Maine restaurateur driven to take steps against nuisance ‘pro-lifers’

FED UP to the back teeth with caterwauling Christians harassing women outside an abortion clinic in Portland, Maine, local restaurateur Mike Fink has decided enough is enough, and has announced a counter-protest against the barmy banshees targeting the Planned Parenthood premises adjacent to his business.

Mike Fink pictured also has a guitar shop next to Planned Parenthood.

Mike Fink pictured also has a guitar shop next to Planned Parenthood. Photo: Portland Press Herald

Mike Fink. of Mike’s Restaurant, is reported here to be planning to stage his protest next Friday, on January 4.

Fink went so far as to place a newspaper advertisement saying:

Normally, we do not get involved in religious or political debate because it is a waste of time. However, these people have become a problem. These protesters bring their young children and use them to push their views and beliefs without any regard of local businesses or the long-term mental health of their own children.

Fink then issued an offer to those joining him in protesting the pro-life group:

Help us … by holding a sign or making a presence against these insane, stupid people, and get a free coffee and breakfast sandwich.

Christian News Network spoke with two of the women who “minister” outside Planned Parenthood in Portland, and learned that both of them are post-abortive mothers who state that they just want:

To reach out to other women who are where they once were.

'Pro-lifers' pictured outside the Planned Parenthood clinic. Photo: Portland Press Herald

‘Pro-lifers’ pictured outside the Planned Parenthood clinic. Photo: Portland Press Herald

One of those who pray, sing hymns and generally make complete idiots of themselves outside the clinic is Leslie Sneddon, a homeschooling mother of two, who had had four abortions.

Prior to my conversion as a born again Christian, I was pro-abortion. I was a feminist, and I was highly promiscuous. And with that sort of lifestyle, I ended up choosing death for four of my children.

Sneddon explained that her journey “from death to life” began twelve years ago during a religious service when she saw a man wearing a pin “with little feet on it”.

I was struck with terror, and I did not want to ask what was on the lapel of his jacket. I went home just completely undone. I couldn’t sleep. I tossed all night. I cried. I was likened to David soaking his pillow from repentance.

Another “pro-lifer” who regularly targets Planned Parenthood is Donna Hebert, who brings along her adopted 8-year-old son from Ethiopia. Two of her other children, ages 18 and 11, also accompany her during the “outreach”.

We pray, we sing hymns [and] when a woman goes in for an abortion, we plead with her.

Fink, who also owns Guitar Grave next to Planned Parenthood, wrote in his advertisement that the “pro-lifers” have:

Taken to yelling at women entering the Planned Parenthood office.

His ad labelled the protesters:

Rude, loud [and] self-righteous anti-abortion protesters [who] harass young women …

But Hebert and Sneddon say their “outreach” is being mischaracterised.

[We call out], ‘Please, there are other choices! You don’t have to do this! We can help you!

Hebert added:

I am able to cry out and tell them that I regret my abortion. That’s what they consider ‘screaming’. We have a split second window to reach out to these women.

The women also stated that they have had “resistance” since they first began ministering six months ago, including a “cash mob” that was organized to raise money for Planned Parenthood. They are aware of Fink’s dislike of their “outreach”. Hebert complained:

One day, he opened up the door and purposefully played South Park [a cartoon on MTV] — an episode where it blasphemes God.

Meanwhile it is reported here that the city council is considering establishing a “buffer zone” to separate “pro-lifers” and those who support women using the services of the clinic.


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