‘I am NOT homophobic’ says UK pastor who attended a year-end rally in Uganda

‘I am NOT homophobic’ says UK pastor who attended a year-end rally in Uganda

Paul and Michele Shinners

Paul and Michele Shinners

FOLLOWING our report that UK pastor Paul Shinners had attended a Christian rally in Uganda, which was was used, according to this account, to urged the Parliament to speed up its planned anti-homosexuality bill, Shinners, owner of the Cornerstone cafe in St Neots, Camb., issued the following statement, which appeared today on his Passion for Souls Ministries site:

The purpose of my visit on the 31st December 2012 to The 7th National Day of Prayer in Uganda was simply to preach the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which I did.

This event is a New Year’s celebration for Christians and non Christians alike. It is NOT an anti-gay rally as has been wrongly stated on Facebook.

I am NOT HOMOPHOBIC. Never have been. Never will. I have NEVER ever made any homophobic comments.

As Christians we follow the commands which Jesus taught, to LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE.That means ALL PEOPLE, irrespective of race, colour or sexuality.

I do not and will not support any legislation or law which condemns anyone on the basis of the above criteria.

However, It is also not right to slander or demonise Christians on Facebook.

I would ask that people respect my staff and customers at Cornerstone. We had to close the shop on Saturday 5th January as they were frightened to come in. This is not right.

I hope that this clarifies our position.

Meanwhile, yesterday, in Springfield, Mass, the first trial under the new Alien Tort Statute, allowing citizens of other countries to sue Americans for violations of human rights, opened against a local minister, Scott Lively.

Lively is  being sued for his active support of proposed Ugandan laws against homosexuals, including lengthy jail terms –  although the current version of the bill does drop the death penalty. The lawsuit charges that the active Uganda campaigns against local gays were set off by an extended Lively visit to the country in 2009.

Back in 1994, Lively was membership director of the Oregon Citizens Alliance, putting a series of anti-gay initiatives on state and local ballots. In that position, he argued that top Nazis were largely gay, an argument he developed in a book,  The Pink Swastika.

At the start of the trial, the judge expressed concern that the lawsuit ran up against Lively’s First Amendment rights.

Explaining his support for the Uganda measure on his website – which analyzed the 2012 election as the Evil Party defeating the Stupid Party –  Lively recently argued:

Just because Secular Humanist America began to decriminalize sexual sins in civilian law starting in the early 1960s doesn’t mean criminal sanctions against homosexuality are ‘un-Christian’.


56 responses to “‘I am NOT homophobic’ says UK pastor who attended a year-end rally in Uganda”

  1. Daz says:

    Wait… So it was Darwin who turned Stalin evil? Damn those evilutionists. Is there nothing they won’t stoop to?

  2. the Woggler says:

    Peter Terrell
    12 January 2013 at 15:10 (UTC 0)
    What are the party I voted for thinking of?

    From a secular point of view, is this putting more bread on people’s tables?

    Is this going to enrich our nation in some way, make us all feel a greater bond for one another?

    Is it even going to earn votes for the Conservative party? No, No, No –

    So, whatever is the motivation behind such a ridiculous proposal to redefine marriage?
    Have politicians got a mental disease which like some insects David Attenborough has demonstrated, causes them to commit suicide for the benefit of the infecting virus!

    gallagher g
    12 January 2013 at 17:56 (UTC 0)
    Let us use the word of God,God calls them Sodomites and the Power is in His Word. Lets stop packaging Sin which make it looks acceptable and not Sin in the word gay or homosexual, thay are Sodomites.Sin is Sin which ever way you package it.

    12 January 2013 at 19:17 (UTC 0)
    I agree that we need to start addressing the actions of these people as sodomites. We need to stop using the word gay and perhaps just use the word homosexuals.

    I need to know as I am getting confused now how do we go about protesting the ‘redifining of marriage’. As although the goverment has ‘permitted the church’ to opt in to this evil.

    Who is speaking up for God as saying ‘no goverment or man, woman or child has any authority to change or amend the covenant of marriage.

    I heard that on one of the islands in the Caribbean some crazy persons was asking the government to allow gay marriage. (Homosexuality is frowned upon in the Caribbean). And the government said no because if he agreed to it the judgment of God would hit the island!

    Try again.

    Stephen Green regards these people as perfectly sane, rational human beings. I despair.

  3. Matt Westwood says:

    Sodomite. Lovely word. Refers to the alleged practices of the residents of a particular city which differed politically from that of the writers of the book.

    Also check out “bugger”. The word is derived from the French for “Bulgarian”, after the religious sect originating from that land whose adherents were also alleged to practice that, er, practice.

    Call it what you will, the word is insulting only by association.

    You may think it very odd o’ me,
    That I enjoy the act of sodomy …” etc.

    (from Meet The Feebles, an early movie of Peter Jackson – yes, that Peter Jackson.)

  4. the Woggler says:

    “I believe it was the Stalinists, wasn’t it, who first invented the idea that anyone who disagreed with their point of view must be mentally ill?”

    But the we have Psalm 14, which suggest the people who wrote the OT were well ahead of old Joe Stalin.

  5. Marky Mark says:

    (“Why Stalin loved Tarzan and wanted John Wayne shot”)

    I use to be a fan of John Wayne as a child, than I learned about his hypocrisy and policies. Though he played heroes in all his WWII movies, he did everything possible to avoid the service during that war. Than he went on to criticize the Viet Nam protesters, including the veterans involved calling them unpatriotic. A true Chicken hawk!
    He evaded the McCarthy witch-hunts on communism by secretly turning over names of his fellow actors and others in the industry, as communists.

    John Wayne has promoted WAR for the benefits and profits of our Military Industrial Complex. An industry a true WWII warrior, hero, and president, Dwight Eisenhower, warned us about when leaving office.

  6. barriejohn says:

    Marky Mark: I always thought that John Foster Dulles was your president (cynicism!).