Gay marriage has been spurred on by a ‘secular theocracy’. Oh, and Satan

THE number of True Believers™  in the US has sunk to all all time low, according to this new study.

And who can blame Americans for ditching faith in ever greater numbers when so many of their religious leaders spout the sort of garbage heard recently on a show called Richard Land Live.

Land is the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and – according to this report –  was joined on the show by the National Organization for Marriage’s Jennifer Roback Morse.

The demented duo took questions on a phone in, and let rip after a female called to thank him and Morse for fighting the “demon of homosexuality”.

Lunatics Land and Morse

Lunatics Land and Morse

Land agreed with the caller that:

The Devil takes pleasure in anything that causes destruction in human society and the homosexual lifestyle does cause destruction.

He went on to claim that homosexuality was at least partly responsible for the collapse of empires in the past:

It’s seen as one of the evidences in the decline of every empire we have seen; studies have shown it became rampant in the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, the British Empire.

Land elaborated:

As you know many of the Roman religions, the idolatrous religions were sexual, and the priests were homosexuals and they worshiped in Corinth they had homosexual priests had these temples that were pre-Christian paganism.

Land and Morse said that they are working against a “secular theocracy” and “sexual nihilists”, with the SBC’s top “ethicist” maintaining that America is witnessing a return to “paganism”.

If you think that’s stoopid to the power of ten, get a load of what televangelist Robert Jeffress said when he apppeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s flagship program Praise the Lord to discuss the opening of his new $130 million megachurch campus – yes, the very one New York Jets quarterback  “Johnny Jesus” Tim Tebow ran a mile from after discovering that Jeffress is as mad as a shithouse rat.

And here’s the proof, from Jeffress’ own lips:

Think about this one time in heaven God was sitting up there with his sketch pad and he said, ‘you know I’m going to design human beings and would it be fun of they started doing this together with one another. God dreamed up sex, He thought it up for our enjoyment, He gave us the equipment to enjoy it with.

He went on to claim that homosexuality is like plugging a TV into a 220-volt power outlet rather than the recommended 120 outlet “because those are antiquated instructions” and “it’s my TV and I can do whatever I want to with it.”

Jeffress added:

Well it is my TV to do what I want to with it but I’m going to blow that TV into smithereens if I put it in a 220 outlet.

Meanwhile it is reported that the Southern Baptist Convention’s polling arm LifeWay is out with a new poll revealing widespread support for gay rights, particularly among young people.

According to the survey, a clear majority of Americans believe that “homosexuality is a civil rights issue like gender, race and age”;  agree that same-sex marriage is “inevitable” and oppose employment discrimination against gays and lesbians.

• 64 percent of those polled agreed “it is inevitable that same-sex marriage will become legal throughout the United States.”

• “80 percent of Americans disagree that employers should be allowed to refuse employment to someone based on their sexual preference.”

• 58 percent of respondents agreed with the question: “like age, race, and gender, homosexuality is a civil rights issue.”

• A majority of Americans believe rental halls and landlords should not be allowed to discriminate against same-sex couples.

• “More Americans do not believe homosexual behavior is a sin than those who believe it is a sin.”

The poll also found that women, young people and people with college degrees were more likely to favour gay rights.

LifeWay’s survey appears to line up with a new bipartisan analysis of exit polls which found that opposition to marriage equality is concentrated among the elderly, white evangelical Christians and people without college degrees.