and final time we point out that every week we print stories about the Catholic charity Cáritas, about religious festivals in the area and there is a full list of church services.

    If one short paragraph in a 1,000-word opinion column annoys you, it is just as well you are not a local politician.


  23. Robster says:

    The fact that universities offer “academic studies” (or whatever) on the baby jesus is testament to just how this nonsense has wormed its way into our culture. Why not offer “studies” on Santa or the tooth fairy, Zeus or any other imagined super being. What a waste of time and money. Turf the rest of the silliness out with the baby jesus.

  24. RabbitOnAStick says:

    I like this bit:

    “Take Georgia State University at Atlanta’s ‘Jesus Inside and Outside the Gospels’ course. It’s a ‘comparative study of portrayals of Jesus as they have evolved over the past two millennia …’.

    I think they don’t see the irony in this Darwinian reference to the course evolving! Hilarious.

  25. Dan says:

    This whole article is a load of bladderflap. It’s way too subjective. Yes, they surveyed these various colleges, but the findings are very subjective. Flag on the play. You’re out.

  26. sailor1031 says:

    “…the three classes that were focused on the life of Christ apparently all dealt with what others have to say about him, not who Jesus said he was or what he taught”

    Well the late JC didn’t write any books, no op-eds in the Judean Times, no recordings – no “best of JC” album, no sermon from the mount with foreword by deepshit chopra, no articles, no pictures, no engravings…… what others said about what he allegedly said is all we’ve got! And I don’t believe a word of it anyway

  27. Vince says:

    I applaud the Santa Monica City Council for taking down the Nativity scene. Its hard being a atheist…coming out is more difficult.