Game over: feminists get their kit off at Notre Dame Cathedral to cheer Ratzinger’s resignation


Photo: Charles Platiau/Reuters

A GROUP of nine women – members of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen – unleashed mayhem at Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral this week, stripping off and shouting slogans like “Pope No More”, “Bye Bye Benedict” and “No More Homophobe”.

The female activists, calling themselves “provocateurs,” quickly stormed the Notre Dame in long coats, shedding them before dashing to the altar to ring a new set of bronze bells cast for the cathedral’s 850th anniversary this year.

Cathedral security eventually dragged the bare-breasted protestors outside as visitors shouted in displeasure.

The activists said they were also celebrating a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, which was passed by the lower house of the French parliament on Tuesday despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church.

Members of Femen have made headlines for staging topless protests in Russia, France, Ukraine and the UK since 2010.

In early January, the group rallied in front of Benedict’s private apartment in St. Peter’s Square to protest the Roman Catholic Church’s opposition to gay adoption.


Photo: Joel Saget/AFP.Getty Images