Red faces at the Vatican over purchase of an apartment block over a huge gay sauna

IN what has been described as “a huge embarrassment” for the Vatican, reports are emerging today that the RCC has splashed out £21-million to acquire an apartment block above the popular Europa Multiclub Sauna and Gym (EMC), which claims to be Europe’s largest gay sauna”.

One of the sexy pics that appears on the sauna's website

Its enough to make a cardinal kick a hole in a stained glass window: One of the sexy pics that appears on the sauna’s website

The revelation comes on the day that Catholic Church cardinals begin voting today for a new Pope to replace the retired Ratzinger.

According to this report, Cardinal Ivan Dias face is likely to be redder than most as he prepares to cast his vote, with the 76-year-old currently residing in a plush 12-room first-floor apartment in the complex.

A further 18 flats houses dozens of priests from the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples which is responsible for missionary activities.

The Holy See reportedly purchased the luxury headquarters in 2008 seemingly unaware of the steamy activities going on underneath their feet.

La Repubblica newspaper which splashed the story across its front page said:

Italy’s best known gay sauna in the premises is an embarrassment.

The sauna’s website features a video promoting one of its special “bear nights” in which a man strips down to a thong before changing into a priests outfit.

The Vatican declined to comment on the reports.

Meanwhile, a spoof job listing for the Pope has been removed from LinkedIn after it attracted interest from around 30 applicants interested in becoming the next leader of the Catholic Church.

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18 responses to “Red faces at the Vatican over purchase of an apartment block over a huge gay sauna”

  1. barriejohn says:

    The Independent had the best headline on this story:

    Catholic officials break into a sweat over €23m investment

  2. Ivan says:

    Does this establishment feature a “Glory Holy”?

  3. David Anderson says:

    Their faces are not red from embarrassment, nothing could embarrass those gobshites. Their faces are red from anger and jealousy that they weren’t offered apartments in the complex.

  4. anon says:

    If they lived upstairs they wouldn’t need to drive to their entertainment. That would mean less chance for an alcohol related accident. It is a good plan.

  5. barriejohn says:

    They would need to ensure that they could cope with all the excitement:

    The comments there are very revealing, once again!

  6. tony e says:

    Its good to see that the ‘church of the poor’ has €23m of spare cash to invest.

    I wonder how many orphanages in the third world that would build, or provided clean water, inoculations, food, shelter etc. The basics to make it through the day.

    I’m sure it crosses their minds every time they play with their gold rings. Shameless.

  7. barriejohn says:

    @tony e: Did you see all that nonsense at the Vatican today? Some of those strutting peacocks represent the most poverty-stricken people in the world today!

    I couldn’t find confirmation of this story, but if true it is equally amazing:

  8. John A says:

    ‘The sauna’s website features a video promoting one of its special “bear nights” in which a man strips down to a thong before changing into a priests outfit.’
    If this happens regularly then you would think the priests would have learnt to avoid these nights, or at least be more careful where they leave their clothes laying about, so as their outfits don’t keep getting taken by the men in thongs. Maybe buying the apartments was a cost effective compromise in off setting the loss on dozens of priests outfits and naked taxi rides back to the Vatican against a few million euros which the RC church has aplenty; better the money spent here than on those awful smelly poor people.

  9. tony e says:


    Luckily I’ve missed it, and I’ll make a point of avoiding all media possible. I don’t care who ends up a pope, but I do care what my brain gets fed daily.

  10. barriejohn says:

    Top item on the news tonight – BBC & ITV – and likely to be for days to come!

  11. Robster says:

    An apartment complex full of priestly types over a gay sauna owned by the catliks! Jees what a stuff up. The clerical priest managers will have nothing to worry about though-the clerics won’t be remotely interested as gay sauna’s have an age limit-nobody under 18 admitted. So while the customers are the correct gender, they’re over the hill for the catholic kiddie fiddlers.

  12. charlie says:

    The RCC owning a building that houses the largest “gay” sauna in Europe is just too funny for words. That a cardinal of said rcc has his apartment in the same building, on the ground floor even, is even more funny. One could not make this stuff up.

  13. barrriejohn says:

    Charlie: I was reading a very funny article about the RCC on a spoof site yesterday and one of the commenters had remarked that the gay sauna story had “made this site redundant”!

  14. Broga says:

    Meanwhile, the media are reporting the nonsense in Rome as if something serious was going on there. Never a word that this charade is based on a childish fantasy around a myth from a by gone age. Nor a word that these fat – they do all seem remarkably well fed – Cardinals are complicit in financial scandals and paedophilia and will be voting for the next Pope. One of them has just had his diocesan budget lightened by $12 million to pay off people abused by his priests. Keith O’Brien, when he sees what has been accepted into this lot, is entitled to feel aggrieved.

    O’Brien seems to be keeping his head well below the parapet. I read that he has legged it to England. No doubt now, like Ratzinger, busy with prayer and contemplation.

  15. barriejohn says:

    They’ve gathered to choose a new pope –
    And the world’s looking out for white smoke.
    As they meet in a huddle
    They may get in a muddle,
    And end up with another old dope!

  16. Robster says:

    What they should do at the Vatican is get a whole lot of potential popes, there’s no shortage it seems, wrap them in shrink wrap and put them in the freezer. That way when the new pope shuffles off (he’s already very mature)thay can whip out a stand-by pope, defrost it and do away with the waiting and the silly white smoke nonsense. This would allow for very small no pope gap, keep the Italian tourism people happy and the hot-dog vendors can add wine and crackers to the menu and serve up tasty bits of the baby jesus.

  17. Fr Dick Long says: GAY SAUNA Limerick Diocese GOOGLE “limerick gay sauna priests”
    THIS SHIT – IS TRUE!!! It’s so tipical, even the new shiney NUNCIO C.BROWNE – ignors it!!!