Isle of Man lesbian couple denied accommodation because of ‘ugly and outdated’ religious prejudice

THE man behind the refusal to let a house to a lesbian couple on the Isle of Man was today exposed as the minister at the Ramsey Independent Methodist Church.

Keith Price said his decision was guided by his religious beliefs based on scripture, but Manx’s Chief Minister Allan Bell lashed out at what he called “ugly, outdated prejudice”.

Price said:

We are not homophobic but we do have a stance on sexuality. We understood that they [Ms Izzard and Ms Cull] were not a family so we said we couldn’t proceed [with the rental agreement].

We believe that God has a plan for our lives within the context of marriage, the scripture is quite clear in its teaching on this.

In exposing Price’s bigotry, the pair highlighted the absence of an Equality Act on the Isle of Man, saying that it allows landlords to discriminate against gay couples.

Manx Chief Minister Allan Bell has now promised to speed-up the progress of an equality bill, currently in the drafting stage.

Allan Bell

Allan Bell

He insisted the rights of minorities must be respected in the Island after years of effort to create an inclusive society.

Bell added:

I am extremely disappointed that this type of ugly, outdated prejudice survives after all the work that has been done over the past 20 years or so to make the island a more tolerant place.

I do believe our society today is generally much more tolerant than it used to be. But this incident shows there are still isolated pockets of bigotry that can only be tackled through legislation.

An Equality Bill, based on the UK Equality Act 2010, is already in the drafting process and will deal with discrimination of this kind. I have asked that preparation of this legislation be accelerated.


Kira Izzard, pictured left above with Laura said she was relieved to hear about Mr Bell’s reaction.

I am over the moon to know that people are taking this seriously –  the chief minister has said he will move the legislation on and we believe him, we have no reason not to.


13 responses to “Isle of Man lesbian couple denied accommodation because of ‘ugly and outdated’ religious prejudice”

  1. T says:

    Religion actively promotes discrimination. This crystal clear. Discrimination leads to division, intolerance, hatred, violence, murder and war. Just take a look at all the strife in the world today and you will find religion at the root of most of it. Religion is essentially evil. There that it. Plain and simple.

  2. JohnMWhite says:

    We are not homophobic but

    Ugh. What is it about these people that prevents them from comprehending the definitions of simple words?

    We believe that God has a plan for our lives within the context of marriage, the scripture is quite clear in its teaching on this.

    Yes, it is clear. It is clear you should have taken the women to the town square and incited a mob to murder them, and it is clear that any polygamists who turn up looking for a rental agreement should be given one because that is traditional marriage. Somehow I don’t see either scenario actually occurring.

    Have a look at the words you are reading and using and stop abusing the English language for the sake of your own petty prejudices.

  3. Robster says:

    There’s bugger all about marriage in the bible and the baby jesus said as much about it (supposedly) as he said about homosexuality, that is: nothing. Those living with the christan affliction it seems have lost the ability to think rationally, that can’t be a surprise given the nonsense that quite happily subscribe to.

  4. Marky Mark says:

    God Almighty has sent that church an e-mail.

    Thank you for enforcing my laws in regards to the disgusting queers. But don’t stop there, I expect you to follow through with my word and round up all in your congregation who have committed adultery and stone them to death in the back of the churchyard. Be sure to use some really pointy sharp rocks as I do enjoy suffering.

    I have noticed that some in your congregation have been working around their homes on Sunday…be sure to kill them as well. I’ll let you, in your infinite wisdom, choose the method. Be creative with this endeavor, maybe bury them alive in our graveyard.

    And for those that show up wearing mixed fabrics, rip the evil clothing from their backs and persecute them for the rest of their lives…I hate mixed fabrics, cause me to itch. And don’t forget the heretics that eat Shrimp and Lobster, as they are bottom feeders that I created to keep the Oceans clean.

    I also expect you and the few loyal followers in your congregation to sneak around town at night and peek into the windows of the married couples to make sure they are NOT having sex for fun. Only missionary position with the lights off to procreate is acceptable. If you catch a couple red-handed in an unnatural act, burn them alive in their homes.

    I do miss the days when we burnt all those Witches alive, that was great fun.

    God Almighty

  5. Broga says:

    The pestilential bigotry of Christianity is, as we know, spread and encouraged by many proselytising bigots who are themselves gay. Which brings me to Cardinal Keith O’Brien, that lover of the limelight, who has now left Scotland for a period of “spiritual renewal.” Frankie has given his approval to this. But don’t you just love those phrases they invent to attempt to throw some fairy dust over the most heinous behaviour: “spiritual renewal” indeed.

  6. Stuart H. says:

    I’m a friend of the couple, know Allan Bell and live in the town. In past years Allan Bell almost singlehandedly pushed through legalisation of homosexuality on the island, and advances since, so he’ll follow through on this. Local support has been great (about 20% of the town have now signed a petition supporting them) and they’d also want me to pass on thanks to all off-island who’ve taken an interest.
    Also unfortunately know the church. Horrible little shack in a back alley opposite a pub. Most custom it sees is round the back – desperate drinkers with full bladders on a Saturday night when the pub lav is full.

  7. SanMan says:

    “ugly and outdated religious prejudice” – meaning that the totalitarian left doesnt agree with it it must “obsolete” its there way or the highway.

  8. Lazy+Susan says:

    Stuart – I had been thinking of visiting IoM for a holiday, as I have never been there. My first unbidden thought on reading this article was “find somewhere else to visit.” Locals who depend on the tourist trade should be aware of the effect stories like this have.

    On reflection I’d still like to visit, though. So much to see, so little time.

  9. Lazy+Susan says:

    SanMan – I think “ugly and outdated religious prejudice” is literally correct. It doesn’t need you to interpret it into your own agenda, whatever that is. I am not in the totalitarian anything, and certainly not the left.

    Do you have anything to contribute, or do you just crap and go?

  10. Adoration of God is intrinsically prejudiced. Even if there is a God, what Christians adore is what they want him to be. Its idolatry. It is deception and bigotry and no wonder it leads to discrimination against two lesbian women who are doing no harm.

  11. Matt+Westwood says:

    SanMan: Get it into your head that everybody hates you. Everybody in the world hates you. Even the people who you think like you, they all hate you to, and they laugh at you and make rude gestures at you behind your back.

    In fact, even God hates you. He hates you so much he inspired you to make a fool of yourself on the internet. Haa-ha.

    Now go away.

  12. Matt+Westwood says:

    to –> too