Oxford Union fiasco robs hate-monger Scott Lively of an opportunity to spread his venom

THE OXFORD Union last month faced a barrage of criticism after it announced that a vicious American homophobe, Scott Lively, had been invited to participate in a debate on gay parenting on January 17.

But the detestable bastard failed to show up because he claims to have been given the wrong date.

Scott Lively

Scott Lively

According to this report, Lively is “frankly appalled” over the fact that the organisers had “failed to correct” an administrative error that led to his flight being booked for the wrong day. He whinged:

In point of fact, the Oxford Union completely botched my part in the debate by inviting me for January 31st and not the 17th, and failed to correct their error in subsequent email exchanges referencing the 31st as the date of my appearance.

Indeed, their letter confirming my role in the debate clearly identified the 31st as the date of the debate.

He added:

It is still my intention and desire to speak on the 1st [of February, my birthday, as it happens].

This was confirmed yesterday by one of Lively’s few adoring fans in the UK, Stephen “Birdshit” Green, who described Lively on his Christian Vice webshite as someone who has:

A personal testimony of the healing power of the Lord Jesus and is a strong advocate of Christian healing therapy for those suffering from same-sex attraction.

Green added that Lively:

Has become a hate-figure of gay rights activists since his address on that subject to parliamentarians in Uganda was followed by the introduction of a Bill to make the promotion of sodomy in the East African nation illegal.

And he pointed out that:

The President-Elect of the Union has courteously offered to schedule an additional event for him to speak on Friday 1st February.

That’s just bullshit, according to this blog, which said:

In light of this fiasco, the OU reluctantly agreed to hold a special event on 1st February so the Pastor could speak to students, but now it has been cancelled  (logistically impossible) and, a further suggestion from him that they organise a casual Q & A with a handful of students has also been deemed ‘logistically impossible’.

It seems to us that there are only two possibilities that explain the actions of the Oxford Union in this troubling debacle. Either they are bungling, disorganised amateurs when it comes to matters of speaker invitations   OR  they are devious and manipulative and never intended to allow Pastor Lively to take part in their debate and made use of his name to garner publicity for their event. Whichever is true, they have done nothing to put right a great wrong done to Pastor Lively.

Writing for the Guardian earlier this month, Roz Kaveney, who was invited, then disinvited to take part in the debate, said she would not have shared a platform with Lively, and she lambasted the OU for asking Lively, as well as fascist Nick Griffin of the BNP, to participate:

Anyone who knows who Lively is, knows what he is – an evangelical Christian preacher and activist from Oregon in the US whose virulent homophobia reaches dangerous levels.

This is a man whose idea of confronting opponents – what he calls ‘battle-hardened tactics’ and Masculine Christianity – included a 1991 incident in which he dragged a lesbian photojournalist through a Portland church by her hair, something for which he eventually paid damages of $20,000. Apart from the no-platform aspect of things, I would not have felt physically safe arguing in public with a man who has form for violence.

Which would explain why Green gets all moist over over Lively. They are two peas is a pod.

She added:

His approach to intellectual matters is equally, shall we say, robust. One of his books, The Pink Swastika, alleges that the entire Nazi era was a homosexual plot; another, The Poisoned Stream, makes similar allegations about the Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution, African-American slavery and the rise of apartheid in South Africa.

Any resemblance between this sort of paranoid alternative history and the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion perhaps explains why Lively plays quite well in parts of eastern Europe, where anti-gay viciousness has picked up the tropes and trappings of anti-Semitism.

Lively is currently being sued by the organization Sexual Minorities Uganda, which alleges that his actions in Uganda over the past ten years led to the persecution, torture, arrest and murder of gay people in the country.

For the record, the Oxford Union’s student audience voted by 345 votes to 21 that “this house would be glad to have gay parents”.

More on this debacle on Melanie Nathan’s blog. She got to interview Lively.