A moment of madness on 12.12.12

IF I understand Simion The Evolutionary Collective correctly, for a limited period only humankind is being offered the opportunity to plunge through some sort of portal, marker or opening prepared by:

Time travelers, many of which (sic) are alive incarnate today on Earth. 

The 12th of the 12th 2012 seems to have been a particularly good moment in time to pop through this window:

Created by the forces of consciousness in your galaxy including astral bodies and inter-dimensional beings.

Unfortunately, I was engaged in more mundane matters on that date to take advantage this marvellous opportunity “be drawn to places of power” where I might “be of service energetically”. Instead I did the laundry, went to the bank, mopped the apartment, walked the pooches and had a long afternoon siesta.

Fortunately, the gateway offer remains open until December 21, so if I vanish between now and that date, you know I’ll have moved over to new dimension or something.

There was, as far as I can make out, no religious significance to 12.12.12, but some imbecile in Texas thought there was, and decided on that date to carve a pentagram into his six-year-old son’s back.

Brent Bartel

Brent Bartel

Afterwards, the Fort Worth man, 39-year-old Brent Bartel of Richland Hill, called 911 after using what is believed to be a box cutter to carve the five-pointed star into his son’s flesh. He told the the despatcher:

I shed some innocent blood.

Asked why, he said “with a bit of enthusiasm in his voice” before he hung up:

It’s a holy day.

When authorities arrived, they saw blood smeared around the doorpost of the Bartel home, as if done for some sort of ritual. Police state that they do not know what religion Bartel was following or why he considered 12-12-12 a “holy day.”

Sergeant Nathan Stringer told reporters that Bartel has not offered an explanation for his actions.

Bartel was taken into custody and was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon. He is being held on $500,000 bond. Police state that they also are seeking to have Bartel undergo a mental health evaluation.

But Bartel’s parents state that he does not have mental issues. His mother, Lori Ponce, told reporters:

Brent is not a demon … He loves that boy. Something happened. Don’t paint him as some crazy man. No, that’s not him.

The six-year-old was taken to a local hospital where he was evaluated by doctors. The carving did not require stitches, and the boy was released shortly after. The pentagram is said to have covered nearly the entirety of the child’s back.

While the boy is in satisfactory physical condition, doctors worry about how his emotional state will play out for the rest of his life.

The child’s mother was said to be in a “very emotional state” and requested privacy on behalf of the family.



13 responses to “A moment of madness on 12.12.12”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    Sorry, didn’t I mention that on 12.12.12 my aura and I were dispatched to a parallel universe? We are now happily becoming absorbed by the cosmos and our energy is being transformed into positive waves of goodness that are radiating out across the universe. They should arrive at Earth in approximately 3.7 billion years. This message is being telepathically transmitted through space and time using psychic pulsations and lumps of purple crystal. Hope it gets through okay, guys.

  2. Matt Westwood says:

    “While the boy is in satisfactory physical condition, doctors worry about how his emotional state will play out for the rest of his life.”

    He’s six. As long as he never gets to see that lunatic sadist again, he should be okay. He’ll have a fascinating set of scars which will of course offer him a golden opportunity to get laid when he’s older, and it might be an experience which will shape his attitudes towards fellow people in a positive direction. Only time will tell, but right now this lad probably just needs some good buddies.

  3. Tim Danaher says:

    Whooa … hang on.. Blood smeared on doorposts, and the police (who are, for the majority, presumably US Christians) don’t know which religion he’s following?

    Their own, presumably:

    I. Fucking. Give. Up….

  4. Marky Mark says:

    Texas! I’m not surprised. Charles “Tex” Watson is from a small town in Texas where Christianity is the way of life. Tex Watson was a Manson Family member and murdered most of the people in the Manson murderers, stabbing some as many as twenty times. He did this because he thought Manson was Christ…and with his Christian upbringing he was brainwashed to think that anything he does in gauds’ name is ok, even murder.
    The deranged types of the Manson Family like Watson believed that murdering someone was a sign of love since they were liberating their victims from this evil planet.

    I think that Tex Watson was a stone cold psychopath that used his belief in Christianity to justify his need to shed blood.
    He is now a prison minister fighting to be released and saying he should be forgiven for his crimes since that is the Christian way. And powerful Christian orgs like Prison Fellowship Ministries support him entirely and wish him released as well.

    12.12.12. What does that number have to do with anything? Our calendar is not based on any metaphysical event. It is just when a primitive culture decided to keep track of how many times the sun rose and set. And mostly to know when they should plant their crops.

  5. ZombieHunter says:

    let’s not forget there’s another end of the world due on friday the 21st because a race of people who lived thousands of years have a calender which stops then, this same race of people who didn’t figure out that you don’t need to sacrifice people to make the sun come up, the maya wiped themselves out through their own stupidity they were the ultimate darwin award.

    New agers are just as bonkers as the bible bashers and the rug butters and are enemies of reason the same as any other faith heads.

  6. Stephen Mynett says:

    Next year will give us a few dates made up of prime numbers, I wonder if the basket cases will come up with a weird meaning for them. Of course, a prime number might be too much for them to understand.

  7. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Why this fascination with dates? We could have started counting at any time, for jews it’s way past 2012, for muslims 2012 is way in the future, the kmer rouge restarted at year zero less than 50 years ago. 12/12/2012 is purely arbitrary.

  8. barriejohn says:

    GMR: I know – completely arbitrary. My Christian friends think that the days of the week have been numbered right from Adam’s days in the Garden, and that they HAVE to observe “The Lord’s Day” every “first day of the week”. I’m sure that they think that Armageddon will occur of they don’t!

  9. barriejohn says:

    This guy has amassed “proof” that the world is coming to an end. Strangely enough, Christians have been saying precisely the same thing – backed up by “statistics”, of course – since at least the 1950s, because I can recall it quite plainly!

  10. David Anderson says:

    Talk about arbitary. I wonder if those old Mayans knew that Pope Gregory would whip ten days out of the calendar and the British Parliament another eleven when it changed from Julian to Gregorian.

    Mind you, with all the savagery and ingnorance in the world, I can’t help thinking that we have slipped through some sort of time warp and we are back in the Middle Ages.