Just what the world needs: yet another crackpot Christian outfit to combat same-sex marriage

BLOODY hell! If the present trend continues there will soon be more anti-gay outfits in Britain than there are homosexuals.

Today saw the launch of Gay Marriage No Thanksseriously!

This is  group led by Christian loony Alan Craig, who today placed an ad in The Times aimed at peers who are debating the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in the House of Lords today. Craig was the leader of the dotty Christian Peoples Alliance from 2004 to 2013,



In it, the group presents “Ten good reasons why the House of Lords should say no to the same-sex marriage bill.” These include:

• Popular support for the bill is based on the unfounded theory that people are ‘born gay’.
• All school children will be taught that as adults they can have marriage relationships with either men or women.
• Adolescents commonly experience temporary same-sex attraction: this does not mean they are gay.

The imbecile once asserted that gays are “the New Nazis”.

After staring deeply into Alan Craig's eyes, this young man appears to have gone into a deep trance

After staring deeply into Alan Craig’s eyes, this young man sinks into a deep trance

Simon Hill, writing for Queers for Jesus says that the focus of this newest group is the championing of children’s rights.

They say they want to ‘take some of the emotion out of the debate and help people engage with the actual evidence that shows how disruptive and damaging these changes will be for children and young people.

Hill added:

To argue that same-sex couples should never adopt children is to argue that it is better for a child to grow up in an institution, or to be passed around foster carers, than to grow up in a loving, caring, healthy family home – because you think the people in that home are the wrong gender.

And no-one who advocates such a view is in any position to claim that they are championing the needs of children.

Meanwhile, we learn that after the Israeli Justice Minister announced on Sunday that she would present a bill to allow same-sex civil partnerships, the country’s Prime Minister delayed a debate on the issue.

Benjamin Netanyahu said the decision to delay the debate was based on the fact that there was no consensus among the coalition government regarding the potential advancement of the bill, and that a discussion would only occur if a consensus had been reached.

Uzi Even, left, and Amit Kama.

Uzi Even, left, and Amit Kama.

While legally-sanctioned gay marriage looks a far-off prospect in Israel, bizarrely the country’s first gay divorce has been granted by an Israeli family court in Tel Aviv to former Israeli lawmaker Uzi Even, 72, and his partner of 23 years, Amit Kama.

Legal experts see the ruling as a precedent in the realm of gay rights in a country where conservative family traditions are strong and religious courts oversee ceremonies like marriages, divorces and burials.

But in 2006 a High Court decision forced the Interior Ministry, headed by an ultra-Orthodox cabinet member, to recognise same-sex marriages performed abroad, and ordered the Government to list a gay couple wed in Canada as married.

Even and Kama, both Israelis, married in Toronto in 2004, not long after Canada legalisd same-sex marriage.

They separated last year, Kama said.?? It took months to finalise a divorce as they could not meet Canada’s residency requirements to have their marriage dissolved there. At the same time in Israel, rabbinical courts in charge of overseeing such proceedings threw out the case, Kama said.

By winning a ruling from a civil court, Kama and Even may have also set a precedent for Israeli heterosexual couples, who until now have had to have rabbis steeped in ancient ritual handle their divorces, legal experts say.

Said Zvi Triger, deputy dean of the Haim Striks law school near Tel Aviv:

This is the first time in Israeli history a couple of Jews are obtaining a divorce issued by an authority other than a rabbinical court, and I think there is significant potential here for straight couples to do so as well.

11 responses to “Just what the world needs: yet another crackpot Christian outfit to combat same-sex marriage”

  1. Daz says:

    Just looking at the “Ten points.” The first three are actually one: Kids are better off with their biological parents. I’ve never seen evidence supporting this contention.

    Popular support for the bill is based on the unfounded theory that people are ‘born gay’.

    “Unfounded”? Still an’ all, what does this matter? People aren’t born conservative, but we allow conservatives to marry.

    All school children will be taught that as adults they can have marriage relationships with either men or women.

    Circle-jerk reasoning. “If same-sex marriage is treated as good, children might be taught that same-sex marriage is good. And that’s bad. Because, erm, it’s bad. Why’s it bad? Because kids might be taught that it’s good!”

    Adolescents commonly experience temporary same-sex attraction: this does not mean they are gay

    So what? This is only bad if we presuppose that gay = bad, bi = bad, or experimentation = bad.

    There is no evidence that SSM (same-sex marriage) strengthens marriage. In Spain marriage rates fell precipitously.

    Even if true, this is not the same as saying it weakens marriage. And, lest we forget, the purpose of marriage is not to support the institution of marriage, purely for its own sake.

    Behind this bill is a militant move to deny gender difference.

    Huh? What does this even mean?

    ‘Equal love’ leads to unequal marriage.

    As above.

    Civil partnerships already provide all the legal and financial benefits of marriage for gay people.

    Well then, calling it marriage in the eyes of the law won’t make a jot of difference then, will it.

  2. Angela_K says:

    That nutcase Craig’s shirt looks a bit pink, is he trying to tell us something?

    All that money and all that effort just to prevent some people enjoying the same rights as others.

  3. Peterat says:

    With a tip of the hat to Monty Python who, amongst others, have shown the stupidity of these assertions:

    There are ways of telling if she’s a witch. Tell me, what do you do with witches?
    And what do you burn apart from witches?
    Why do witches burn?
    So how do we tell if she’s made of wood?
    Does wood sink in water?
    What also floats?
    A DUCK! (from King Arthur no less!)
    Exactly. So, if she weighs as much as a duck, she’s made of wood therefore……………….
    “Who are you so wise in the ways of science?”

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  5. Jay says:

    The one about Spain neglects that they happened to make divorce easier in the country at the same time – nothing to do with two people of the same sex getting married.

    The others are all in some way about children. Of course children are entitled to the best in their upbringing. Children are always used as some sort of innocent human shield by people peddling intolerance. No one wants to argue against “the children”. But it just has nothing to do with who other people are attracted to. I think we’re all personally aware as to whether or not our love making (same-sex, opposite-sex with protection, out of cycle etc.) can procreate or not… the point at hand is really about stopping the vilification and smearing of a group of people over something they have no control over.

  6. JohnMWhite says:

    Daz pointed out the rather puerile attempts at reasoning that seem to have resulted in the Ten Points. I’d just like to point out how strange this man’s desire is to ‘reject the Olympic Mega Mosque’. I don’t think that will stop Muslims from existing or practicing their faith, and is he really suggesting that he wants to stop Muslims from existing or practicing their faith? That’s a bit sinister. Also kind of stupid, they’re the only allies homophobic bigots like Craig have left.

    Gay Marriage No Thanks is a great name for the group, though. They are at all times free to say ‘no thanks’ to being gay married. Now why can’t they just live with the fact that other people might say ‘yes please’? This is not complicated.

  7. Robster says:

    That attractive young fellow with Mr Craig has to be Peter Andre or at least his brother, right?. Like all the others afflicted with the same christian hatred, this Craig person is probably secretly gay and spends his time giving his credit card number to rent boys.

  8. barriejohn says:

    Alan Craig has a website full of the usual doomsday scenario tripe:

    Interesting to see that he has been active “on the front-line in northern Nigeria”!

  9. barriejohn says:

    An educational charity is set to be named as the preferred sponsor of a proposed new primary school in Putney.

    “Our ethos is an expression of our character – it is a statement of who we are and therefore the lens through which we assess all we do. The work of Oasis Community Learning is motivated and inspired by the life, message and example of Christ.”

  10. Broga says:

    @barriejohn: The “lens through which we assess all we do” seems to me to be a pitiless determination to indoctrinate intellectually vulnerable children with a destructive superstition.