The lunacy of Islam #15,072 (or thereabouts): Women banned from straddling motorbikes

INDONESIAN male drivers are easily distracted, and the sight of a woman straddling a motorbike might cause a crash or “provoke” a driver.

This 'delicate creature' riding pillion in some Islamic backwater would be in breach of Indonesia's new side-saddle law

This provocative hussy riding pillion in some Islamic backwater would be in breach of Indonesia’s new side-saddle law

That, apparently is the logic behind a planned crackdown by the authorities in the Indonesian city of Lhokseumawe on women who straddle bikes.

According to this report civic leaders in Aceh province, which is ruled by strict sharia law, also claim that straddling a bike constitutes an “un-Islamic” practice, and henceforth females are to ride side-saddle.

Legislators said that it was “improper” for women to sitting astride motorbikes.

Women, however, will be allowed to straddle motorbikes if they are controlling it, but only if they are dressed in a “Muslim way”.

Mayor Suaidi Yahya added:

Women sitting on motorbikes must not sit astride because it will provoke the male driver. It’s also to protect women from an undesirable condition.


The mayor lamented the fact that behaviour and morals were straying from Aceh’s Islamic cultural values.

We want to save women from things that will cause them to violate shariah law. We wish to honour women with this ban because they are delicate creatures.

Apart from the side-saddle rule other laws have been passed that prohibit women from wearing tight trousers, and permits the flogging of homosexuals and stoning of adulterers.

Aceh started implementing sharia law after it was granted autonomy in 2001.

The straddling ban will come into effect over the next few months and the government plans to distribute handouts to inform residents. Penalties for infringement have not been detailed.

Nanda, a student from Lhokseumawe’s Malikussaleh University, said the new law was ridiculous. Straddling a bike was safer and more comfortable, she said.

Last month, 16 people were publicly flogged in front of the Grand Mosque Baitul Makmur Meulaboh for gambling and indecent behaviour.

Police chief Jhon Aswir said public flogging demonstrated the government’s commitment to enforcing Islamic law.

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44 responses to “The lunacy of Islam #15,072 (or thereabouts): Women banned from straddling motorbikes”

  1. RabbitOnAStick says:

    Excellent. In the photo both are wearing allah-crash-helemts.
    To the uninitiated as allah is directing the bike as he is every other driver – helmets aren’t required to protect what small grey matter exists inside the rather thick dense skulls.

    I wonder is that a Belstaff-Burqa?

  2. Har Davids says:

    It’s amazing what these folks manage to come up with! Coming next: women breathing sends to much oxygen to their brains, making them able to start using them, so we’re going to put a stop to that with sharia science. We can only hope these dimwits will go back in time so much that they’ll eschew all the good things modernity has given mankind, and that it will kill them. After that, we may be able to help the survivors, if any.

  3. barriejohn says:

    This is fairly comprehensive, but sadly departs into the realms of fantasy when dealing with Christianity!

  4. chrsbol says:

    “We want to save women from things that will cause them to violate shariah law. We wish to honour women with this ban because they are delicate creatures.”

    Not so delicate that they can’t be pounded with rocks for some minor indiscretion though. Another year another sackful of batshit crazy islamic bollocks.

  5. chrsbol says:

    Forgot to say. She looks f***ing hot on the back of that bike.

  6. remigius says:

    “It’s also to protect women from an undesirable condition.”

    Such as having a high-revving two-stroke throbbing between their legs. I often walk past my local launderette and see the muslim women sat on the washing machines in their niqabs.

  7. sailor1031 says:

    Going to be a bit dicey for the women when the bike takes a corner …..

  8. Broga says:

    Could this revive the practice of women riding horses side-saddle? I’ve never understood how they managed that.

  9. Jeff Jones says:

    Seems like the Tsunami that hit Aceh Province didn’t do it’s job properly. Too many f*ckwits still rule the place.

  10. barriejohn says:

    I can’t think of a more undesirable condition than living under the jackboot of Islam, personally.

  11. Daz says:

    Jesus H Christ! (Who rode a Triumph, by the way.) Looking at that photo, where do I start?

    1: No helmets.
    2: Light clothing which will wear away leaving bare skin after the first three yards of sliding, at anywhere near normal road-speed.
    3: The pillion has no gloves on.
    4: The pillion appears to have bare feet or near as damn it. The rider’s daps ain’t much better, protection-wise.
    5: Fucking side-saddle! I can’t begin to imagine how bloody scary, let alone dangerous, that is for the pillion—and it can’t be too stable for the rider either, having the pillion’s weight kiltered to one side like that.

    Bloody nightmare. At least one, probably two, DOAs just waiting to happen.

  12. barriejohn says:

    Daz: You didn’t mention the folds of billowing clothing just inches from those wheels. Ever heard of Isadora Duncan?

  13. Angela_K says:

    All that baggy clothing flapping around could get caught in the wheels and de-burqa the woman – for which she would no doubt be flogged or stoned.

    I can’t say I’ve ever considered riding my Triumph side-saddle and if I did I’d have to choose between the gear lever or back brake!

  14. Daz says:

    Gawd, yeah, I missed that one. Nice spot, Barriejohn and Angela!

    Angela, classic/vintage Triumph, or modern?

  15. barriejohn says:

    Good for you, Angela_K:

    “Your hand will be lifted up in Triumph over your enemies, and all your foes will be destroyed.” (Micah 5:9)

    Comforting words, indeed!

  16. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    I don’t remember motorcycles being around during the time of momo, the peadophile misogynistic homophobic criminal, so whereabouts in the koran’t does it say that sitting astride a motorcycle is banned for women?

  17. barriejohn says:

    He must have foreseen them, GM-R:

    The Quran contains infinitely more precise details [than many scientific discoveries today] which are directly related to facts discovered by modern science: these are what exercise a magnetic attraction for today’s scientists.

    It is not faith in Islam that first guided my steps, but simple research for the truth. [What led me to this conviction was the fact that it would be unthinkable] for a man of Muhammad’s time to have been the author of such statements on account of the state of knowledge in his days.”

    The late Dr Maurice Bucaille, again!

  18. Barry Duke says:

    Daz, your observations remind me of Spain’s motorcycle helmet law, introduced, if I remember correctly, in the late 1970s. But legislators failed to take into account the anarchic nature of the Spanish. When I visited Spain just after the law was introduced, bikers everywhere were riding with a helmet secured to one arm. The law failed to stipulate that a helmet had to be worn on the head. It took several years before it was redrafted to enforce the correct use of helmets.

    Cycle helmet use was made compulsory in 2004, but the law is widely disregarded.

  19. RabbitOnAStick says:

    Barry Duke: thats interesting about Spain. It’s not surprising though.

    In Turkey it’s obligatory to have the helmet protect the elbow.

    And i have seen in rural Turkey [as no doubt others in india etc too] have the ubiquitous three up on a moped. The third being a small child in the position of air bag of course.

  20. Angela_K says:

    Daz & Barriejohn. I currently own a 1971 T120 Bonneville and a 2007 T100 Bonneville. I’ve owned various other English bikes and Jap bikes and dare I say a couple of Harleys. My first bike was a Vespa scooter and even though this was pre the UK helmet law my Dad said if I didn’t wear a helmet he would take the bike away!

  21. Stephen Mynett says:

    We had some madwomen in the media a while back talking about the angels she constantly sees, I remember she said that Gabriel looked like a biker. I wonder if she has a take on this issue.

  22. barriejohn says:

    Angela_K: I had a Mobylette moped before I owned a car, and I never dreamed of wearing a crash helmet (well – you could walk faster unless it was going down a very steep incline). Funnily enough, my father had also been the proud owner of a moped when in the navy, and my grandfather – a very funny man, who hailed from Connemara – called it his “jauntin’ cycle”, which was a sort of amalgam of autocycle and jaunting car!

  23. Robster says:

    They should outlaw sacks and fabrics too. Those randy muzzy buggers’ imaginations will be running amok fantasising about what delights might lurk under the sack. Can’t have that can we. Imaginative fantasy is dangerous….

  24. 1859 says:

    There was a bike rider from Aceh,
    Who took women for a ride on his Apache,
    When they came to the humps, the lumps and the bumps,
    The women would shout ‘O please catch me!’

    But Allah is wise and Allah is great
    And from the clouds he did dictate –
    ‘With your legs closed and your body covered,
    You will just bounce on the rough and roll till you’re buggered.’

  25. Sharia law says:

    […] sharia law was only introduced to this area in 2001 according to this: The lunacy of Islam #15,072 (or thereabouts): Women banned from straddling motorbikes __________________ Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk […]

  26. barriejohn says:

    Angela_K et al: Speaking of Bonneville, I can highly recommend another film – The World’s Fastest Indian – which bears similarities to Cinema Paradiso, which I mentioned recently. Sir Anthony Hopkins plays elderly New Zealander Burt Munro, who took his 1920 Indian Scout to Bonneville Flats and raced it – actually setting records for engines under 1000cc – in the 1950s. Brilliantly written, filmed and acted, it’s a truly inspirational story – unlike, say, the life of Mohammed!

  27. Angela_K says:

    barriejohn. I saw the The World’s Fastest Indian when the film came out and now own it on DVD; as you say Hopkins plays the part very well – a great film. Another great film is The Motorcycle Diaries, a film of Che Guevara’s early life.

    Sorry, seem to have hijacked this thread talking about motorcycles.

  28. Brian Jordan says:

    Broga wrote

    Could this revive the practice of women riding horses side-saddle? I’ve never understood how they managed that.

    AFIAK they have a special pommell, which they get one leg over. Sounds as though it could be worse/better than straddling the beast! Maybe coming to a motorbike showroom near you!

  29. Christine says:

    The majority of scooters in India are owned by men. The majority of fatalities in scooter-related accidents are women. This is because the women tend to ride pillion and they do it side-saddle.

  30. Daz says:

    Angela_K, I has jealous! One of my most heart-wrenching moments was selling my BSA B40 ’cause I badly needed the money. Not the most glamorous of bikes, but I loved it.

    Barry. Erm … Yoiks! is all that comes to mind.

    barriejohn, The World’s Fastest Indian is indeed a great movie.

  31. john.c says:

    Look on the bright side, if enough muslim women get wiped out on bikes, the breeding stock will decline and fewer musloons will be produced, we should encourage all muslim women to ride sidesaddle, everywhere,in burkahs,while tied to the bikes rider with a rope round the neck to ensure she is secured.Natural selection in favour of intelligence is to be encouraged.

  32. Jane says:

    I don’t think it’s “lunacy of Islam” – that a very bigoted
    title. This sidesaddle business is nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with men trying to control other people. This law will not be passed as it has nothing to do with Islam and it is unsafe.
    Perhaps you should change your title to “Lunacy of Aceh”

  33. Stephen Mynett says:

    Another passing troll with little to say. If something like this is done in the name of religion there is every reason to call it the lunacy of that religion.

  34. Jane says:

    That makes no sense at all, Stephen. I may be a troll but you are being a bit of an ogre – if you say we have to kill all the badgers in the world in the name of Hinduism then it is clearly you with the problem not the religion. It’s the same case here: how one sits on a bike has nothing to do with Islam, these men in Aceh are creating something from nothing.
    It is not the fault of any religion that crazy people claim to be devotees.

  35. RabbitOnAStick says:


    it is very clear that the law is from islam, and secondly it is also very clear that all major religions are made by men to control women. But these are not the same thing here. islam as the reason is very clear.

    Civic leaders in Aceh province, which is ruled by strict sharia law, have launched a crackdown on what they say are un-Islamic practices.

    “We want to save women from things that will cause them to violate shariah law. We wish to honour women with this ban because they are delicate creatures,” Mayor Suaidi Yahya.

    Women can straddle motorbikes if they are driving the vehicle, but only if they are dressed in a “Muslim way”.

  36. barriejohn says:

    Jane: Crazy people invented these religions. You’re speaking as if religion is a beneficial or at least benign influence which misguided peope have somehow subverted. It’s not!

  37. Jane says:

    Well, barriejohn, people are free to think what they like. I don’t like to interfere in other’s beliefs but this nonsense in Aceh It still sounds a bit unislamic, whether one likes Islam or not.

    I can’t find anything in any hadith or the Koran that dictates how women can ride or sit – none at all. This ridiculous mayor saying it is islamic does not make it so.

    That is my question for them, Rabbitonastick: How can they pass this law because it’s not even part of Sharia law at all. Perhaps, as you say, men just being controlling. Again. I don’t think it will go anywhere… I hope not.

    It’s also unsafe to ride a bike sidesaddle, which must be unislamic….

  38. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    @Jane: that was the point I made earlier, this isn’t written in the koran’t or the hadiths, mainly cos m/bikes hadn’t even been thought of let alone invented. Yes, it is men controlling women but they do it in the name of their silly religion, it is religiously inspired, which means that taking the micky out of their religion is legit.

    @Angela_K: you have a t120 bonny? I had one back in the 70’s. What a heap of shit! I’d never bother with one of them again.

  39. barriejohn says:

    There was a BBC programme about Bonneville (the Salt Lake, not the dire actor!) last night. Part Two next week.

  40. barriejohn says:

    Jane: Of course it’s Islamic. These religions might try, but they don’t have rules to cover every eventuality in people’s lives, which is why there are imams and priests to tell them how to behave (ie “interpret the sacred texts”). I don’t buy the “cultural” arguments either, as the cultures invented their respective religions!

  41. RabbitOnAStick says:


    a lot of so called ‘law’ in islam exists without ‘guidance’ in the koran [there is very little in there save kill the joos and subjugate kafirs and take the word of mohamster by the sword to non-believers] or any hadeth informing about how to ride a bike!
    just like all other religions it’s all made up as they go along!

  42. Angela_K says:

    Jane, of course there is nothing in the Koran about riding side-saddle any more than some of the other ridiculous proscriptions the islamic fundies have dreamed up; the christians are just as guilty in this respect. It is another example of the religious using their belief system to oppress women and those they don’t like. You sound like an islamic apologist or a recent convert to that particular fascist ideology.

    GMR. My old Bonny does not leak oil, starts first kick and it doesn’t dismantle itself going down the road. I admit the bikes were not made very well in the factory and suffered abuse from DIY bodgers who exacerbated the problem.

    barriejohn. Yes, we watched that programme last night, great to see our country hasn’t lost some eccentric characters.

  43. RabbitOnAStick says:

    Angela GMR

    in the 1980’s i visited the motorcycle museum nr Birmingham – after the demise of Triumph despite Tony wedgewood benns best efforts – there was a 1948 Triumph and one of the last built in the 80’s. The engine was exactly the same throughout the entire period and therein lay the problem. inability to change. Bit like religion although that tries to change it’s basic tenets are the same. A piece of crap is a piece of crap!. [religion not Triumph].

  44. Stephen Mynett says:

    Jane, stop evading the issue. As many have said, it is not in the Quran or Hadiths but it is still being done in the name of religion. FGM is not in the Quran or Hadiths either but is done in the name of religion, just as some christians in Uganda want to kill gays. The complete religion is not at fault but until enough religious leaders speak out and act against these acts of stupidity or brutality you will have to accept their religion will be ridiculed or disliked.
    The religion has the problem because it does little or nothing about those who do crazy things in the name of it. The attrocities of sharia are not isolated incidents by a few imams, there are many of them, supported by far too many of the same faith. I admit there are those within islam who do not agree but until we here enough of their voices there will not be progress.
    Just as with any fundamentalism, whatever the religious base, there are far too many apologists, who say nothing as they refuse to criticise their faith in any way. Take a look at archbishop Pell in Australia and his remarks over abuse in the rcc.
    Try facing reality, I would rather be my sort of ogre than your sort of apologist.