L Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson slams the ‘brainwashing cult’ of Scientology

I’M not quite sure was a “slam poet” is, but Jamie DeWolf is one, and he sure slammed the hell out of Scietology when he described the Church of Scientology as:

One of the most devious, systematic brainwashing systems that’s ever been invented.

Jamie DeWolf

Jamie DeWolf

Appearing on CurrentTV’s The Young Turks last  Thursday, he told host Cenk Uygur how Scientology is able to convince people – including big-name celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Juliette Lewis – to believe its message.

I think it is one of the most brilliant and devious, systematic brainwashing systems that’s ever been invented/ It works through electrified hypnosis. It works through past life regression therapy. It works through a lot of hodgepodge of ideas that you sort of throw together with this extremely brutal sort of security sense and this kind of like CIA-like structure that becomes really intoxicating to people.

According to this report, DeWolf added:

To meet people who’ve been out of the cult, yeah you want to ask them about Xenu and aliens, but the fact is these are smart people they’ve just been completely destroyed systematically.

DeWolf was raised a Baptist Christian and was never involved with his great-grandfather’s religion.

He has also opened up to the New York Post about the dangers of Scientology, saying it destroyed Hubbard’s life.

He became more and more unhinged in his last days. He was lost in his own little wonderland, surrounded by this armada, this dark security force. He was totally lost.

DeWolf’s disclosures follow the release of Lawrence Wright’s new book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, which offers an inside look at Scientology and the life of its founder, who once dreamed of being a screenwriter.

Scientologists have vehemently criticised the book and allege that Wright didn’t verify enough of his facts, according to the Daily Beast. The author claims the church’s allegations were trumped up, and that the organisation didn’t want to offer him any insight but did want a list of his sources.

Wright told the Daily Beast:

It’s a big project to write, essentially, a history of a hostile organization that hides its data and tries to mislead you about its past. And if I’ve made mistakes, they will be corrected. But it is a monumental task to try to get at the truth of what goes on inside Scientology.

A Scientology-sponsored article published on the Atlantic’s website this month claimed that the Church of Scientology expanded more in 2012 than in any 12 months of its 60-year history. The ad, which ran several days before the release of Wright’s book, kicked up a flurry of criticism before the Atlantic pulled it and issued an apology.


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  1. Canada Dave says:

    Being an atheist today is no small feat as it requires you at times to explain your lack of faith to those who follow a faith like Scientology.

    Those that are attracted by religion seem to to be seeking something lacking in their lives …..something that a great number of people are “not” missing.

    It is not unusual to find oneself at times seeking mental relief from modern day stress. There is peace to be found in the calm and quiet of a church or other place of worship….but how do they accept the myth and dogma that surround this temporary peace …how do they permit the rational parts of their minds to slip away as is required for belief in any faith.

    Scientology is the best example of how people can let reason fade away in search of a belief in the absurd.

  2. RabbitOnAStick says:

    “Scientology has received critical judgements from British courts, calling it “pernicious nonsense, dangerous material” and “immoral and socially obnoxious”. It has been described in Parliament as a socially harmful enterprise which indoctrinates children and other vulnerable people by “ignorantly practising quasi-psychological techniques”. The UK Government’s 1971 official report into Scientology was highly critical, as was another report prepared secretly several years later. Since then, the Church has been recognised as a religion by some authorities, but is not itself a registered charity.”

    So it’s no different to all those other religions then.

  3. Sally says:

    Canada Dave,
    I am a Brethren. We have a small congregation in a town filled with big churches, including some ‘rah-rah’ churches with 2000 members, where one can go an give their money and be anonymous the rest of the week.
    My group is not like that. We know everyone, know their aches and pains, know their triumphs and fears. We work together on projects. We share meals. We worship a God of Peace. Yes, it is calming and quiet. Yes, I have faith that there is a God. I am not som enrainwashed teen…I am 60 and a grandma. The beauty of America is that you believe or not, at least until the GOP takes control again and tries to make us into a corporate theocracy, whites and the ‘right kind of Christian’ welcome.

  4. Matt Westwood says:

    A “slam poet” is a poet who has a reputation for performing in “poetry slams”.

    A “poetry slam” is a system of entertainment where a number of competitors are given (usually) a fixed length of time (two or three minutes, for example) to perform a work of performance poetry. An unbiased trio (usually) of judges then grade the work (marks out of 10 is usual) on quality of poem, quality of delivery and quality of audience reaction.

    There are usually several rounds, with the highest scoring in each group going on to the next, in the standard manner of a tournament, in the manner of e.g. Mastermind. The winner is the, er, winner.

  5. barriejohn says:

    Canada Dave: All religious belief is delusion, and mainly self-delusion, with similarities to self-hypnosis. Look at all the hymn-singing, chanting, prayer, meditation, and so on. Those ensnared by these cults (and I include Catholics, Methodists, and Anglicans, etc) are willing victims, I’m afraid.

    Sally: If you’re a female you’re not a Brethren, you’re a Cistern!

  6. barriejohn says:

    Those in Great Britain need to watch this:

    Phenomenal television – right up there with Civilization (hardly ever shown again) and The Ascent of Man (NEVER shown again, to the best of my knowledge!).

  7. Canada Dave says:

    @ sally

    “Yes, I have faith that there is a God. I am not some enrainwashed teen…I am 60 and a grandma.”

    A simple question.
    You have faith that there is a god.
    Based on what?….a book written when people thought the earth was the centre of the universe?

    I have many beautiful trees in my yard ….I see beautiful sunsets behind them….I love my wife dearly….but these are all elements of life that I can see and touch and are real I need not rely on faith to know they are part of the world…I use reason and rationality to see, touch and deal with my world.

    Tell Sally where is your god?
    Where was your god on a school morning in Newtown or at the theatre in Aurora or at Columbine?
    How can people worship a deity, who is supposedly the creator and master of all things…..yet cannot stoop to stop a …..bullet….or better still allow 6 million of his “chosen people” …little boys and girls mothers fathers sisters brothers …to die a horrible death in a gas chamber?

    Ask yourself seriously Sally ….is it rational to have a belief that such a deity exists??

    When faced with decisions and questions about life the most “logical and rational” explanation best suits all issues…..your god included.

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  9. Dom Carroll says:

    @sally. All religions claim to be religions of peace ..trouble is non of them manage to deliver it. All too busy telling people they’re doomed to hell fire or busy killing each other.

  10. RabbitOnAStick says:

    Having said that.

    Tom Cruise is definitely an alien.

    And Paris Hilton! Yes indeed. She’s controlled by her Chihuahua. Didn’t any of you see MIB?

  11. Daz says:


    Would it be smug of me to mention that I have The Ascent Of Man on video? I’d also add Life On Earth and Connections to the list.

  12. JohnMWhite says:

    @Sally – you may not be a brainwashed teen, but that doesn’t mean you were never one. How did you come to know this god of peace? I don’t mean to be hostile, I am asking in genuine curiosity. I must admit to being skeptical of your claim as you also appear to be a Christian, and so presumably informed by the bible, wherein the god in question is not at all peaceful. He does kill everybody on earth in the very first book, and plans to do so again in the final book, with all sorts of skirmishes, squabbles and blood sacrifice in between.

    So, where did your belief in this peaceful god come from, and do you think it is a more valid foundation for believing in this god than any other holy book of any other religion espousing any other god? And do you think that this god of peace you believe in is the only reason to care about people around you, listen to their troubles and share meals and spend time with them?

  13. John A says:

    “I think it is one of the most brilliant and devious, systematic brainwashing systems that’s ever been invented…”
    I think if I was a Muslim or Christian I might feel a tad put out that Scientology, a relatively new kid on the block, is being given equal billing!

  14. Bubblecar says:

    “I think it is one of the most brilliant…”

    Brilliant? No. Exploiting vulnerable people is easy.

    The idea that any of the followers of Scientology are “smart, intelligent” etc is all part of the brainwashing. Crap like this only ensnares people who are intellectually defenceless.

  15. barriejohn says:

    Daz: The only polite reply to your question would be “Yes”. I have the books (Connections included), and also John Romers’s Testament. If they can show old comedy shows over and over again – brilliant though some of them may have been – then why not these series, of which younger generations have never even heard?

    PS Do you remember the quiz show Connections (adult version)? (Probably considered a bit too mentally taxing for your average TV audience!)

  16. barriejohn says:

    If Scientology is that brilliant, how come it has so few adherents after operating for many years? Most intelligent people can see right through it!

  17. John A says:

    Jamie DeWolf is a bit free and easy with the superlatives and leaves himself wide open if we want to nitpick at what he’s said. However, attacking the Church of Scientology and opening some people’s eyes to their shenanigans must surely be commended.

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  19. Marky Marky says:

    I had seen this show when it aired.

    Also, Hubbard once said, “If one wants to become really rich, really fast…start a religion!” Or something to that effect.

    I did read the book years ago but never bit on the bait. Especially after visiting the local Scientology office.

    Talk about brainwashing, read this. It appears that religion is only one of our problems.

  20. Stuart W says:

    ‘One of the most devious, systematic brainwashing systems that’s ever been invented.’

    If Scientology is ‘one of’ them, what are the others? How about every other religion? And the X Factor.

  21. barriejohn says:

    John A: I didn’t mean to nitpick, but I don’t see Scientology as a great danger, and most people can see how ridiculous its ideas are. Much more dangerous are the mainstream belief systems, which sane and otherwise intelligent people swallow, and which politicians fall over themselves to kowtow to and accommodate, for some strange reason. We can still ridicule it and its crazy followers, by all means, but as Stuart W says, they are ALL brainwashing people, and I say that as a “Brethren” whose life was nearly destroyed by their evil indoctrination and culture of control.

  22. sixtysumthin says:

    A good attempt at the acquisition of power and not without some merit , but doomed to fail in the light of scientific evidence. Ol’ Mother Nature rules…..again and again and again. Religious effort is futile…..control is useless….see ya!

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