‘Fabulous’ Queen James Bible removes all anti-gay references


KING James I, who authorised a committee to biblical scholars more than 400 years ago to prepare a revision of earlier English translations of the Bible, was:

A well-known bisexual. Though he did marry a woman, his many gay relationships were so well-known that amongst some of his friends and court, he was known as ‘Queen James’.

King James I was really a 'queen'

King James I was really a ‘queen’

With this in mind, a publishing company in the US has launched the Queen James Bible, declaring:

You can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too.

It goes on to explain that:

Homosexuality was first mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this – only interpretations have been made. Anti-LGBT Bible interpretations commonly cite only eight verses in the Bible that they interpret to mean homosexuality is a sin; Eight verses in a book of thousands!

The Queen James Bible seeks to resolve interpretive ambiguity in the Bible as it pertains to homosexuality: We edited those eight verses in a way that makes homophobic interpretations impossible.

It adds:

It is in his [James] great debt and honor that we name The Queen James Bible so.

The QJB is a big, fabulous Bible. It is printed and bound in the United States on thick, high-quality paper in a beautiful, readable typeface. It is the perfect Bible for ceremony, study, sermon, gift-giving, or simply to put on display in the home or Church.

Christian News points out:

Instead of God’s law in Leviticus 18:21 reading ‘Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination’, it now reads, ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Molech: it is an abomination’, insinuating that homosexuality began as a pagan practice, and is only prohibited when the sexual acts are done in the name of paganism.

In 1 Corinthians 6:9, the Queen James Bible removes the word ‘effeminate’ and replaces it with the phrase ‘morally weak’.

The publishers says that The Queen James Bible resolves any homophobic interpretations of the Bible,  but:

The Bible is still filled with inequality and even contradiction that we have not addressed. No Bible is perfect, including this one. We wanted to make a book filled with the word of God that nobody could use to incorrectly condemn God’s LGBT children, and we succeeded.

Among the first to express outrage over the Queen James Bible was William “Bill” Muehlenberg, of the Australian Family Association. Reviewing it yesterday on Amazon under the heading “A sick and pathetic joke”, he wrote:

William "Bill" Muehlenberg

William “Bill” Muehlenberg

The theological revisionists are at it again, with this utterly ludicrous attempt to justify their lifestyle. What these folks do not tell you, or are too clueless to even be aware of, is that the English word “homosexuality” was never even used until a hundred years ago. So of course no Bible had the term – it never existed until last century!

This is simply the most lame and most foolish argument yet coming from the theological revisionists. They just do not have a leg to stand on, and are clutching at straws big time.

He concluded:

But those who hate God, who hate his word, and hate his morality, will continue to trot out utterly ridiculous and disingenuous ploys like this. I can’t wait for the Adultery Bible or the Fornication Bible to appear.

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