Impotent, uncaring and lacking in empathy: Cardinal Pell must go, says abuse victims group

A PETITION calling for action to force Australia’s Cardinal George Pell to stand down has just been launched by victims’ advocacy group COIN, which claims that Pell has failed the country’s five million Catholics as a religious and moral leader. The petition – addressed to to papal nuncio Archbishop Paul Gallagher – says:

Cardinal Pell is a spiritually impotent leader, a leader who presents no empathy, no moral judgment and no felt deep concern for victims, a leader who is avoiding responsibility for the immorality and sodomy that has been breeding in his house of God.

It is time for the Roman Catholic Church in Australia to change, and the starting point is for Cardinal George Pell to stand down. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

Cardinal Pell takes time off from answering awkward child abuse questions to go shopping with a buddy

Cardinal Pell, left, takes time off from answering awkward child sex abuse questions to go shopping for a new outfit with a buddy

The demand follows an earlier petition launched last month by Sydney Catholic Bishop Geoffrey Robinson calling for a global church council to tackle the scourge of clergy sexual abuse. This has passed 81,000 signatures.

Bishop Robinson said on Sunday that he was happy with the response

But we’ve only been going a few weeks, and this is just the beginning.

COIN president Bryan Keon-Cohen, QC, said the petition reflected community sentiment that the church continued to focus on damage control rather then fundamental reform.

It also reflects the community’s view that George Pell’s time has passed. Whatever good or bad he has done, he appears incapable of coming to terms with the enormity of the problem and the need for change in the Catholic Church.

He added that Pell believes only in the standing and reputation of his church, and fails to understand that things have changed.

It’s a culture that says the church can do no wrong, and must be protected above all else – a mediaeval doctrine that has no place in modern society.

Meanwhile, Father Ike MacCreadie – spokesperson for the Catholic Archdiocese of New York – came clean about his Church’s global paedophile goals to an investigative reporter in the video below (click on pic to watch the astonishing interview).


Hat tip: Holland (for video link)