God’s true source of health is the Church, not Obamacare say’s ‘boiling frog’ fundie

PAT Necerato, “Mister Big” in a US outfit called Go Stand Speak Ministry, has just penned a wordy call to arms to all True Christians™. He wants them to take a concerted stand against President Obama’s healthcare legislation.frog-in-a-pot

He begins with the words:

Well, here we are, Christians sitting as frogs in the proverbial pot of boiling water. And now after years of seeing the bubbles, we’re finally starting to believe and feel the heat. Will we finally leap out into the fight, or continue to get cooked in boiling apathy?

He then provides seven Bible-based reasons why all True Christians should oppose Obamacare, one of them being:

As with any socialist program, this creates a spirit of dependence, lethargy and apathy among the people, causing us oftentimes to prop up, expect and support the state as a providing idol, rather than the Church — God’s true resource for ‘heath care’ – and the Spirit of God Himself.


Pat Necerato

This was preceded by the words:

I’m sure none of us have little President Obama statues in our house — at least most of us don’t … yet. However, agreeing to controlled healthcare and medical services with mandated cooperation by Uncle Sam is very close. Why? We allow ourselves to be intimately connected with the state by allowing all aspects of our social, family, business and personal lives to become accustomed to leaning on the state for care and help rather than God. When we do this, the God-given resources the Scriptures teach that man should use in order to provide for himself, things like consistent hard work and sweat, are principles that are gradually put to the wayside — or worse, never learned.

Necerato, described as a “street preacher and filmmaker”, concluded:

We must stand and speak against this atrocity of Obamacare and not be afraid of the consequences of what our church members, pastors, neighbors or government may think. Are you in? If so, resist this tyranny by refusing to partake in it, endorse it or be associated with it in any way.