Horror expressed over multi-faith school’s failure to ‘ensure the integrity’ of halal-only food

YES, you read that right. ALL pupils attending Moseley School in Wake Green Road have to be fed only food acceptable to Muslims, and the school  got a roasting after a ghastly non-halal episode of an unspecified nature, occurred late last year.

It was apparently serious enough to spark a full-blown enquiry by the city council, and yesterday it was reported that the head teacher Craig Jansen has issued a grovelling apology over the incident.

Oh, and someone was sacked!

Craig Jansen

Craig Jansen

Shelia Walker, Head of Direct Services, wrote to Mr Jansen last month to confirm the mistake, saying:

This was found to be due to an error and was unintentional, nevertheless, Direct Services has failed to ensure the integrity of Halal-only food at Moseley School.

A report went on to say that a disciplinary hearing took place on February 11 and a member of staff had been removed from the school.

Walker said Direct Services catering staff would be fully retrained and signs would be displayed to indicate halal food.

A robust procedure and double checking system would also be implemented for the ordering of halal function/special events within the school, according to the findings.

The council’s Direct Services is also planning an open afternoon at the school at which staff and suppliers will be present to answer any questions from parents, who can also sample food products.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said:

We of course apologise for any concerns this has caused. We do have robust procedures in place and the caterer successfully provides thousands of meals daily to schools. A letter has been sent to all parents to alert them to what happened.

One furious Muslim parent, whose son attends Moseley School, said of the non-halal infraction:

I was shocked  – they have failed the children. How did this meal get into the school system to be fed to the children? It’s just shocking that dietary requirements haven’t been met.

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58 responses to “Horror expressed over multi-faith school’s failure to ‘ensure the integrity’ of halal-only food”

  1. Paul Cook says:

    I see that City University London shut a mosque room at the Uni. Good. Shut the lot of them. What a waste of space. Once a week. Use it as a crèche. Or common room. Surgery or clinic.
    Wasif Sheikh said “But when you start submitting your sermons to be monitored and scrutinized then there’s a chance for it to be dictated what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. We, as students, don’t accept that.”
    Wasif Sheikh this man is a prick. This is exactly what happens in secular mulism countries. Turkey and Egypt for example and it happens in mosques in Dubai.

  2. Georgina says:

    Every time non-halal food is served, anywhere in the world, some poor terrorist does not get his share of the certification cost (I believe it is 10%?).
    So of course, this habit of eating any old food, without paying the local muslim society for permission, has to stop!

    Me, I shall remain a female, atheist, kufir vegetarian. The lowest of the low!

  3. barrejohn says:

    Georgina: The Muzzies think that all infidels should be taxed anyway!

  4. Don says:

    About 15% of the kids at my school are from moslem backgrounds. Most just go for the veggie option but a few parents just ask for their kids not be served pork products and are not fussed about anything beyond that. A couple bring in their own lunches. We’ve never had a problem.

    In fifteen years at the school I’ve only been aware of four unreasonable requests for religious excemptions. One muslim dad didn’t want his son to come into contact with females and was politely told that that wasn’t an option. One deranged christian parent didn’t want their child to come into contact with anyone who wasn’t a christian, same answer.

    One kid who had been adopted by a couple in some christian sect or other wasn’t allowed to take part in any christmas or birthday related activities, which the school went along with to my disgust. (If anyone is having a war on christmas it should be me, dammit.) One couple actually removed their child from the school because they weren’t allowed to video the nativity play. It was explained that the school would video it and redact any pupils who were on a ‘do not publish photos’ list because of potential estranged and abusive ex-partners seeing pics on-line. They loudly insisted that it would be different if they were moslems at which the boss told them to take it or leave it. They left.

    The only food issue is with class parties. It’s a special needs school so many of our kids don’t actually understand why they are restricted as to food. We generally have a veggie table with a green cloth and a non-veggie table with a red cloth. Steering kids from moslem families away from the sausage rolls and towards the veggie pizzas is a full time job.

    Just a couple of weeks ago I had a concerned colleague shriek,

    ‘Oh, no! Salima has a sausage roll.’
    ‘What do you want me to do? Leap across the table and kick it out of her hand Chuck Norris style?’

  5. Stephen Mynett says:

    “One kid who had been adopted by a couple in some christian sect or other wasn’t allowed to take part in any christmas or birthday related activities.”

    How can allowing parents such as this be justified. If the child is to be denied a normal upbringing it should not be placed with people who lead a totally retrictive lifestyle.

    The same parents probably agree with banning LGBT adoptions.

  6. Don says:


    Yes, I found them to be odd but other than that they were good people. Taught him to ride a bike and fish and provided very comfortable quarters. They gave the kid a secure and supportive home (I checked, obviously) but just had a thing about any day being special. So he had a packed lunch during christmas dinner, did some worksheets while his classmates blew out candles and had a slice of cake. I wanted us to challenge that but lost the argument. We worked around it, it was fine.

  7. Stephen Mynett says:

    Don, it seems not too bad then. My first thought when I saw no christmas or birthdays was the JWs and they are a danger to their children by refusing blood transfusions. It is rare anyone needs on but it is nice to know they can if needed. However, there are probably a pile of loony sects that dont do birthdays etc.

  8. Brian Jordan says:

    @Nick Hayes
    No, it’s not a private school. Their website and prospectus both seem to be shy of admitting any link to the Local Authority but if Wikipedia’s to believed it’s a large council-owned comprehensive.
    So force-feeding of halal food is down to the school and the LEA.