Jesus junkie Michelle Shocked prompts SF audience walk-out over anti-gay rant

IF you bought tickets for an upcoming Michelle Shocked concert in Boulder, Colorado, now’s the time to claim your money back.

Shocked went crazy after recently embracing Jesus – and this led to a disastrous appearance at at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on Sunday.

Michelle Shocked: found Jesus and lost the plot

Michelle Shocked: found Jesus and lost the plot

During her second set Shocked – who gained fame in the late 80s and early 90s – launched into a hate-filled speech about gays and gay marriage, prompting an audience walk-out. She told her fans – er, ex-fans:

I  live in fear, that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry.

Shortly after, the Boulder-based national radio show eTown announced on its Facebook page that it had canceled a May 3 concert featuring the singer-songwriter.

In light of recent developments, eTown must cancel the upcoming concert with Michelle Shocked, originally scheduled to take place in May at eTown Hall.

From the very beginning, our goal as an organization has been to foster a spirit of community and inclusiveness in all that we do – whether it’s a radio taping, special event, concert or social cause we support.

We are deeply saddened by today’s news, and are pulling the plug on this event. Anyone who had purchased tickets for the show can receive a full refund by calling the eTown Hall box office at 303.443.8696. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.

If more cancellations are announced, the silly moo might find herself free to attend an anti-gay marriage gig organised by clot of French bigots calling themselves  La Manif Pour Tous. It’s scheduled to take place at  London’s Trafalgar Square on March 24. Her hatred and bigotry will be far better received there.

Calling on anti-gay marriage zealots to support the “Rally for Real Marriage”  , Chris Sugden, Executive Secretary, Anglican Mainstream, says here:

You may remember that in January around a million people – including many thousands of students and young people – demonstrated on the streets of Paris against their government’s proposals to redefine traditional marriage to include same sex couples. Hundreds of the demonstrators were UK-based French residents who boarded the Eurostar to Paris to join their compatriots.

What is less well known is that on the same day a further 600 French residents refrained from travelling to Paris but demonstrated instead outside the French Embassy in west London.

These UK-based French protesters are now organising another London demonstration, but this time in Trafalgar Square, London. As before, they are planning this to take place on the same day as the next Paris demonstration, Sunday 24 March, at which 2 million protesters are expected to march along the Champs-Elysees!

The UK-based protesters have invited other non-French UK residents to join them in Trafalgar Square, and to make this a joint protest against both the UK and the French governments’ plans to redefine marriage.

We think this is a great idea and, along with other UK organisations such as Christian Concern Anglican Mainstream fully supports it and plans to be there.

Please encourage your churches, families, friends and contacts to join us and make a loud statement to the UK and French governments. Anglican Mainstream will supply the posters. Just turn up. If you can, bring young children for a family-friendly outing and as a visible sign against the sterile adult-centred nature of same sex marriage.

But, but … La Manif Pour Tous really has nothing to do with religion. It claims here that it is “a non-religious and non-political organization” and is “against any kind of hatred or homophobia”. However, it believes that gay marriage legislation in France and the UK:

Intends to legally remove sexual otherness and challenge the basis of human identity … It paves the way to a new “social” filiation unrelated with human reality. It creates the framework for a new anthropological order, based not on sex but on gender and sexual preference.

Is it just me, or has something sensible been lost in translation?