Gay friends? Me dear? How very dare you! You’re mistaking me for Muhammad

WALID Shoebat is a Muslim fanatic-turned-Christian fanatic. But the fact that he is an utter fraud, claiming having once to have been an enthusiastic, bomb-tossing Jihadist, means nothing to Stephen “Birdshit” Green, who felt compelled to post a link on his Christian Vice website to some utter crap Shoebat posted earlier earlier this month on his own shite.

Walid Shoebat, liar and homophobe

Walid Shoebat, liar and homophobe

This post tackled the issue of whether God’s pansy prophet would have consorted with – uggh! – homosexuals.

Batshit wrote:

In many churches, tolerance has become an idol. I have heard numerous times Christians happily say that they have ‘gay friends’, as though it were a badge of honor. I have no problem with sharing the Gospel with homosexuals, but why should we make it a major goal for Christians to have gay friends?

Would Christ have gay friends? ‘Yes, since he spent time with tax collectors and prostitutes’, would be the answer of many modern Christians. But while this is true, this does not prove that Christ would have gay friends. A tax collector and prostitute are not homosexuals.

Just for the record, I have had TWO gay tax collector friends, and at least five mates who were once on the game.

Back to Batshit:

So would Christ have gay friends? No. But do you know who would? Muhammad. Muhammad, contrary to Scripture, in fact wore the clothes of his child-bride Aisha as a ritual to receive revelation from Allah.

Um … so a hairy great desert warrior could squeeze himself into a seven-year-old’s burqua? I’m sorry, but this simply won’t wash – even after my fourth Virgin Bloody Mary.

Anyway, Batshit’s argument is that:

The followers of Muhammad consisted of mukhannathun, or cross dressers. It is the same word as mukhannatah, which in Arabic means homosexual.

Which only goes to prove how utterly ignorant the Muslim world is about sexual orientation. More so even than the Greens and Bob Huttons of this world.

Batshit concludees:

Muhammad not only was a cross-dresser, but he had gay friends. So the next time you hear a modern Christian laud himself for having gay friends and criticize the church for prohibiting homosexuality, let him know that Jesus wouldn’t have gay friends, but Muhammad did.