The pictures ain’t pretty when religion uses technology to get its message across

THIEVING and homosexuality are apparently on the increase in Iran and the US, respectively, and modern technology has been pressed into service to combat these abominations

In Iran, according to this report, the authorities have unveiled a brand new finger-amputating machine for use on thieves.


Photographs published by Iran’s official press agency show a blindfolded man having his fingers severed by what appears to be a crude amputation device.

The man had reportedly been convicted of theft and adultery in a court in Shiraz.

In the four images, two masked me dressed entirely in black hold the man’s hand in a vice while another turns a wheel that operates a rotary saw style blade.

In none of the images does the man appear to express any pain, suggesting he may have been drugged before the amputation.

Immediately after the public amputation, the local public prosecutor announced punishment of thieves is to become increasingly severe.

Meanwhile, in the US, a pastor has discovered that Powerpoint presentations are an ideal method of reminding the public that gays were responsible for the rise of Nazism.

Will Coats

Will Coats

Will Coats, pastor at Newberry Christian Ministries in South Carolina which exists to “preach and teach the Word of God as His Holy Spirit directs regardless of how anyone will receive it”, recently delivered his second sermon about the increasing problem of homosexuality, then posted his Powerpoint pictures on the Internet.

As The Friendly Atheist points out:

This is the sort of thing Christian pastors are saying to their congregations.

These are the stereotypes and outright lies they’re spreading — with little to no objection from the people sitting in the pews.

This is why gay people (and their allies) have to fight so hard to obtain the same rights straight people have.

Being gay isn’t a disorder. It isn’t the result of some ‘grand scheme’. It doesn’t make you an inferior person. But these are the ideas that permeate religious mentalities, especially Christian ones.

They won’t stop unless Christians begin to call out their pastors and stop supporting ones who believe this harmful nonsense.

Here are two images from Coats’ presentation:



Hat tip: Barriejohn (Iran report) and Graham Martin-Royle