Jesus junkie Michelle Shocked prompts SF audience walk-out over anti-gay rant

IF you bought tickets for an upcoming Michelle Shocked concert in Boulder, Colorado, now’s the time to claim your money back.

Shocked went crazy after recently embracing Jesus – and this led to a disastrous appearance at at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on Sunday.

Michelle Shocked: found Jesus and lost the plot

Michelle Shocked: found Jesus and lost the plot

During her second set Shocked – who gained fame in the late 80s and early 90s – launched into a hate-filled speech about gays and gay marriage, prompting an audience walk-out. She told her fans – er, ex-fans:

I  live in fear, that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry.

Shortly after, the Boulder-based national radio show eTown announced on its Facebook page that it had canceled a May 3 concert featuring the singer-songwriter.

In light of recent developments, eTown must cancel the upcoming concert with Michelle Shocked, originally scheduled to take place in May at eTown Hall.

From the very beginning, our goal as an organization has been to foster a spirit of community and inclusiveness in all that we do – whether it’s a radio taping, special event, concert or social cause we support.

We are deeply saddened by today’s news, and are pulling the plug on this event. Anyone who had purchased tickets for the show can receive a full refund by calling the eTown Hall box office at 303.443.8696. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.

If more cancellations are announced, the silly moo might find herself free to attend an anti-gay marriage gig organised by clot of French bigots calling themselves  La Manif Pour Tous. It’s scheduled to take place at  London’s Trafalgar Square on March 24. Her hatred and bigotry will be far better received there.

Calling on anti-gay marriage zealots to support the “Rally for Real Marriage”  , Chris Sugden, Executive Secretary, Anglican Mainstream, says here:

You may remember that in January around a million people – including many thousands of students and young people – demonstrated on the streets of Paris against their government’s proposals to redefine traditional marriage to include same sex couples. Hundreds of the demonstrators were UK-based French residents who boarded the Eurostar to Paris to join their compatriots.

What is less well known is that on the same day a further 600 French residents refrained from travelling to Paris but demonstrated instead outside the French Embassy in west London.

These UK-based French protesters are now organising another London demonstration, but this time in Trafalgar Square, London. As before, they are planning this to take place on the same day as the next Paris demonstration, Sunday 24 March, at which 2 million protesters are expected to march along the Champs-Elysees!

The UK-based protesters have invited other non-French UK residents to join them in Trafalgar Square, and to make this a joint protest against both the UK and the French governments’ plans to redefine marriage.

We think this is a great idea and, along with other UK organisations such as Christian Concern Anglican Mainstream fully supports it and plans to be there.

Please encourage your churches, families, friends and contacts to join us and make a loud statement to the UK and French governments. Anglican Mainstream will supply the posters. Just turn up. If you can, bring young children for a family-friendly outing and as a visible sign against the sterile adult-centred nature of same sex marriage.

But, but … La Manif Pour Tous really has nothing to do with religion. It claims here that it is “a non-religious and non-political organization” and is “against any kind of hatred or homophobia”. However, it believes that gay marriage legislation in France and the UK:

Intends to legally remove sexual otherness and challenge the basis of human identity … It paves the way to a new “social” filiation unrelated with human reality. It creates the framework for a new anthropological order, based not on sex but on gender and sexual preference.

Is it just me, or has something sensible been lost in translation?

17 responses to “Jesus junkie Michelle Shocked prompts SF audience walk-out over anti-gay rant”

  1. Mike Parker says:

    Hi Barry

    As a long time fan of Michelle’s music, I was very sad to read this… but she always was a very fragile personality, so I’m not that surprised she found Jesus in the end.

    Not sure about using the term ‘silly moo’, though! We’re in 2013 now!

    Best regards,


  2. David Lawson says:

    That last quote, seems to me, to be a perfect definition of obscurantism.

  3. Great Satan says:

    What ! have’nt you heard of the Homosexual Menace ?! ;

  4. JohnMWhite says:

    And again we see what religion does to the mind. A talented musician, trying to make a living, scuttles her own career because she has been brainwashed into thinking that proving her anti-gay piety is more important than anything else. Why is it always gay marriage that compels them to take a stand? Why isn’t she up there complaining about income inequality, or environmental pollution, or police brutality, or drone strikes? Christians have become obsessed with one issue to the exclusion of all others: sex.

    The French group’s transparent attempt to divorce themselves from religious dogma while still clinging to religion’s homophobia shows that even some bigots understand that faith-based bigotry isn’t gaining traction anymore. They come up with pseudo-philosophical junk to try to justify their revulsion for same-sex marriage, but naturally anybody with an ounce of intelligence can see through it. Marriage of any sort is unrelated to human reality. So is brushing our teeth, using deodorant (French joke here) and cutting our hair. The last one is also as much an abomination as sodomy, according to the bible, but I’m sure these totally non-religious bigots wouldn’t know anything about that…

    It is simply pathetic how desperate the anti-gay lobby is getting. They will intellectually humiliate themselves in their froth-spitting fervor to deny gay people the ability to live their lives in peace. Give it a fucking rest you fucking sociopaths.

  5. Trevor Blake says:

    Her show in Portland, Oregon was also cancelled. Who can say if she will be able to donate her labor to the Occupy camps again, or if Christian groups will take her in, or if she’ll have something different to say in days ahead.

    I’m in favor of her speaking her mind, and club owners speaking theirs, and fans / foes speaking theirs. It makes for contention, but contention is far better than hate speech laws that forbid the speaking of one’s mind. Freethinker founder G. W. Foote’s time in prison is what happens when the state worries overly about hurt feelings.

    Might I add, however, that I wish more Christians would follow the advice of their lord and savior as found in Matthew 6:5-6.

  6. Angela_K says:

    It is rumoured that Ms Shocked is suffering from schizophrenia from which she refuses medical help; probably because like so many religious nutjobs, she eschews modern medicine and prays to her imaginary friend to be cured. Her mental illnesses – religion and schizophrenia – are no excuse for hate speech.

  7. David Anderson says:

    Anti gay and anti equality speeches are not welcome anywhere, but to choose San Francisco, well, I don’t…

    I would like to be in London for that French demonstration. “Sacre bleu” Soho is just around the corner. Should be fun.

  8. Marky Mark says:

    (Why isn’t she up there complaining about income inequality, or environmental pollution, or police brutality, or drone strikes?)
    …Because it is Christians who are profiting from these things, hatred for gays, abortion, birth control…ect, are the distraction.

    U forgot to mention “War” and how the privet christian run Blackwater security force has profited.

  9. AgentCormac says:

    What a crying shame! I’m dismayed – I love much of Michelle’s work (or I used to). Not least because I always thought that with lyrics like these (from the track ‘God Is A Real Estate Developer’) she was one of us – someone who saw through religion:

    God is a real estate developer
    With offices around the nation
    They say one day he’ll liquidate
    His holdings up on high
    I say it’s all speculation

    He may be an absentee landlord
    This may be a low rent universe
    The roof may need repairs
    But at least the floor is there
    And the rent is not due till the first

    So save one last dance for the Savior
    When that final Hail Mary is said
    Life is a dance hall
    That’s why we’ve got all those
    Little angels dancing ’round with pinheads

    The Lord Almighty Ltd
    And his chosen elect
    Sit on the up on high development board
    Quoting the Bible as they hoard
    The good book has a new look
    I suspect

    The link below will take you to a petition where you can ask promoters to cancel the rest of her shows in protest at her aberration. You can only help the girl gets some mental help soon.

  10. Matt Westwood says:

    “Her mental illnesses – religion and schizophrenia – are no excuse for hate speech.”

    Speaking one’s misguided and disordered mind is no excuse for what happened to her as a result. What happened to freedom of speech? Oh yeah I remember, it vanished with the rise of humourless fascists of all political persuasions.

  11. Andy Buchan says:

    The Jesus Junkies won’t like these
    Poor Aaran,

    Well he could be a participant or he could have been caught in the cross fire.

    Will the Church that has won many arguments with me my now dead sister, like to do something more than just pray about this.

  12. Robster says:

    Ol’ Michelle’s life must be an empty shell of a life if she finds herself “needing jesus”. What value does a dead bloke from 2000 years ago who may or may not have actually existed, who spent his (it’s reported) life wandering around the Middle East performing magic tricks that, it seems everybody missed or ignored? How can anyone need a long dead bloke who’s often represented hanging dead nailed to a stick? The singer doesn’t need the baby jesus, she needs a doctor.

  13. Matt Westwood says:

    “The singer doesn’t need the baby jesus, she needs a doctor.”

    Or just a bit of tolerance.

  14. Stuart W says:

    So, another US Christian just dispenses with the honey-glazing and launches into an unambiguous hate rant bound to embarrass their more cautious and PR-conscious fellow anti-gayers. Keep it up!

  15. Georgina says:

    “I live in fear, that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry.”

    If she really is afraid, then some shamans/pastors/imams/whatever should be held accountable!
    Time someone started suing them from incitement or somat!

  16. jesse says:

    I find it amazing how hateful all of these comments are. It proves to me once again that we are not truly against hate. The issue at the heart of these discussion isn’t that some christian or person with opposing views is “hateful” it is more that people want to do whatever they deem is best for themselves, otherwise those who say they are against “hate” would not be so hateful. Those who act this way are not against hate, they are against others telling them that, “you might be wrong.” Is that what you believe, that it is wrong to tell others that they might be wrong? I read recently in the second of the three published humanist manifesto’s that:

    ” As secular humanists we believe in the central importance of the value of human happiness here and now. We are opposed to absolutist morality, yet we maintain that objective standards emerge, and ethical values and principles may be discovered, in the course of ethical deliberation.”

    “Although we believe in tolerating diverse lifestyles and social manners, we do not think they are immune to criticism.”

    I see two central themes evident to today’s humanistic beliefs: 1. Morality and criticism is important. 2. It is at the core of the humanistic belief to do what is best for ones self in the moment. Doing what is best for ones self and maintaining any sort of ethic are diametrically opposed because morality is doing what is best for others. This discussion exposes this phenomena since those who are trying to stop hate are using hate to do it. A woman shares here views about how she has observed that the actions of a designated group of people will bring calamity on them and their nation, and instead of being cheered for her concern for them and their world, she is HATED by those who say don’t hate. Comments like

    “The link below will take you to a petition where you can ask promoters to cancel the rest of her shows in protest at her aberration. You can only help the girl gets some mental help soon.” = hate

    “If more cancellations are announced, the silly moo might find herself free to attend an anti-gay marriage gig organised by clot of French bigots calling themselves La Manif Pour Tous.” = hate

    I hope that my assumption is wrong, that a kind and reasoning view like mine will be ignored because those commenting are to busy being filled with hate. That would be to assume that commenting in this arena I will be speaking to deaf ears that would rather remain deaf. I hope not.

    It is common sense: The one who loves food to much becomes obese, the one who loves money too much becomes greedy, the one who loves sleep too much becomes poor, and the one who loves sex too much becomes an addict, a pervert or demented. If Michelle is mentally ill which is causing her to speak about something she is disillusioned about should she not be met with compassion? Wouldn’t it be loving to tell her that we disagree and seek help for her? Did you say yes? If so I applaud your compassion. However, belief in God is hardly known to be a mental illness. Are medical journals accepted as evidence anymore? I think they are still a valid form of truth. Evidence shows that it is 7 times more likely that a man abandoning physiologically correct sexual relations with a woman have been previously sexually abused and thus are acting not out of natural born urges but out of perhaps a legitimate mental illness. As one medical journal study shows.

    “In 2001, the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior published a study entitled Comparative data of childhood and adolescence molestation in heterosexual and homosexual persons. The abstract for this article states the following: “ In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation. This research is apparently the first survey that has reported substantial homosexual molestation of girls.”

    In conclusion, if Michelle cares enough for gays and lesbians to share with them her opinion hoping that some might be healed while knowing that they will HATE her for it, as indeed you are all proving. I ask, who is sick? I agree that someone is and I will long for a full recovery, but in this case Michelle has finally found love and will share it amid the kicking and screaming of those she loves enough to tell. You can hate her or love her, what will you do?