Two arrested following Muslim vigilante videos posted on YouTube

FIRST, they targeted posters showing scantily clad women and posted their handiwork on YouTube. Then a bunch of Islamic zealots, calling themselves “Muslim patrols”, began targeting gays in East London, and badly-shot footage of one such incident appeared a few days later on the Internet.


Now, according to the Guardian, two men have been arrested after incidents in which people were being harassed in London’s Whitechapel area.


In the latest video, in which a group of men described themselves as “vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks”, a man is followed and told:


An image tat appeared at the end of the vigilantes' video. Click on pic to view.

An anti-gay image that appeared at the end of the vigilantes’ video. Click on pic to view.

Get out of here you fag … Don’t stay around here any more.


His pursuers tell him that he is “dirty” and that he is:


Walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag.


The East London Mosque has condemned the actions. It said in a statement last week that individuals claiming to be “Muslim patrols” have been harassing members of the public on the streets of east London late at night, including outside the mosque after it has closed, and that it had contacted the police to alert them to the presence of the individuals and video.The mosque said:


These actions are utterly unacceptable and clearly designed to stoke tensions and sow discord.


We wholly condemn them. The East London Mosque is committed to building co-operation and harmony between all communities in this borough. The actions of this tiny minority have no place in our faith nor on our streets.


According to this report, Imam Shyakh Shams Ad-Duha, a principle at Islamic education centre Ebrahim College in Whitechapel, used a sermon last week – which was later uploaded to Youtube – to tackle the issue.


I want to address very specifically and directly something we’ve all seen on social media. What these brothers need to understand is they will be accountable before Allah for doing these things, for damaging the image of Islam, and for misrepresenting the Sharia.


He added:


These people must have thought ‘what in the world is going on here’. Some bloke comes up and goes ‘this is a Muslim area, you can’t drink’. I can’t even imagine – the guy’s completely stunned.


What are the chances that this guy is gonna want to have anything to do with Islam in the future? That’s his chances of ever being interested in Islam, gone.


The gay rights group, Stonewall, said:


This incident is yet another reminder of the homophobic abuse that gay people face all too often. We urge victims of all homophobic crimes and incidents to report them to the police and for the police to take action to protect gay people from these disturbing crimes.


The Metropolitan Police said that two men were arrested in connection with a series of incidents that took place over the course of 12-13 January in east London. A 22-year-old man was arrested in Acton on Sunday while a 19-year-old man voluntarily attended an east London police station on Monday.


A Met spokesperson said:


The pair were arrested on suspicion of GBH and Public Order offences and have been bailed to return to an east London police station on a dates in February and March pending further enquiries.


The Metropolitan Police Service takes these incidents very seriously and is pursuing various lines of enquiry with a view to identifying and prosecuting the individuals concerned.


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42 responses to “Two arrested following Muslim vigilante videos posted on YouTube”

  1. Broga says:

    Zealotry gone bonkers. Glad to see that other Muslims are speaking out against this. Also pleased about the arrests.

  2. Angela_K says:

    Why do they always use two men in their anti-gay images? I demand equal persecution and want to see an image with two women holding hands. 😉

  3. Daz says:

    While I respect the Imam for speaking out against these actions, it’s worth pointing out that the very existence of such places as his exclusively Islamic college are quite probably part of the reason for those actions in the first place. It speaks to a culture in which kids are raised shielded from any idea which challenge Islamic ideas. Hardly a surprise, then, if some of the products of that system react violently when exposed to the outside world.

  4. Daz says:

    Yoiks. Please read the above whilst mentally inserting some extra grammar and spelling proficiency…

  5. Carlos T says:

    How do you solve a problem like sharia?
    How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
    is there anything more foul than sharia?

    Many a thing you know you’d like tell the Muzzies
    Many a thing they ought to understand

    But how do you make them stay?
    And listen to all you say
    When all they ever do is
    offer their arseholes to Allah and pray?

    Sorry, best I could do.

  6. Stephen Mynett says:

    Carlos, reading the penultimate line has made me wonder if any catholic priests have thought of converting and looking after the youth section in the mosque.

  7. barriejohn says:

    I can’t vouch for all the Lucy Lip says, but I do know that ELM has hosted some very extreme and homophobic speakers in the past:

    I agree with Daz: Islam is the problem, not the solution!

  8. JohnMWhite says:

    I also agree with Daz. It was a positive step to hear a religious leader actually speak out and condemn this harassment (and apparently they got violent if charges of GBH were brought up). This is actually a bit more forward thinking than many of the Christian churches in the UK, who continue to demand the right to publicly denigrate homosexuals and women, and who never seem to find any leaders who are appalled by Christians who harass women outside hospitals or homosexuals in schools.

    Having said that, as Daz and barriejohn point out, these beliefs and actions don’t spring up out of nothing. Clerical leaders of all stripes are going to have to grow up enough to face the fact that their faith is what tells people to do these things, and much worse. Their holy books condemn homosexuality, drinking and not being just like everybody else in their faith, and their culture purposefully puts up barriers and distrust between people in order to propagate itself.

    The sad part is the faithful tend to lack maturity and self-awareness to such a degree that simply reminding them what their own books say is considered bigoted, but their spouting of the reasons ‘dirty fags’ should be ostracised from society, naturally, makes them not-a-bigot™.

  9. Daz says:

    It’s what I see as the problem with the so-called multicultural society. We don’t have one. “Multicultural” implies intermingling. When you have (and schools are the most obvious example) segregated Muslim schools, Catholic schools, Anglican schools and so on, you don’t have a multicultural society you have a sectarian society, with each sect looking only inwards, and seeing everything outside its self-imposed ghetto as a threat.

    To use a chemistry analogy; we don’t have a compound, we have a mixture.

  10. Stephen Mynett says:

    When you read the crap in the Ibrahim Hewitt pamphlet and bear in mind he spoke at the ELM less than a month ago you realise they are empty words in the ELM statement.

  11. ZombieHunter says:

    I’m glad that there have been arrests and I’m also glad that the guardian are finally achknowledging this story as well and hope that more people in the left wing/liberal media do so as well so that apologists can’t play down this story by saying “oh it’s the right wing media stirring up hatred against muslims again”

  12. Martyn Hughes says:

    This whole situation is abhorrent.

    According to a report over at Harry’s Place three anti-gay speakers attended the ELM in the month of December alone.

    Hardly needed a critical analysis to figure out what was going to happen next.

    What is equally disturbing is the MCB has brushed off the abuse as being something that should be applied to muslims only!

    As Maryam Namazie points out; ‘This type of harassment and abuse (at best) is meted out day in and day out against “Muslims” who are “improperly dressed”, who are gay, who are ex-Muslim, who are dissenters, who question or criticise Sharia law….’

    It stinks. It really fucking does. On so many levels.

  13. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    The problem is segregation as Daz has pointed out. This is why faith schools are a serious issue and need to be opposed. If the only people you see while growing up are your own kind (whatever kind that is) then you never get to experience another’s point of view and will grow up not even thinking about questioning the standpoint presented to you.

  14. barriejohn says:

    M. Hughes: I posted that link at 2:26 PM.

  15. Martyn Hughes says:

    ‘M. Hughes: I posted that link at 2:26 PM’.

    When I first glanced it, I read ‘but I do know that ELM has hosted some very extreme and homophobic speakers in the past’.

    Didn’t know what year you was referring to.

  16. Nelmonster says:

    A very disturbing srory all-round.
    It’s the kind of thing that completely overrides my usual calm and rational personality, turning me into a fuming, angry thing that would like nothing more than to do some serious damage to the scumbags involved. (Deep breathing needed here).
    There is a more long term problem however.
    Whilst I applaud the Imams of the ELM, for at least, publicly denouncing the actions of these unspeakable shits, it comes too late and is much too little.
    Even if they’re genuine in their condemnation, (about as likely as me ascending the throne) it is their own teaching that has implicitly caused the problem in the first place!
    The long term problem will become apparent when more and more incidents like this start to happen elsewhere.
    I am almost certain that, wherever Muslim enclaves exist across the country, this exact scenario will play out time and again, sown in the decades of hatred in the preachers words.
    Or perhaps I am just an old cynic, lets hope so.

  17. barriejohn says:

    M. Hughes: It would have been up to and including December 2012, as “Lucy Lip” says!

  18. barriejohn says:

    Nelmonster: Empty words from the ELM. The following has been posted twice here already:

  19. Matt Westwood says:

    @Nelmonster: I feel the same way, to such an extent that I sometimes dream for a time when we are truly officially at war with these people, so we can get away with exterminating them like the vermin that they are.

    Again, deep breathing and extreme abstract intellectual exercise helps me feel better.

    Wonder whether it’s about time someone wrote a play called “Romeo and Julius”.

  20. Nelmonster says:

    Hi Barriejohn,
    Thanks for the link, I had already managed to catch that story earlier this evening.
    It constantly amazes me how they manage to fool the majority with the flimsiest of lip service. Are folk really so gullible?

  21. Nelmonster says:

    Haha, shame on you, just hang on while I fetch my bow.:-)
    I wonder what the word for killing religion is? Theicide?

  22. Stephen Mynett says:

    Unfortunately Nelmonster some are. It is not helped by people like Warsii with her outageous islamophobia claims. Thanks to a senior politician mouthing off these people have been able to claim prejudice and hatred for every criticism, valid or not.

    The trouble is that this government is so hell-bent on faith schools that there will be little done to stop breeding the new generation of Al Qaida and hatemongers. Until we integrate all schools and ban single faith establishments the sectarianism will continue.

  23. Nelmonster says:

    The phrase, ‘useful idiots for Islam’ is very prescient for folk like Warsii.
    I also enjoy the words of Jello Biafra, ‘In a real fourth reich you’d be the first to go’.

  24. Martyn Hughes says:

    ‘M. Hughes: It would have been up to and including December 2012, as “Lucy Lip” says!’

    Don’t know who this ‘lucy lips’ is I am afraid. However, I can see where we are going. And it matters none to me who presented what link first.

    The situation at hand remains the most important. Especially for those caught up in it.

    I would have thought.

  25. remigius says:

    ‘Don’t know who this ‘lucy lips’ is I am afraid.’

    Lucy Lips wrote this post…

    I’m surprised barriejohn didn’t post a link to this!

  26. barriejohn says:

    Remigius: Ha…Ha… (Hollow laugh!)

  27. barriejohn says:

    M. Hughes: What matters is whether people actually bother to read comments here, as I have hinted before. If they don’t, then what are we all doing? It all becomes somewhat akin to vanity publishing then!

  28. handsupwhoisfatandsingle says:

    @Matt Westwood “so we can get away with exterminating them like the vermin that they are. Again, deep breathing and extreme abstract intellectual exercise helps me feel better.” That you use the word ‘intellectual’ after the first quoted sentence shows you are anything but. You are a racist cunt pure and simple.

    When I was at school the boys that were most homophobic…yep they are now out as gay. The idiotic little shits shouting abuse at people are doing so because they are just that. That they are using Islam as some form of shield for their own stupid bigoted opinion because they are too stupid and ignorant to know how to express it. These boys are gay, no doubt about it. Gutless and gay and they probably do not even realise it.That one lived in Acton and travelled to a different area to act like a cock speaks volumes. I came to this site thinking it was for free thinkers, but am dissapointed commentators have to rubbish something to validate their own trivial points.

    Sectarian society?! hahaha. Most people I know kick back against the religions they were raised with, most people work out aged 14 what they do and don’t believe and get on with it. Most people. But not the pointless shits this article is about and clearly not the racists that will find any excuse to hate someone. “at war with these people” then exterminate them. Sickening. Freethinker I think not.

  29. Robster says:

    Are these the same muzzy spokesmsn (they’re not gonna be women are they)who call islam and their whoary old Mo the religion and prophet of peace?

  30. Georgina says:

    Sad is that these men were “arrested on suspicion of GBH and Public Order offences and have been bailed“.

    Now if they had not been muslim but say, EDL, do you think they would have been bailed?
    Hell, even a suspected paper crime in a different country gets you locked into solitary for a few months, unless of course, you are the correct shade of the political spectrum.

  31. Angela_K says:

    And I’ve just read in the Daily Mail that muslims claim Lego is racist! Those muzzies really are a bunch of sick whingers.

  32. Stephen Mynett says:

    Again, Warsii conveniently ignores the extremists in islam and the fact that often the muslim community keep too quiet about it. As we have seen with the ELM, on one hand the speak out against extremism while gladly inviting bigots to speak at their mosque.
    What she fails to understand, or probably just ignores, is that the basics of any religion that requires blind devotion and subjugates women, a bit like the caltholics, is not going to be tolerated by free thinking people.
    The criticisms are not aimed at muslims because they are muslim, it is aimed at those who are happy to support the excesses of sharia and some of the islamic attitudes to women, non-believers, other relegions, apostates etc.
    Until these supposed victims of hate stand up and proclaim they will support equal rights in all areas, not just the ones that do not conflict with their faith, it is unlikely they will get much support.

  33. Stephen Mynett says:

    I should add that it is nice to know the salafists in Germany have a sense of humour as the picture from this article about them giving out free korans shows:

    I wonder if the guy with his promotional shirt on knows how well many Germans understand English. For the non-German speakers, Lies! is the imperative of the verb lesen, to read.

  34. Jobrag says:

    Stephen Mynett
    I’m copying that to Jesus and Mo it’s too good not to share, sorry for the plagerism.

  35. Stephen Mynett says:

    No worries, it has been around a while, the story is last year and I have already posted it on other sites. I have spent a while in Germany and their sense of humour is much closer to ours than many will admit, it will have gone down well.
    I really liked the latest J&M:

  36. Bubblecar says:

    I say: cut off their beards and make them eat them.

  37. barriejohn says:

    Here’s another Muslim “spokesperson” telling us that we’ve all got it arse about tip. The LGBT community needs to show more tolerance towards Muslims!

    Comment: “Basically yeah…if we stop being mincing faggots, they’ll stop trying to kill us”.

  38. Trevor Blake says:

    The actions of this tiny minority have no place in our faith nor on our streets.

    Ah – that explains Sura 7:80-81, 26:165-6, 27:54-55 and 29:28-29. And al-Tirmidhi Sunan 1:152, in which Muhammad said “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot, kill the doer and the receiver.” And Abu Dawud 4462, in which Muhammad said “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.” And Abu Dawud 4448, in which Muhammad said “If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy, he will be stoned to death.”

    Clearly there is nothing but open arms and smiles in the religion of peace for homosexual men and women. How this tiny minority got it so wrong is an utter mystery.

  39. Diesel Balaam says:

    The video footage of the gay guy being harrassed by a rag-bag of rancid Muslim-smellies is truly appalling to see. Whitechapel is becoming like Tehran, where vigilantes literally sandpaper make-up off the faces of women. Full marks to the East London Mosque for condemning their actions, but they seem primarily concerned about the “image” of Islam and the potential to win converts. We will, at some point, have to grasp the nettle and look at firm but fair pathways to repatriating problem immigrants who don’t respect our laws, history and culture.

  40. Broga says:

    @Diesel Balaam: I often wonder why, if they find the UK laws, history and culture so repellent they don’t just sling their hook (more of which in a moment) and butt out for some muslim country that meets their requirements. As an example, we have Hamza of the hook as a hand, preaching hatred here of non muslims and calling the UK a toilet. It was, of course, a toilet in which he desperately wanted to remain and used up serious UK taxes in his fight to do so.

    Hamza, now in the more robust prison environs of the USA, wants back to the UK. This may not be unconnected with his gentle and generous treatment here including large amounts of state provided finance.

  41. Stephen Mynett says:

    Angela, just saw that Lego story on a German site as well, it is quite worrying. In general the Turkish communities in Germany and Austria get on fairly well with the rest of the state – there are problems and it is not easy but there does seem to be a more pragmatic approach than here.
    Austria is different to Germany in the fact it is much more tolerant of the far-right, Jorge Haida was part of a coalition a while back and HC Strache’s FPÖ feature strongly in the elections, therefore I can understand worry and resentment from the Turkish community.
    However, if this is spreading to Germany, it will represent a more radical islam there and that will be a shame. Previously there had been some useful talks between the communities and islam in Germany was far more tolerant than here. Many of the Halal butchers in Germany agreed to pre-stunning of animals, as some have in England, unlike the jewish community which stuck to traditional and cruel kosher methods.
    I have no time for any religion but when it is possible to talk sensibly to them it makes life easier and safer for all. I hope this Lego fiasco is not the start of a change with the nutbars getting control of previously decent islamics.