UK Christian coffee shop owner urges Uganda to pass ‘Kill the Gays’ bill

CORNERSTONE is a coffee-shop-cum-eatery in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. It’s a veritable nest of Christian fundies, which is OK by me. Even deluded lunatics deserve a place to gather.

However, here is something I have just discovered about Cornerstone, which opened last summer. The owner and Managing Director, Paul Shinners, is a hatemonger of the first order, and one of a posse of Western-based evangelicals who have been pushing Uganda hard to introduce anti-gay legislation: the “Kill the Gays” bill.

Hatemongers Paul and Michele Shinners

Paul and Michele Shinners

Shinners, who also runs an outfit called Passion for Souls,  has a mission statement. It says:

Cornerstone is a cross-denominational company with directors from different churches and aims to bring Jesus into the high street and provide resources for local Christians and churches. However, its primary aim is to serve Jesus by blessing and loving the people in the area by representing him to them.

We are here to love the Father, love one another, love our neighbour, and even to love our enemy.

Very little love was shown by Shinners when he travelled to Uganda at the end of 2012 to speak at a “National Prayer Day and Night”, an event used by a bunch of Pentecostal preachers to demand that the “Kill the Gays” bill be introduced without further delay.

Shinners, according to the blog run by San Franscisco human rights campaigner, Melanie Nathan, commended Uganda for the bill, saying it was a clear stand for God.

There is no other nation world over that has such a plan and through this, Uganda is going to be blessed.

A similar rally was held at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole, where the leader of the Born Again Federation of Uganda, Dr Joseph Sserwadda, said there is an urgent need for the anti-gay law because the country needs to confront sin head on.

Nathan wrote:

If Nelson Mandela knew his name was being associated with a stadium that propelled such hate and violence – he would no doubt disassociate and request a name change. It was Mandela who came out of prison saying that never again would a minority or majority group be discriminated against and so he separated church and state and appropriately ensured protection for sexuality minorities in the SA Constitution.

Shinners, pictured in this rogues gallery of homophobes

Shinners, pictured in this rogues gallery of homophobes

I would urge people to mount a peaceful protest outside Cornerstone, and organise a boycott of the business, situated at 2-6 Cambridge Street, St Neots.

People can also call  Cornerstone on +441480 471505 to express their outrage over Shinners interference in Uganda’s political affairs, or email Cornerstone is also on Facebook, where I have just posted this report.