‘Gaby’ Jesus poster sparks a furious debate on NZ church website


IN a bid to encourage a debate about Jesus’ sexuality, a church in Auckland, New Zealand erected a billboard depicting the Baby Jesus in his crib with a rainbow halo.

St Matthews-in-the-City’s Revs Glynn Cardy and Rev Clay Nelson said on their website:

This year we invited discussion and debate on the sexual orientation of Jesus.

According to the church’s site, for Clay Nelson the poster presents:

The challenge to think about Jesus as fully human whose growing up would have involved the same range of character possibilities, and even sexuality, as the rest of us.

Nelson added:

Some scholars have tried to make the case that he might have been gay. But it is all conjecture. Maybe gay, maybe not. Does it matter?

Cardy asks what Jesus would have said about New Zealand’s current debate on gay marriage.

There is almost nothing in the record of his teachings about sexuality while there is plenty about the perils of being rich. Certainly he always supported the marginalized in society.

The Pink Humanist points out that the poster has ignited outrage on the church’s website.

One comment on the site says:

How does the poster help to bring people to seek forgiveness for the sin of homosexuality? It would be the same as portraying Jesus coming out as a paedophile.

Another wrote:

It is truly saddening to see a supposedly “Christian” church putting up such a mockery of the Son of God. I don’t know if it’s because these people feel safe behind the notion of freedom of speech, but just because one can say something doesn’t mean they should.

I’m not saying we should follow in the footsteps of the Islamic world, but you would never see a Muslim who truly believes in his faith putting up billboards with pictures of the Prophet Muhammad with implications that he is gay.

Jesus Christ may be all about mercy and love, but He still does not condone what His Father has deemed sinful. The Bible aka God’s word says that sexual interaction/infatuation between two people of the same gender is a sin. However at the same time Jesus still loves sinners, He does not however love the sin(s) they are committing.


9 responses to “‘Gaby’ Jesus poster sparks a furious debate on NZ church website”

  1. JohnMWhite says:

    Oh look, more Christians demonstrating that freedom of speech and democracy are absolute anathema to them. Also displaying profound ignorance of the existence and beliefs of anybody not them. You’d never see a Muslim putting up billboards with pictures of Muhammad, eh? Wonder why that would be…

    Why is it so hard for these self-centred, immature zealots to accept even their own fellow believers might just think something slightly different about gay people? The right, and even duty, to hate homosexuals has become the core of Christianity for so many.

  2. Stonyground says:

    According to the scriptures, he was celebate, never married, and hung out with twelve guys. The NT also mentions a youth who turned up at one point, wearing nothing but a sheet, wanting Jesus to teach him something unspecified. His sheet fell off and he ran away naked. So, I would say that Jesus was, at the very least, a bit suspect.

    But why the hell are they not going after that self loathing closet case Paul? He did an awful lot of travelling, do you suppose that he had anyone to carry his luggage?

  3. Broga says:

    I think that must be the baby Jesus because no other baby could have such lustrous brown hair. And he is white so they have got that right. And, with his hands, he is already blessing those around him. The only slightly false aspect is that halo but we must allow a some artistic licence. Yep. No question. That’s God, the son of God and the Holy Ghost all wrapped up in one.

    On the sexuality question we have quite a problem. Is his sexuality only the sexuality of the son? Or does it include the sexuality of the Father? And what about the sexuality of the Holy Ghost? Can a ghost have a gender? Or are they all wrapped up in one gender. Could he be bi-sexual, or tri-sexual or a-sexual. I think we need a group of bishops getting together on this. We need answers.

    Lovely hair, though.

  4. sailor1031 says:

    Oh Broga, Broga – it’s a MYSTERY! Don’t you understand that it cannot be understood?

  5. Daz says:

    John 13:23. I rest my case…

  6. Robster says:

    Didn’t the baby jesus knock about with twelve other blokes? He wasn’t just gay, he was a slut!

  7. Canada Dave says:

    “How does the poster help to bring people to seek forgiveness for the sin of homosexuality? It would be the same as portraying Jesus coming out as a pedophile.”

    Funny statement that one ….given that so many of his most devout followers actually are pedophiles.

  8. tony e says:


    ‘He wasn’t just gay, he was a slut!’

    If Dan Brown is to be believed and Jesus was also having his conjugal’s with Mary Magdalene then he was, at best, a bit greedy!

    A case of ‘sowing his wild dates.’

    Sorry for the dreadful pun.