An ‘evil gene’? Look no further than the Pope

SCIENTISTS planning to research the DNA of Adam Lanza, the Newtown, Connecticut gunman, to see whether certain individuals have a propensity to commit evil, should not, in my opinion, be wasting their time on the corpse of a lone lunatic. If they think they can  locate “an evil gene” why not experiment on live specimens known to be far more dangerous?

I have one in mind: the Pope.


The thought came to me today after reading Adrian Tippetts’ scathing attack in Pink News on the Catholic Church, which concluded with this paragraph:

Finally, a note to the man who poses as @pontifex on Twitter: a century ago, your church demonised the Jews in a similar, tawdry fashion. Your bishops repeated the myths of a conspiracy to take control of the worlds banks and newspapers; a myth which inspired unimaginable horror decades later. But it is easy to pretend innocence of all consequences, for those preachments lie in dusty newspaper archives and bookshelves. Today, your clergy have found a new cause of all the world’s ills.

Tippetts, of course, was referring to manner in which the Catholic Church has disgracefully used the festive season to do little else but spew out hatred of homosexuals.

He added:

But unlike a century ago, evidence of such revolting preachments will be easily accessible, digitally preserved and audible in full colour, as if it were made yesterday. And I bet it will be a better advert for non-belief than anything that even Richard Dawkins could muster.

Tippetts drew attention to Ratzinger’s World Peace Day message, in which the Pope:

Signalled the Vatican’s intention to work with other religions to stop marriage equality, claiming the family was threatened ‘to its foundations’ by attempts to change its ‘true structure’.

That speech gives us four reasons to charge the Catholic Church of having a hate agenda against LGBT people: seeking to demean gay people as ‘intrinsically disordered’ and thus lesser, unauthentic human beings; seeking their exclusion from society; seeking to scapegoat them for society’s downfall by promoting blatant untruths about the nature of gay people and their relationships; and fourthly, an initiative tantamount to incitement to murder: forming a coalition of faiths against LGBT people.

We know that wherever religion mixes with power, the results are fatal for LGBT people. In Iran, and Iraq, hundreds have been murdered and mutilated in the most grotesque ways imaginable, because of their sexuality. The abductions and death squads were a direct result of similar hate-inciting preachments in Baghdad soon after the fall of Saddam. The fact that pews are emptying in Europe is of relatively little consequence. It is in regions like Africa, where the Catholic Church’s influence and following is growing, and where both Christian and Islamist extremism is on the march, where the Pope hopes his message will hit home, and precisely where LGBT people are in fear of their lives most in the Christian world.

It is therefore vital that we – the progressives, the media and politicians – speak out against this.

Hat tip: Matt Westwood (“Evil gene” report)