God’s reaction to the Pope’s resignation: a bolt from the blue

COINCIDING with the news that lightning struck St Peter’s Basilica on the same day that Pope Benedict announced he would be stepping down, come ten good reasons from Irish atheist Michael Nugent to be pleased that Ratzinger is resigning.

Here they are:

• He has international political influence through the Vatican
• His Vatican works with Islamic States to oppose gay rights
• He blames atheism for Nazi Germany and lack of virtue
• His Catholic Church claims that atheists are not fully human
• He protects the Vatican ahead of child sex abuse victims
• He blames secularisation for priests raping children
• His Vatican compares child sex abuse with ordaining women
• He offered free plenary indulgences to Lourdes pilgrims
• He is skeptical that there were donkeys in the crib
• He silences priests who want a more democratic church

Nugent expands on them in a very good post.

Meanwhile, the sycophantic arse-lickers – including British Prime Minister David Cameron  – are multiplying at a sickening pace.

Said Cameron:

He has worked tirelessly to strengthen Britain’s relations with the Holy See.

And that’s a good thing, being in cahoots with a vile, CRIMINAL dictatorship that ought not to have ANY legitimacy in a civilised world!?

He added:

His visit to Britain in 2010 is remembered with great respect and affection. He will be missed as a spiritual leader to millions.

And the Anglican Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said:

With the news that Pope Benedict XVI will resign at the end of February, the Christian world will miss a great theologian with great spiritual depth.

43 responses to “God’s reaction to the Pope’s resignation: a bolt from the blue”

  1. AgentCormac says:

    “His visit to Britain in 2010 is remembered with great respect and affection.”

    And there was me remembering the whole thing as being a ludicrous waste of tax-payers’ money at a time of crushing austerity.

  2. sailor103 says:

    Like the next pope will be better? Only the total destruction of the evil empire will improve the situation.

    BTW: ordaining women is much worse than kiddie-raping. Ordaining women gets you thrown out. Kiddie-raping gets you transferred to another parish where you can start all over again.

  3. Joe Fogey says:

    I’m a bit worried about the lightning. I may have watched too many Frankenstein movies, however.

  4. Barry Duke says:

    Not to mention the thousands who took to the streets with banners saying “Fuck the Pope”, AC

  5. RabbitOnAStick says:

    “……….strengthen Britain’s relations with the Holy See.”

    sorry but who gives a sh*t?

    I think a donkey ought to be the new pope. He/she’d have as much common sense, And at least the donkey couldn’t be made to do anything it didn’t want to.

    [I know – its ludicrous to think a female donkey could be pope. Apologies.]

  6. Broga says:

    Ratzinger did great service for atheism because of his opinions which repelled anyone of decency and without an axe to grind. And I think this repellent man will continue to advance secularism.

    Unless they lock up Ratzinger, plus heavy daily drug doses to calm him, he will give them problems. If they try to control him they may also need a strait jacket. In Ratzingers’ mind he is still the Pope and he will continue like that. He knows best down to the minute details. Also he is used to hectoring the faithful i.e. gullible, from his balcony and on his trips where he is able to spread his toxic opinions. To have someone else decide, even if they follow his mad opinions never mind diverge, will be unendurable for him. He will fret, stamp his Gucci shod feet and feel he could still do the job better.

    And to add to the problem he has and will continue to have a following. These off-the-wall, head banger extremists see Ratzinger as the torch bearer for the one true faith. They will mourn his passing from centre stage and want a return in some form. What might keep him and bay is a Man in the Iron Mask tactic. The Vatican needs a Ratzi Chateau de l’Horizon (hope I remembered that correctly) to incarcerate Ratzi. Maybe, as Dave is such as admirer, he could put him on one of the remote Scottish islands.

    We have not seen the last of Ratzinger’s ferrety eyes, the rictus of a smile and those vicious little canine teeth. He still has the ability to draw blood. However, the wounds will be inflicted on what is optimistically imagined to be his own brothers in Christ. No sisters allowed.

    A man with Ratzinger’s ego, his certainties and his boundless lust to be the centre of attention will be unable to let go. This petulant, overdressed and very nasty man will create a presence that will plague his successor. He still not only wants to rule the world but thinks he still can.

  7. MaryD says:

    Real ‘freethinkers’ would just think “Each to their own”.

    A pack of rabid bigots would go for the usual hate-fest.

    As Pat Condellmight say, “Peace!”.

  8. AgentCormac says:


    So, you think we should all live by the maxim “Each to their own”? Really? Your previous posts would suggest you are being utterly duplicitous.

  9. Broga says:

    It was the Chateau d’if.

    Thanks for you comment MaryD. If you are looking for bigots you could start with the interfering pestilent Ratzinger. Motes in eyes and all that.

  10. barriejohn says:

    The next Poop will be the last, evidently:

    (If you consume sufficent Irish Whiskey the predictions become increasingly miraculous!)

  11. Stonyground says:

    Actually MaryD, my attitude toward religion would genuinely be one of live and let live, if only the religious were prepared to extend the same courtesy to me in return. Unfortunately, the religious just can’t seem to keep themselves from interfering in other people’s lives. In addition, religion is so often used as an excuse for the vilest of crimes, Ratzinger has done a great many truly terrible things, anyone who committed such crimes without being a high-up in a religion would now be serving a long prison sentence.

  12. JohnMWhite says:

    @Broga – we’re not keeping the bastard, he still owes us for that big party in Glasgow.

    I note the quisling sycophants continue with their pointless platitudes, but it is humorous how little sense they tend to make. So many have applauded Ratzinger’s courage in stepping down, but wasn’t the previous pope also courageous for continuing in his seriously ill health? No matter what somebody like the Pope does, his apologists will spin it to be something of worth and merit, and every single one of them (our resident non-thinking traitor to humanity included) is a coward and an enabler of a tremendous evil.

  13. Stonyground says:

    That the building in question didn’t burn to the ground suggests that it had a lightning rod fitted to it. I don’t know who it was, but someone said that the argument between religion and science ended when they started fitting lightning rods to churches. When I have mentioned this on comment threads in the past, I have had it pointed out to me that churches have often been used to store gunpowder and that this is why lightning rods were so important. I’m not sure that this refutes the basic argument.

  14. Broga says:

    JohnMWhite: Maybe a rock somewhere in the Atlantic. The Scottish Island could be dodgy for me as well. I don’t want Dave dropping him in Islay which has been, and may be again, a holiday location for me and Mrs Broga.

  15. RabbitOnAStick says:

    Correct. There are Faraday ‘cages’ around churches to prevent the stupid things being blasted to bits and all the idiots in them – from above.

    [A Faraday cage being a copper structure engineered to deflect and transport the lightening’s power into the ground where it dissipates: as opposed to frying the clowns in the church: which would have been the supreme being’s intent when issuing the bolt to the said premises.]

  16. lonborhgini says:

    Meanwhile our president expressed appreciation and prayer on behalf of all Americans. I’m so pissed.

  17. ZombieHunter says:

    “I’m a bit worried about the lightning. I may have watched too many Frankenstein movies, however.”


    now that would be fucking scary 😛

  18. Andy says:

    I have heard from two different TV news presenters that the whole world is

    1 shocked
    2 stunned

    by the Pope’s resignation

    Strange – I feel neither of these things ….. instead there is a mild amusement, some cynicism (what is the real reason he resigned – or was he pushed? and, apart from that, total indifference.

  19. tony e says:

    I have it, on good authority, that when the lightning bolt stuck, there was a voice from above which said ‘Bugger – Missed again!’

    True story.

  20. ZombieHunter says:

    @ tony e

    I bet that was Thor 😛

  21. remigius says:

    ‘I bet that was Thor…’

    Yeth, but I put some cweam on it 🙂

  22. L.Long says:

    As I’ve observed before, the pope was a good one, he did the job as they determined to be in the best interests of the church.
    The next pope will do the same.
    The pope, bishops, & priests are NOT the problem.
    It is the 20M delusional SHEEPLE that are the problem.
    If these 20M ever decided to think for themselves (no real chance) the church would be gone the next day.
    But if by some miracle (:-}) the church disappeared tomorrow the 20M delusion SHEEPLE would just follow some other dimwitted religion.

  23. Matt Westwood says:

    @Andy: ” …what is the real reason he resigned – or was he pushed?…”

    There aren’t many people suggesting that latter possibility: my own view tends between that one and he’s getting out now to be out of the way when the fertiliser is introduced into the air conditioning.

  24. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Said Cameron:His visit to Britain in 2010 is remembered with great respect and affection. He will be missed as a spiritual leader to millions.

    What some of us remember is that his blasted church promised to pay for the trip and we’re still waiting for the money.

    It’s amazing isn’t it, how so many people are now crawling out of the woodwork to proclaim him as a wonderful man and spiritual leader. As someone else put it, sycophantic arsewipes!

  25. Robster says:

    Why is the nasty old thing called the “Holy see”? The problem they’ve got with their god nonsense is that it’s invisible, like the dead magic jew and their friendly ghost. Maybe the new improved pope could become the wholly unseen, which would be an improvement over the current model. No matter what, they’ll end up with a new head honcho on which to hang their silly hats and their shame.

  26. JohnMWhite says:

    I believe the full name is the Holy See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil – also their policy on clerical abuse.

  27. 1859 says:

    I think he watched that documentry film ‘Mea culpa maxima’ – funny coincidence eh?

  28. Marky Mark says:

    (I think he watched that documentry film ‘Mea culpa maxima’ – funny coincidence eh?)
    …as I’ve posted on another thread, that is exactly the reason the poop resigned…this HBO documentary is creating quite a stir here in the US on progressive TV news shows.

  29. RabbitOnAStick says:


    I believe there are very reasoned arguments against your propositions.

    As I’ve observed before, the pope was a good one,

    [In what way, by being a homophobe, against equality for women, hating gays, continuing the nonsense about abortion. Demanding no safe sex before marriage. Being against condom use – a simple item that protects against many STD’s and aids. Causing untold suffering for billions throughout the world. It’s NOT just the cafflicks that suffer because of the RCC pope et al – it’s ALL of us on this planet!]

    he did the job as they determined to be in the best interests of the church.

    [that is correct because it needs to continue it’s path to world domination of people through control, lies, lies and more lies.]

    The next pope will do the same.?

    [True he will continue to be a bigot, racist and monster with an ideology stuck in the stone age. How will he be ‘good’ if he is the main problem. Leading people to a worthless existence worshipping what? A magic joo and a bunch of hill top pastoralists based on a set of error strewn pamphlets of which we know [and they the RCC certainly KNOW THIS] many were forged! Written by many many different people over centuries with hardly any good in them at all. Most of it is facile joo history where they simply kill everyone around their so called territory]

    The pope, bishops, & priests are NOT the problem.
    [of course they are. Without the management, the workers wouldn’t need to be managed would they. They’d be forced to find more productive ways to use their time, spend their money. Worry about pollution, crime, gun control, environmental pressures. Aids. Africa. North Korea].

    ?It is the 20M delusional SHEEPLE that are the problem.
    {see above re: management].

    ?If these 20M ever decided to think for themselves (no real chance) the church would be gone the next day.

    [I wish. Unfortunately I would surmise they might find something else to believe in as equally ridiculous and as equally fantastical, because faith for these people is greater than reason logic and truth. They being the enemies of all religion and faith].

  30. tony e says:

    ZombieHunter, Remigius,

    I think his former butler may provide much in the coming months as to exactly why he has resigned.

    I’m having a whip-round for the Pope’s leaving gift, if you’d like to contribute please send the money via PaPal……..

    I’ll get my coat.

  31. Broga says:

    I don’t think Ratzinger left willingly. The pressure on him, particularly his complicity in child sexual abuse,had become relentless. He is also the focus for the pressure which is spilling on to the Vatican. The Vatican mafia want him gone and I think the message was made very clear. He will leave awash with resentment, nurturing grievences, feeling ill treated. This makes him a danger. He will be like a ticking time bomb.

    And what the butler saw still has some way to run.

    The sycophantic comments from politicians are a disgrace. Says a lot about how far you can trust politicians to speak honestly.

  32. John A says:

    Michael Nugent has put together a thought provoking piece on the foiblesse of Pope Benedict (“just call me Benny now, I’ve moved on don’t you know”). It couldn’t have been easy deciding on what to leave out in order to keep the list to a snappy top ten; reminds me of my most difficult decision that I was called on to make last year when I was asked for my favourite ten movies of all time – “but if I include ‘Casablanca’ I’ll have to leave out ‘The Third Man’, I’ll need more beer”. Personally I would have had to include the condoms/AIDs/Africa issue in there and then of course… “I think I’m going to need more beer!”.

  33. AgentCormac says:

    Interesting link, barriejohn. As I said earlier, no smoke without fire.

  34. remigius says:

    The Vatican has already placed an advert for his successor…

  35. Broga says:

    I see Ratzi’s best friends don’t want him in the Vatican after he stops being Big Papa. They think he would interfere with the new man. I suspect that they would prefer not to have him in Rome, or Italy or Europe. What a bunch! Poor old Ratzi, busy giving his little homilies about his devotion to his church, and his senior buddies can’t get rid of him quick enough or put him far enough away. Meanwhile the suckers give the old fraud a standing ovation.

    Ratzi doesn’t just look like a spent force. He seems such a nonentity that at any moment he might disappear leaving his expensive dress in a heap. He is paying a terrible price for being forced out (and I do think that is what has happened) because the power, the influence, the preaching to what are in effect captive audiences is gone. Every minute must now be one of misery.

    I note that in a South American country, (forgotten which) is saying that the Vatican was complicit in the deaths of priests who diverged from the Vatican dictat.

  36. Broga says:

    barriejohn: Thanks for the link. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that something big led Ratzi to get out with indecent haste. Nothing else makes sense. There is a mountain of ordure waiting to hit the fan. Of course, there will be plenty of politicians and media types trying to cover up. However, maybe it has all got just too big.

    I commend your link to other readers. One not to be missed.

  37. John A says:

    barriejohn: good link; it’s all very exciting stuff, I can see now how people get hooked into TV soaps.

  38. barriejohn says:

    The link was provided by the NSS this morning (Media Round-up). I take no credit!