Can the term ‘bacon sandwich’ possibly be racist? Yes, claims recruitment company.

EARLIER this week, I was sent a link to a chilling article – thanks, Great Satan – that suggested that Muslims would be in the majority in the UK by 2050.

The author of the piece in the Commentator, Vincent Cooper, said that the country was “in denial” over demographic trends that would lead to a Muslim population rising to over 50 percent of the UK population within 37 years.

I would venture that the problem goes well beyond “denial”. A pattern is emerging in British society that suggests that those who dictate social policy are actively preparing the non-Muslim population for a sharia state.

It seems that not a day passes without some or other report emerging in the media which shows to what amazing lengths people will go to accommodate Muslim demands, and avoid bruising their inordinately thin skins.

Here, for example, is the ludicrous tale of SANDWICHES which cost an IT consultant a lucrative NHS contract. Not an actual sandwiches, mind, but the suggestion of sandwiches containing bacon.


Clive Hunt

Clive Hunt, 58, attended an interview set up by recruitment firm Reed. Having clinched the £1,000 a week post, Hunt told Sharika Sacranie, 29, a Reed consultant identified here as a Muslim, that he would:

Get the bacon sarnies in.

Hunt said wasn’t aware he had offended Sacranie, 29, during a meeting at the firm’s city centre office until he received a phone call from a senior manager.

Later, as I was driving home, Ms Sacranie’s manager called me and wanted to know about the racist remark I had made. I said I had not made one and he said I had said that I would get her a bacon sandwich. But I only made the remark because she referred to breakfast.

He added:

The woman was of Asian appearance. I am not a racist, never have been. I wasn’t brought up that way, Bacon sandwiches are often eaten at breakfast. I didn’t think for a minute this would have caused offence otherwise I wouldn’t have said it.

Hunt said he was due to take up the NHS role last Monday.

I’m really gutted that I’ve missed out on this job. I was over the moon when I got it. I love working for the NHS, I know their systems.

A spokesman for Reed said:

Due to inappropriate comments made to members of our staff during the recruitment process before Mr Hunt started his new role we have unfortunately decided that we do not feel we can represent this client further.

 Reed is committed to supporting its staff, clients and candidates and this is not a decision we have taken lightly.

Hunt said:

When the manager called me, I was driving and I got increasingly exasperated as he kept telling me I should admit to my wrongdoing for referring to bacon sandwiches.

In the end I told him to ‘sod off’ and put the phone down. They have blown this out of all proportion.

Lest I be accused of “Islamophobia” for posting this piece, let me direct you to Pat Condell, who shows just how ridiculous this term really is.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

38 responses to “Can the term ‘bacon sandwich’ possibly be racist? Yes, claims recruitment company.”

  1. L.Long says:

    I also am not a racist. But when in the air force we attended race classes and I referred to a black guy as negro. And he came all unglued. Mean while I stared and could not see any problem. Finally I got a chance to ask WTF?? Then I found out about negro and then I explained you are the first I’ve seen and have not had these ‘racist talks’ before today, so how am I to know? Besides negro is spanish for black so whats the big deal? Of course I have subsequently discovered how thin skinned some people are. The black guy asked ‘how would like to be called hooky (spelling?)? I answered it wouldn’t bother me at all, what’s it mean?? And he was pissed again.

    On the present subject it is unfortunate that he was incapable of bending over and kissing every ones ass, but there are people like that. What would I do? well the chances of the job are totally shot, so go onto twitter-facebook-etc and slam the shit out of her and with out lying show that she is a man hating anglo-phobe using her words and their results as the proof…. and then when someone tried to push back just say lets go to court, I can show she libeled my character over a common’ english, innocent expression. The main problem with this is that there are WAY TOO MANY political sheep out there willing to bend over for the OOOOOoooHHhh SOoooOOOOooo sensitive muslins.

  2. Wyle Cop says:

    As ever when reading such articles, I headed immediately to Google to do a search on this woman – and very illuminating it was, too.

    Her Twitter feed gave me the clear impression of someone who is a ‘very enthusiastic Muslim’, to say the least.

    Most revealing was her presence on Blogspot: the only post, dating from 2011, was entitled “How to get people fired and be a complete bitch”.

    Tellingly, both her Twitter and Blogspot accounts had been removed by the end of the afternoon.

    If I was Mr. Hunt, I would seek legal advice about his position with a view to seeking redress from Ms. Sakranie and Reed. Such outrageous smearing of his character under the catch-all cloak of racism by a clearly dubious character should not be taken lying down.

  3. AngieRS says:

    It’s not denial. It’s knowing tosh when you see it.

  4. barriejohn says:

    Perhaps Ms Sacranie would prefer to live in a “muslim” country:

  5. barriejohn says:

    The reformist presidential candidate has won a landslide victory in the Iranian election, but as the clerics remain in charge reform is still a long way off!

  6. Baconislife says:

    I’m not even sure the issue here is the supposed racist comment. It’s more an indictment of what a bunch of low-life, snake-bellied charlatans recruitment agents are.
    They care not ONE JOT whether you find work or not. They take your CV for the phantom vacancy they’ve advertised, merely to check out all of your previous employers in order to glean their details to try and get them on their books and hire staff for them. And when they’ve done that they copy and paste other people’s job adverts and pretend they have the exclusive on them.
    When they’ve hit their KPI targets they ignore all communication from prospective job hunters since they have already told all of their lies for the day and then bullshit you even further with such gems as: “the job’s been pulled, sorry”, “we were oversubscribed”, or “other candidates had more experience than you” whilst at the same time having never looked at your CV and having never met you anyway.

    I suspect very strongly Ms. Sanctimonious needed to find an excuse to cover up a huge mistake/lie in that, a)there was no job in the first place or, b) someone else had got the job, probably directly and she led the poor bloke on during the process.

  7. Basileus says:

    More bullshit from the corrupt, self-important, self-serving heterophobic filth

  8. Daz says:

    Wyle Cop

    And talking of smearing characters, wayback machine disagrees with your findings. Care to comment?

    She doesn’t appear to have been a very prolific blogger, so here are the actual titles of her entire 2011 output (lowest in list is earliest):

    The Ten Commandments According to ME
    An End to the Hiatus
    Social Suicide
    Grateful for every moment
    Blue Day
    I, Shoe, Shoewawawa!
    Weight-y Issues
    Active activism!!!
    And so the relationship rants begin…
    My current obsession!!!
    A little context…

    Oddly enough, the title you quote doesn’t appear to, erm, appear, and your implication that it was the “lone” post would seem to be … mistaken, too.

    If the allegations made by Hunt turn out to be true, they will be indictment enough—we don’t need to go making crap up. Leave that to the Daily Fail, eh?

  9. Matt+Westwood says:

    Perhaps that appalling wogophile AngieRS would like to move to a Muslim country too? Perhaps she’d be better off leaving this universe permanently.

  10. Daz says:


    Whether or not “bacon sandwich” is racist, “wog” most certainly is. Fuck you.

  11. Matt+Westwood says:

    Deliberately offensive. They want to be fucking offended? I’ll fucking offend the cunts.

    Here’s some interesting news: there’s a mosque going up down our end of town. Seems to have been going up for ages – there was indeed a delay of quite a few years in which no work appeared to be going on at all. But now finally they’re reaching completion.

    Turns out that the time it was spent abandoned was as the result of someone throwing a pig’s head into the building site.


  12. Daz says:

    Deliberately offensive racist


    We’re supposed to attack the religion and associated silly ideas, not the perceived race of the holders of those beliefs. We’re not, or weren’t last time I looked, the fucking EDL or the BNP.

  13. Alex says:

    Last I checked, Islam was not a race.

  14. AngieRS says:

    Oops, looks like I upset an arsehole. That’s another sleepless night…

  15. tony e says:


    Do the decent thing and give Angie RS an apology.

  16. Dave E says:

    I find this article quite amusing, seeing as when I turned 18, and moved to England for a year to work and travel, I registered with Reed.
    I’m Irish born and bred, but I have been over and back to England all my life visiting family, and family friends.
    I had never in my life encountered anti-Irish sentiment while visiting Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester, London, etc.
    Never. Not once.
    But when I registered with Reed, one of the managers referred to me as “The Paddy”. I also remember quite clearly, one of the muslim managers in the Huddersfield office, say to another person regarding me: “…get the fucking Mick to do it.”
    Every time I entered that office there was a “begorra”, or “bejaysus” thrown in my direction, and not in a taking the piss way.
    When I reported what was going on, I was told to fuck off back to Potato-Land, if I couldn’t take a joke.
    So, my opinion: he’s better off without Reed Recruitment.
    Fuck you Reed. And fuck the pig ignorent, racist cunt, staff you employ!

  17. RussellW says:

    For the umpteenth time Moslems do not constitute a race—it’s a scam. The entire controversy has no ethical basis, how did you Brits paint yourselves into a corner?

    The real problem in any Western society is the Kuffar collaborators, those misguided social engineers who think that they’re creating a model tolerant society.

  18. Trevor Blake says:

    Please remind me – what race is Muslim, again?

  19. Ged Waren says:

    Never mind the bacon sandwich bullshit – marority muslim by 2050? That’s quite a claim. And based on very dodgy stats. The world is changing, and for the better. Do you seriously think religion will be more than a minority pastime in nearly 40 years time?

  20. The Vicar says:

    Concerned about Sharia? Tell you what, Brits, abolish the privilege of the Anglican church first, and then we’ll talk. Until then, all the fuss boils down to “we don’t want to let them have the same level of privilege which we unthinkingly give to a particularly corrupt branch of Christianity”. (Anglicanism, after all, is just a made-up variant of Roman Catholicism tacked into place because the British royal family was actually so evil that even the Pope finally had no choice but to excommunicate them.)

  21. barriejohn says:

    “Heterophobic filth”? “Wogophile”? We need a new dictionary here!

    Vicar: “The British royal family was actually so evil that even the Pope finally had no choice but to excommunicate them.” You mean more “evil” than the Popes? THAT would have taken some doing! Still, I agree that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander (though if you are American you can hardly point the finger at the British where religious privilege is concerned!):

  22. The Vicar says:


    The Church of England was basically founded because Henry VIII was a sex maniac who got excommunicated for repeatedly getting rid of wives by divorce or murder and remarrying. Eddie Izzard’s summary is exaggerated but oddly accurate in many ways. (Although he gives too much credit to Martin Luther. If you read up on the history of the Protestant movement, you’ll find pretty quickly that Luther was only a protestant because the Catholic church kept denying him promotion, and his idea of an ideal church was basically the Catholic church with himself at the top. Reform was a purely secondary thing for him. Zwingli in Geneva was the real hero of the movement, a real heroic type, but you don’t hear anything about him, ever, from the Lutherans.)

    We here in America have all kinds of problems, but we don’t actually give any particular church a bunch of money officially from the government to be the religion of the country PLUS a bunch of totally unmerited positions IN the government, which England does with the C. of E. (25 seats in the House of Lords go to Anglican clergy).

    As far as Islam is concerned: I’m not terribly worried in the long term, because unfortunately (or, I suppose, fortunately if you’re a sociopath) global warming is going to make most Islamic countries essentially uninhabitable over the next couple of centuries. Israel, too, so it will make both sides happy.

  23. barriejohn says:

    “His idea of an ideal church was basically the Catholic church with himself at the top.”

    As with Henry. He remained a Catholic to his dying day, as many found to their cost. He was excommunicated on purely theological grounds though; he was no more “evil” than many others, and many other marriages were annulled in those days. It was his misfortune that politics denied him what he desired. Of course, the appropriation of the wealth of the monasteries was an added bonus. It is true that we still have bishops in the House of Lords, but they wield little power. The de facto influence of the evangelical lobby in the USA would worry me more.

  24. Philip Smeeton says:

    Anyone that is a racist has a right to be a racist. You cannot have free speech and deny racists the right to express their views. The only thing you can do is to prosecute those that incite to violence, whatever their persuasion. By that token Islam should be indicted because it incites to violence, and Muslims holding up placards that say «Behead those that insult Islam» should be imprisoned and then deported. We have a right to not have to begin every sentence that criticises immigration or Islam with the declaration « I am not a racist».
    Blacks that choose to live in a black neighbourhood are within their right to freedom of choice. But a white that moves away from an immigrant area is somehow classified as evil. We all have a right to choose what sort of society we wish to live in. However the British people have not been given the opportunity to choose what sort of society they wish live in.
    It is not racist to be English and desire to live in a country that is predominantly English.

  25. 1859 says:

    I wonder how a pork butcher copes? How can he possibly put in the window of his shop insulting, racist signs such as ‘Trotters’ and ‘Snouts’ and ‘Best Crackling’,’Smoked Gammon’ and ‘Best Pork Bangers’. And what about publicans – there must be a pub somewhere called The Pig’s Head? I bet that would be a seething den of islamophobic racists? ‘Islamophobic’? A phobia of islam? A fear of islam? I wonder why? They do fly planes into buildings, and they do cut off peoples’ heads in the street, murder gay people, bully and beat women,wear suicide vests, shoot girls in the head who dare go to school, burn and rampage at the sight of bacon sandwiches? Not all followers of islam are like that you say? You’re quite right – but enough are to make our planet a fucking dangerous place to live. The Nazis once perpetrated a myth that the Jews were trying to dominated the rest of the world – and this myth still rears its head in countries like Iran and Pakistan. But has anyone stopped to think what the open agenda of islam is? Fanatical believers in the koran open preach that islam must one day encirle the entire world – this is no secret, it’s no myth – the evidence is there to hear every day in mosques in many parts of the world. Islamophobic? Yes, you bet I am. And Oink! Oink! to the lot of them.

  26. Daz says:

    Philip, when you frame the debate as English/Islamic, you treat “Islamic” as a de facto race. The debate is, or should be, Islamic/non-Islamic.

    Religious/atheistic. Theocratic/Secular.

    Oh, and this:

    You cannot have free speech and deny racists the right to express their views.

    I completely agree. I do, however, reserve the right to express my view that racists are camel-humping oxygen-wasting arsewipes of the first water. Free speech cuts both ways. Otherwise it wouldn’t be, you know… free.

  27. barriejohn says:

    Philip Smeeton: You’re tying yourself in knots. Where are you going to deport Muslims to? Is there a Muslim Island somewhere to which they can be banished? And “black neighbourhoods” are not necessarily “immigrant areas”, especially in the USA. Worse still, what on earth do you mean by “a country that is predominantly English”? My paternal grandfather was from the Irish Republic, even though he served in the Royal Navy during the Great War, so according to some of the racists in this country I should be “repatriated” as I am of recent Irish descent!

  28. Broga says:

    The bacon sandwich fracas is a perfect example of how the mind controllers work. Some comments or thoughts are wicked and you must not say them or even think them. However, only the offended, in this case muslims, know what is wicked and the offender does not.

    And here is the genius of this. The goalposts are always being moved an only the offended know where they have been moved. The potential offenders are therefor kept in a state of perpetual doubt and anxiety and must always consult those who might be offended. This hands great and constant power over to the potentially offended who are able to insist on endless consultations e.g. in government departments.

    The power only continues because, in their extreme niaivity, governments think they can satisfy the offended and thus be seen to be open, accepting and broadminded and the creators of a multi cultural society. The point, which they are too niaive to see, is that the offendees do not want to be satisfied. Their power rests in making sure that they are never satisfied and thus they become every more sensitive and make more extreme demands.

    The solution, of which there is no sign, is to reject totally this entire culture of being offended which is the enemy of free speech and the possibility of a social scene where all may participate on an equal basis.

  29. Marlon says:

    I loves my bacon sandwiches. In fact, I’m offended if anyone does NOT mention bacon sandwiches in any given conversation.

  30. Jack says:

    after retiring from the military here i worked in a take away for a while , i cooked bacon and egg rolls and sandwiches daily, in fact these are the most common items ordered for breakfast by people , just by numbers this would show its a common item and fits well into what the gent stated , it aint racist its breakfast , what we need is for islam to calm the heck down and stop bullying non muslims but cant do that as we are all just kuffar and need to be destroyed ( sadly thats not racist but a bacon sandwich is how screwed up is the planet )

  31. […] came across the story here via Facebook […]

  32. Maggie says:

    Other ‘racist’ phrases:

    Bringing home the bacon
    To save one’s bacon
    Pigs might fly
    Pig in a poke
    In a pig’s eye
    Pig’s ear (beer)
    Guinea pig
    Happy as a pig in mud
    High on the hog
    Go the whole hog
    Pork pies (lies)
    Pork-barrel politics

    And so on…

    We are a country in which pigs have been central to our language and history. No religion gets to destroy our language and history because of their superstitions, or in this case discrimination. I’ll be sure to use these phrases on a daily basis now, even though I’m a vegetarian! And no, even as a vegetarian I would not have been ‘offended’ by someone saying bacon sarnies. But then I’m not paid to find offence.

  33. Matt+Westwood says:

    @Maggie: Don’t forget, and to be used at muzzies at all opportunities: “Thick as pigshit”.

  34. OurSally says:

    >she is a man hating anglo-phobe

    the use of “man-hating” is gratuitous. Stick to what she actually said, no need to drum up support for the MRA here.

  35. Brian Jordan says:

    It’s not just takeaways where bacon is popular – think police canteens with Muslim chefs

    But Mr Khoja, 62, lost his claim in May after a police employee told an employment tribunal how she saw Mr Khoja eat bacon rolls and sausages.

    The chef had claimed discrimination because he had to cook bacon. Case thrown out and it cost him £75,000

  36. Sledge says:

    The one who should be worshipped here is not Mohammed but the perfect person who passed judgement on Clive who innocently decided to offer bacon sarnies. what is the world coming too?

  37. Edmund_Dnates says:

    Um,I think I missed a memo somewhere.When did Islam/Muslim become a race? How is his remark even remotely racist? This is insane