Mad Muslim ‘modesty patrols’ target ‘provocative’ advertising signs – in London

COMPANIES planning to use sexy female models to promote their wares in the People’s Republic of Londonistan need to rethink their advertising tactics, or face the wrath of Islamic modesty patrols who are going around defacing “disgusting” images of “naked” women.

H&M is one company that is being targeted in London  (click on pic to to watch video)

H&M is one company that is being targeted in London (click on pic to to watch video)

The Commentator reported yesterday that Islamic zealots are patrolling the streets of London, accosting women and vandalising public property. The group, which is attempting to cordon off “Muslim areas”, has dubbed itself “Muslim Patrol”.

So far, it said, the group has posted two videos to its new YouTube account which was set up in December 2012. The first video shows the destruction of advertising and vandalising of bus shelters, both displaying images of H&M push-up bras. The second video sees the “vigilantes” approaching and harrassing members of the public for either consuming alcohol, dressing “inappropriately”, or being inebriated near a mosque.

Several of the videos uploaded to the account have already been removed as they violated YouTube’s terms and conditions. One specifically states that YouTube deemed it intentionally “designed to bully, harrass and threaten”.

The footage is likely to have come from East London, where ‘Shariah zones’ were set up last year. The new tactic of intimidation is said to appall local residents, who will likely find the “patrols” disconcerting.

In the videos, the “Muslim Patrol” is heard to say:

Alcohol banned. This is a Muslim area. Muslims patrol the area.

One young woman, when confronted by the patrol, states:

I am appalled, this is Great Britain.

One of the creators of the video is heard to remark:

We don’t care. It’s not so Great Britain. 

Those involved, said The Commentator, are thought to be a part of an extremist network in East London and not linked to the wider Muslim community in the local area.

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  1. Kateri Blackwing says:

    I like to tell them To fuck off if they stand in my way I won’t hesitate to use a gun