Female genital mutilation in the West rises with increased immigration, mainly Muslim

LAST month the US legal assistance website, TrustLaw, carried a report that girls living in America increasingly are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) both at home and abroad – and was promptly slammed by one commenter for failing to identify the chief culprits, namely Muslims.

“Mr Rice” wrote:

Your failure to NAME THE PRINCIPLE PERPETRATORS betrays your willingness to sacrifice ALL of the victims of FGM on the altar of your own oh-so-sanctimonious political correctness. And so, although you seem to make yourself a champion of the oppressed by bringing the issue to light, in taking care to shield the identity of the savages who do it, you make yourself their accomplice in atrocity.

The TrustLaw report referred to the findings of a New York City-based non-profit organisation, Sanctuary for Families, which specialises in gender-based violence. The SFF report said up to 200,000 girls and women in the United States are at risk of FGM and that the number is growing. And a UK study by the Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development estimated that 66,000 women living in England and Wales had been circumcised, usually prior to leaving their country of origin. More on FGM in the UK here.


The SFF report was followed by news in Spain that a Senegalese woman whose young daughter was circumcised before her arrival in the country has been given a two-year suspended sentence.

The court ordered the woman to pay her daughter 10,000 euros ($13,000) in compensation for having been mutilated in this way. The sentence was reduced from the seven years sought by the prosecution because the woman did not realise female circumcision is illegal in Spain. The 40-year-old woman will not have to serve any time if she is not convicted of anything else.

She immigrated to Barcelona with her children in 2010 after her husband, who had been working in Spain for more than a decade, got a family visa. The circumcision was discovered during a routine medical checkup.

The woman told authorities the circumcision took place while her daughter was staying with her grandmother, and she did not find out about it until it had been completed.

In the only other case involving female circumcision, a Gambian immigrant was sentenced to six years in prison for arranging the surgery in Spain.

Last year, the Supreme Court has confirmed a six-year prison sentence for the man who carried out the genital mutilation of his daughter.

The man, who had lived in Spain for 10 years, mutilated the girl when she less than one year old and was sentenced by Teruel Provincial Court. Her mother was sentenced to two years in prison after it was confirmed she was not aware that female genital mutilation is a crime in Spain.  The case was discovered during a routine check-up with the paediatrician.

The father, who is said to be well-integrated in Spanish society, appealed the sentence in the Supreme Court on the grounds that it is a “3,000-year-old practice” which he said, in his country, “seeks to help the child fit in”.

The judge, Joaquin Gimenez, countered:

It is not culture, it is mutilation and discrimination of women.

Social Service in Spain attempt to contact families of girls whom they consider may be at risk of undergoing this procedure. They explain the dangers it involves, and attempt to dissuade them from returning to their country of origin for the ritual to be performed or from having it carried out by clandestine witch doctors residing in Spain.

Many of the families living in Spain apparently do not want to carry out the mutilation, but upon returning to their mainly Muslim countries of origin feel pressured into accepting it by their communities. Many believe that it is good for a woman’s health, maintaining cleanliness as there are no sexual secretions. Others believe that if a child touches its mother’s clitoris while being born, it will die.

However, it is mainly used to prevent young girls from having sexual urges in order to maintain their virginity until marriage, something which assures they will be accepted by their future husbands. Many women allow the procedure as they believe it will pleasure their partners and guarantee a successful marriage.

The origin of female genital mutilation is unknown and although it is carried out in many Muslim countries, it is said not to be related to Islam or any other known religion.

There are several types of female genital mutilation, but all involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia.

On the same day that the that the Senegalese woman was sentenced, April 10, MEPs were called on to ratify and enforce policies regarding all forms of violence against women, including female genital mutilation (FGM), at a hearing hosted by Romania’s Social Democratic Party.

The party’s vice president, Corina Cretu, said:

There are essentially new crimes that people must be persecuted for, including forced marriage, forced abortion, female genitalia mutilation, rape and domestic violence.

Another problem posed for Western societies where there are growing numbers of Muslims is massive inbreeding, which, according to this 2010 report written from a Danish perspective, leads to:

Limited social skills and understanding, limited ability to manage education and work procedures and painful treatment procedures. The negative cognitive consequences also influence the executive functions. The impairment of concentration and emotional control most often leads to anti-social behavior.

The report’s author, Nicolai Sennels, added:

The cognitive consequences of Muslim inbreeding might explain why non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes: ‘19.3% of non-Western immigrants are not able to pass the Danish army’s intelligence test. In comparison, only 4.7% of applicants with Danish background do not pass’. (TV 2 Nyhederne, 13/6 2007 ‘Immigrants flunk army test’.

It probably also explains – at least partly  – why two thirds of all immigrant school children with Arabic backgrounds are illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system: ‘Those who speak Arabic with their parents have an extreme tendency to lack reading abilities – 64 percent are illiterate. … No matter if it concerns reading abilities, mathematics or science, the pattern is the same: The bilingual (largely Muslim) immigrants’ skills are exceedingly poor compared to their Danish classmates’. (Rockwool Foundation Research Unit, May 2007) .

Hat Tip; Great Satan (inbreeding report)

25 responses to “Female genital mutilation in the West rises with increased immigration, mainly Muslim”

  1. Lazy Susan says:

    The ill treatment of children in this way makes me furious.

    Can we stop calling it “circumcision” and insist on “mutilation?”

    If we can get the FGM stopped, then we will have a better chance of stopping MGM too.

  2. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Isn’t it amazing that other countries appear able to bring cases to court yet here in the UK we haven’t had one attempt to prosecute anyone.

    And yes, it is mutilation. The use of the word circumcision only helps to lessen the appearance of the crime.

  3. Matt Westwood says:

    It’ll happen. Probably not in this government, they’ve got other more important things to do at the moment, like suck up to alphas, but I think the tide is starting to turn in the right direction.

    The more people shout about it, the better.

  4. Broga says:

    The UK government can ignore FGM yet spend £10 million on Thatcher’s funeral, disrupt parliament and generally behave like the berks they seem to be. What about a few TfTD’s on FGM. Or would that damage oecumenicalism? What about Justin Welby, or some of these other 26 unelected bishops in the Lords, having the guts to preach a sermon on FGM: the torture and mutilation of little girls?

    What was Jesus supposed to say, “By their fruits ye shall know them” and “Suffer little children ……” On this evidence the clergy just don’t care any more than the politicians. Imagine, just for a moment imagine, the agony of these little girls mutilated by some barbarous thug. And nothing is done to stop it.

  5. L.Long says:

    I once thought that here in the US there should never be such a thing. But to stop this insane practice a number of things have to change. And the same goes for the UK. To get a girl to stop this she must be willing to tell her mother and father to go to hell, she must have some other place to go to to be safe and get an education for as long as it takes to get her old enough to get a job to be on her own. And she has to be able to tell islame to go to hell.
    The only way outsiders can get at this is thru enforced medical exams and then suing (or criminal charges) the pants off the parents that have no money and other kids to raise.
    Look how hard it is to get relatively well educated xtians to say go to hell to their religion, in islame it is even harder.
    Until islame are beaten down by their own people the way xtians were, the islame religion will continue to be a very sick religion controlled by even worse psychotic assholes.
    But FEAR of consequences, TERROR of what is after death will keep most under the islamic thumb; just as the xtians but themselves under their religions thumb.

  6. Matt Westwood says:

    “To get a girl to stop this she must be willing to tell her mother and father to go to hell …”

    All very well, but this procedure is performed on babes in arms.

  7. L.Long says:

    Well Matt I never heard the procedure described, I had assumed it was done on older girls near puberty. So if done on babes then you can forget ever stopping it. So you have women terrorist by psychotic males who believe all women are schite to be crippled. And insure it is done within their closed communities just as the fundy jews do to the boys.

  8. Robster says:

    Name the perpretators of this bronze age nastiness…Muslims. If these people want to live a happy middle ages lifestyle, get a time machine and go back or go back to where ever it is you came from. Don’t bring your “culture” with you, we don’t want it.

  9. lonborghini funghini says:

    Let’s not forget the bronze age nastiness of Judaism and Christianity which freely promote and practice infant male genital mutilation. Many believe that it is good for a male’s health by maintaining cleanliness. The true purpose is to mitigate sexual urges and pleasure. Both male and female genital mutilation are crimes against humanity and must be prosecuted. Abrahamic monotheists are truly a sick bunch.

  10. Trevor Blake says:

    The origin of female genital mutilation is unknown and although it is carried out in many Muslim countries, it is said not to be related to Islam or any other known religion.

    Click here for essays that make the counter-claim that FGM is related to Islam.

  11. T says:

    And while we are stamping out this primitive mutilation lets not forget the plight boys who have their flesh cut in the name of religious dogma. Remember what happened in Germany last year?

  12. John A says:

    I would like to see all children routinely medically examined at school, and if found to have been the victim of grievous bodily harm by way of genital mutilation, then the parents or guardians should have the book thrown at them. Cultural or religious reasons can never be an acceptable excuse; unless severe punishments are handed down for these offences then it will never be taken as unacceptable and for the barbaric, uncivilised practice that it clearly is. As for hygiene being offered up as a reason for genital mutilation, just how stupid, inept and dirty are these people to consider this as a legitimate and valid reason? Unfortunately, there is a ridiculous over deference to religion, many confusing freedom to practice their religion of choice with meaning that gives them the right to slice off bits of another persons body! Just because that person might happen to be your child shouldn’t give you that right no more than deciding you wish to blind that child or cut off its ears because it gives them a nice streamlined look. This is another example of why I get so miffed when religiots ask why do you knock religion, it has no impact on the way you live your life? That mantra should be recited aloud as some evil bastard is slashing away with their weapons at the crotch of some child.

  13. Angela_K says:

    @GMR “Isn’t it amazing that other countries appear able to bring cases to court yet here in the UK we haven’t had one attempt to prosecute anyone”.
    I’m certain fear of the cultural relativists of the far left playing the race card has something to do with it.

    More Muslim obsession with virginity:

  14. Har Davids says:

    Robster, there’s no need for a time machine. No entry for adult women who have been mutilated, unless it’s clear they abhor the practice and there’s no chance of them continuing the practice on their children. And definitely no entry for the parents of mutilated children. Anyone caught having their children mutilated after gaining entry to be expelled asap.

    All very nasty, I know, but should Western society allow this stone-age crap to continue within it’s borders? If the perpetuation of this ‘culture’ is so important, don’t come over here and risk it being corrupted.

  15. chrsbol says:

    Just an idea. When a child is born in the hospital or at home a form must be understood and signed by the parent/parents that states any mutilation discovered later in life would lead to imprisonment.Similar declaration at points of entry maybe.

  16. Ian says:

    FGM is pre-Islamic. It was an Arab custom absorbed into Islam at a later date. But as far as this being foisted on females by males, whilst there may be some truth in that in many African countries it is enforced by the senior females in the villages.

    A great deal of work is being carried out to educate the ignorant but that doesn’t excuse the authorities in any country from failing to take action to both educate those who carry it out.

  17. Joe says:

    It is irrelevant whether or not FGM is “pre-islamic”. FGM is incorporated into sharia law. And sharia law is immutable.

    The Reliance of the Traveller (a manual of sharia law recommended on muslim websites and found in public libraries in muslim enclaves) says that FGM is “obligatory” for 2 of the schools of sharia law; for the other 2it is “recommended”. Egypt’s representative at a UN discussion on FGM stormed out, saying that even discussing an end to FGM is an attack on islam. Such officials (and such highly-regarded manuals of sharia law) have far more understanding of what islamic than any ordinary muslim.

    FGM is also done on muslims in Indonesia. All the evidence points to the practice having been transferred there along with islam.

    That FGM occurs among some (non-muslim) African communities might not be anything to do with it pre-dating islam. It may have spread to those communities through them adjoining islamic areas where it is done.

  18. charlie says:

    Just wanted to add my voice to this discussion. I agree that it is all mutilation. It is done to new born babes as they cannot protest, in fact they cannot even talk. I did not as for circumcision, but it was done as SOP back in 1947 here in the old US of A. As far as I know, it still may be standard operating procedure (sop) in many US hospitals. it is NOT needed. As to female genital mutilation, there is no valid reason for doing this foul act. Notice, no VALID reason. Lessening the pleasure from sexual activity is NOT a valid reason in my opinion and any religion or culture that disagrees with this can take a very long walk off a very shore pier.
    Just my 2 cents worth on this topic. These mutilations must be stopped. Excellent comments by all above. Nice to see we agree on this.

  19. Broga says:

    I guess that the lack of action is typical UK timidity in the face of local mores and the fear of losing votes. The politicians prefer to approach this sickening practice via “Community Leaders.” As the community leaders are as commited to the practice as the people they are supposed to be leading nothing happening. And don’t forget our old friend oecumenicalism. Priests and vicars love all the “we are all friends together” stuff and they are not wanting to butt in. What is needed is wide exposure, detailed descriptions of the agony inflicted by this barbaric practice and a full head no holds barred assault on those who do it to stop it.

    Am I being fanciful in this scenario?

  20. Robster says:

    You’re of course correct lonborghini funghini. It’s just that the muzzies are so much noisier about it and they do both genders, the female version as expected coming from people afflicted with islam, is a whole lot more barbaric.

  21. Kitty says:

    What I found when working as an Aid Worker in Africa was many women died giving birth due to complications connected to female mutilation. Also the women spoke to me saying they hear their husbands talking about white women in sex movies enjoying sex & why don’t their wives enjoy…Many of these women due to the bad healing are unable to open their legs properly and if forced they split! Men want their cake and eat it!!!! These men are selfish, their brains are in their trousers, as they forget that they put their daughters through the same as their wives have gone through… the cycle needs to be broken.Women get no sexual feelings or satisfaction,they suffer throughout their life. I used to hold these women in my arms as I listened to them cry. It was often the women elders of the tribe/village who performed this mutilation, by candle light with a rusty razor blade!!! Prison is too good for the people who perform this barbaric act, it’s a life sentence for the women. I agree that it should be made very clear on entering the host country if found guilty it will be life in prison or deported!

  22. Broga says:

    @Kitty: Just reading your comments makes me cringe. How bizarre that the sexual experience, which in normal life is exciting and pleasureable, should be turned into torture for the woman and at the same time deprive the man of satisfaction. These poor women must view sex with dread. And what can be the wider relationship of a woman and a man when the man inflicts such agony on a woman.

    I refer to an earlier post of mine about the indifference of UK politicians, police and clergy to wards this persistent infliction of extreme pain on women, who are by their culture rendered into helpless victims.

  23. Francis Wierenga says:

    The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country. The most common idea is two people trying out a relationship and exploring whether they’re compatible by going out together in public as a couple, who may or may not yet be having sexual relations. This period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage.’..

    See you later