Horses can help neigh away the gay says ass of a pastor

Horses can help neigh away the gay says ass of a pastor


THE fact that every therapy ever devised to “cure” homosexuality has been thoroughly discredited, there are still battalions of quacks out there – mainly of the Christian persuasion – who persist with ever more bizarre programmes aimed at “making the gay go away”.

Reports of  the latest, and surely the barmiest “cure” went viral this week when it became known that something called “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy” is being practiced by The Cowboy Church of Virginia, led by chief pastor Raymond Bell. It involves some sort of interaction with horses.

Atheist actor Daniel Radcliffe got naked in Equus

Atheist actor Daniel Radcliffe got naked in Equus

This report suggests that the cracked Bell’s therapy “seems to have a bit more in common with Equus than Jesus” and pointed out that the details of the practice “aren’t incredibly clear”, even on the church’s page explaining the therapy.

It kind of seems like this ‘horse psychotherapy’ assumes that interacting with horses will cause gay men to abandon their stereotypically feminine interests in favor of cool masculine things that typify the iconic American hero: The cowboy.

No word on whether or not the folks at the Cowboy Church of Virginia have ever even heard of the film Brokeback Mountain.

This is how the church descends into psycho-babble to describe the therapy:

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) offers experiential psychotherapy sessions to diagnosed or diagnosable clients. Natural horse and herd behavior are observed and honored as a model for healthful human behavior. Equine-assisted exercises are designed to elicit metaphors and self-awareness. These exercises help clients recognize their own behaviors and patterns and create their own solutions.

GayStarNews made contact with Bell in an effort to get more clarity on the practice. He told them:

EAP can help any person who is living the homosexual lifestyle or involved in it in anyway. The first common misconception is that homosexuality is genetic, or hereditary, or as some say ‘born this way.’ Homosexuality is actually a type of addiction. It is not ‘curable’ as a disease because it is a ‘choice driven’ by the person.

Gays will be signing up in droves for EAP if their therapist looked like this

Gays will be signing up in droves for EAP if the therapist looked like this

GSN notes that it can supposedly make gay men more masculine and that it is used to:

Identify how a person got ‘involved’ in homosexuality to begin with… for example, because of rape, abandonment, lacking a male role model, abuse and having low self-esteem.

Thanks to the ambiguity of “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy”, says Inquisitr, some outlets reporting on the subject are taking expected liberties with this story. Wonkette deadpans that EAP:

Requires the work of licensed professional heterosexual romance therapy horses, and the men of God who offer them up for gay men to jerk them off or whatever, I don’t understand how Jesus therapy works.

The Huffington Post points out that “conversion therapy” has become a hot topic in recent months as California became the first state to outlaw the practice on minors. Though a bill was passed by the California Legislature and was set to take effect on January 1 after being signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September, last week the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency order putting the law in limbo until it can hear full arguments on the issue.

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26 responses to “Horses can help neigh away the gay says ass of a pastor”

  1. barriejohn says:

    A “cowboy church” indeed!

  2. Buffy says:

    It’s official. Christians are bat-shit insane.

  3. barriejohn says:

    These guys are asking for their money back:

  4. barriejohn says:

    PS The DC Cowboys – thus demonstrating beyond all reasonable doubt that God guides by his divine hand those involved with this site, whether they acknowledge it or not – made an appearance on Dale Winton’s “Great Getaway” last night (a pisspoor and shameless rip-off of the much-missed Generation Game). What struck me was that Dale was flirting with them outrageously and making saucy comments, and they were teasing the young male contestants, but both contestents and studio audience were quite relaxed about all this, and taking it in their stride. This is all miles away from the sort of suggestive “camp” performances to which we were subjected in the past, where homosexuals appeared more objects of ridicule, and makes you wonder how people like Vincent Nicholls can possibly think that they still speak for the majority of people in our society, as homosexuality doesn’t faze most people – especially of the younger generation – any more at all.

  5. andrea says:

    “licensed professional heterosexual romance therapy horses”
    should be available on the nhs

  6. charlie says:

    Just my personal reply o your comment that homosexuality does not phase younger people; it has never been a “bother” to me. I have worked with many various people during my working life and one of the nicest guys I knew was a gay man who worked at the same store I was employed with before I went into the military.
    I fail to see why it bothers some people. I think this world will be a much nicer place for ALL if we had more love and caring for our fellow humans and ALL living things. Allowing(as if we need to allow) gay people to marry is great. If two people love each other, I think it makes the world nicer. This planet could use all the love it can get. It is disgusting ( I am trying to keep my language polite)how the relisious clowns get soo worked up over loving/caring couples. I fail to see how, as an example, the gay couple who live in the same apartment complex where my wife and I live harms us in any way. Seeing a couple who care for and love each other gives me some small measure of hope for humanity. Now, we need to get ALL the religious nutters to see this simple truth.
    Sorry to be so long winded, but some topics do not fit a “simple” or “easy” reply.
    I would like to ask the poop (er,um, da pope) just how a gay couple harm my personal relationship my wife and I have, or how such a loving couple do any harm to anybody at all.
    OK, I will end this comment, again, I do tend to go on too long at times, my apology to all if this is too long.

  7. barriejohn says:

    I quite agree, Charlie. I am gay myself, yet even when I was a young man homosexual acts could result in a prison sentence in Great Britain, and much of the humour had a very vicious streak – people were laughing AT gay people and not laughing WITH them (the same with racial humour). My point was – as you say – that these “leaders” are totally out of step with what is happening in society, yet still assert that they represent Nixon’s “silent majority”. They’re silent because they don’t fucking well exist! It is amazing how far we have come in a short space of time, and events in America re equal marriage leave me almost speechless. Who could have seen that coming?

    Slightly OT, I see that the new Chief Rabbit is already claiming that criticism of Israel amounts to “anti-semitism”. Same old same old!

  8. Whisper says:

    I have a question for Barriejohn. Do you hate christians because they hate you? I only ask this because I have labored through reading what you have to say, and I’ve yet to find a relevent point. Do you have one, and are you keeping it secret, or are you just person lashing out at the universe because you feel you have been mistreated? If you do, I understand, because I believe you have been mistreated. Which hole you choose to stick your dick in should never enter into which human rights you are entitled to. But what you say leads me to suspect you are also an asshole. But, let’s face it, there are assholes everywhere, can you realistically assume that if you go to a website called “freethinker” that you won’t find an asshole? That would be “idealism” wouldn’t it. And here you are.


  9. Stephen Mynett says:

    Pot, kettle, black Whisper, we have laboured through many of your points without finding much of relevance. I assume you just find hating people who disagree with you to be fun.

    Barriejohn, your quote: “people were laughing AT gay people and not laughing WITH them (the same with racial humour).”
    Correct, I have found the same thing with being disabled, it is not as bad as there is generally no hatred involved but it is the action of people who cannot exist outside of their own perceptions of what is normal.

    I used to have fun with a black friend when we did our “three-sterotypes” joke back in the days when I was loosely involved with rock against racism. We would sit somewhere and hold hands or sometimes have a quick kiss to see what people did/said. Was even funnier when our two girlfriends turned up.

    How do you keep an idiot in suspense . . . . . . . .

  10. RabbitOnAStick says:

    The Cowboy Church of Virginia

    i wonder if this is real. A cowboy church of virgin-ia.
    Ok. I believe.

  11. Matt Westwood says:

    Young men, there’s no need to feel down …

  12. Charles Stearns says:

    Wait, but .. I’m gay, and have horses. Now I’m confused 😉

  13. Stephen Mynett says:

    Charles, I cant help there I am afraid but do you remember that old sitcom Mr Ed, the talking horse. I feel a remake, Dr Ed, the talking horse psychiatrist could be great fun.

  14. barriejohn says:

    Mister Ed would be just the one to help:

    Mister Ed The Talking Horse = Threaten irksome delights

    I remember him well. Not what you would call mane stream psychiatry, though!

  15. Stephen Mynett says:

    I remember a runner in the Grand National may years back, called Gay Trip. I wonder what his views would have been?

  16. barriejohn says:

    SM: re your earlier comment. Hilarious, but you should also have affected the speech/mannerisms of the prevailing crop of unpopular immigrant labourers for a full house!

  17. barriejohn says:

    Here’s someone who owned a gay stallion!

  18. chrsbol says:

    barriejohn. I watched Cinema Paradiso last night. Wonderful thanks for the recommend. Just wished I hadn’t peeled all those onions.
    btw There’s a strong smell of Wolfe on here.

  19. barriejohn says:

    Hahaha – great film isn’t it?

    Unfortunately, the more animosity that these trolls stir up the better they like it. Ignoring them is the only sensible course of action.

  20. Matt Westwood says:

    “… the more animosity that these trolls stir up the better they like it.”

    But tearing them down with patronising arguments designed to make them feel even stupider than they are is such ripping fun

  21. barriejohn says:

    Matt: They don’t feel STUPID. In their delusional world they actually feel clever. “I took on the smart-alec intellectuals and I WON!”

  22. remigius says:

    barriejohn, it must be some kind of osmosis. They feel more intelligent having engaged us, while I feel more stupider after having read Neowhisper’s tripe.

  23. remigius says:

    Strange. My comments seem to be disappearing in to some kind of void?

  24. barriejohn says:

    Why don’t we see any comments from Remigius these days?

  25. Stephen Mynett says:

    @Remigius, I will have a look for your comments for you, I am off to a Hogmanay party with friends in Scotland and have a feeling that after a few drams and the Bells I could well be in some sort of void myself.

  26. Bisexual Stallion Owner says:

    My ten year old stallion is truly bisexual. He’ll jump a gelding or a mare–whatever port in a storm will do for him. I wonder if he was used as a therapy horse, if could successfully turn gay people bisexual? Or maybe my horse needs a religious jackass to cure him of something that I have accepted as part of his nature since he was a yearling.

    Contrary to many people’s religious beliefs, homosexual animals are more common than many would like to admit. The first study on this was done over 90 years ago, but the when scientists found that there was indeed these types of behaviors in the animal kingdom, these results were suppressed.

    There’s a more recent study that was compiled and published into a very interesting book called “Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity.” Here’s info on the book:

    Homosexuality in its myriad forms has been scientifically documented in more than 450 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and other animals worldwide. Biological Exuberance is the first comprehensive account of the subject, bringing together accurate, accessible, and nonsensationalized information. Drawing upon a rich body of zoological research spanning more than two centuries, Bruce Bagemihl shows that animals engage in all types of nonreproductive sexual behavior. Sexual and gender expression in the animal world displays exuberant variety, including same-sex courtship, pair-bonding, sex, and co-parenting–even instances of lifelong homosexual bonding in species that do not have lifelong heterosexual bonding.