Can the term ‘bacon sandwich’ possibly be racist? Yes, claims recruitment company.

EARLIER this week, I was sent a link to a chilling article – thanks, Great Satan – that suggested that Muslims would be in the majority in the UK by 2050.

The author of the piece in the Commentator, Vincent Cooper, said that the country was “in denial” over demographic trends that would lead to a Muslim population rising to over 50 percent of the UK population within 37 years.

I would venture that the problem goes well beyond “denial”. A pattern is emerging in British society that suggests that those who dictate social policy are actively preparing the non-Muslim population for a sharia state.

It seems that not a day passes without some or other report emerging in the media which shows to what amazing lengths people will go to accommodate Muslim demands, and avoid bruising their inordinately thin skins.

Here, for example, is the ludicrous tale of SANDWICHES which cost an IT consultant a lucrative NHS contract. Not an actual sandwiches, mind, but the suggestion of sandwiches containing bacon.


Clive Hunt

Clive Hunt, 58, attended an interview set up by recruitment firm Reed. Having clinched the £1,000 a week post, Hunt told Sharika Sacranie, 29, a Reed consultant identified here as a Muslim, that he would:

Get the bacon sarnies in.

Hunt said wasn’t aware he had offended Sacranie, 29, during a meeting at the firm’s city centre office until he received a phone call from a senior manager.

Later, as I was driving home, Ms Sacranie’s manager called me and wanted to know about the racist remark I had made. I said I had not made one and he said I had said that I would get her a bacon sandwich. But I only made the remark because she referred to breakfast.

He added:

The woman was of Asian appearance. I am not a racist, never have been. I wasn’t brought up that way, Bacon sandwiches are often eaten at breakfast. I didn’t think for a minute this would have caused offence otherwise I wouldn’t have said it.

Hunt said he was due to take up the NHS role last Monday.

I’m really gutted that I’ve missed out on this job. I was over the moon when I got it. I love working for the NHS, I know their systems.

A spokesman for Reed said:

Due to inappropriate comments made to members of our staff during the recruitment process before Mr Hunt started his new role we have unfortunately decided that we do not feel we can represent this client further.

 Reed is committed to supporting its staff, clients and candidates and this is not a decision we have taken lightly.

Hunt said:

When the manager called me, I was driving and I got increasingly exasperated as he kept telling me I should admit to my wrongdoing for referring to bacon sandwiches.

In the end I told him to ‘sod off’ and put the phone down. They have blown this out of all proportion.

Lest I be accused of “Islamophobia” for posting this piece, let me direct you to Pat Condell, who shows just how ridiculous this term really is.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn