Jailed: A creepy Christian puppeteer who fantasised about abducting and eating youngsters


Ronald William Brown and 'Marty'

Ronald William Brown and ‘Marty’

IN THE video above (click to view) creepy Ronald William Brown of Florida  has his equally creepy puppet Marty warn that “God will know” that he viewed “dirty pictures” even if his parents didn’t. Brown then quotes the Bible as saying:

You should run away from things that give you evil thoughts.

He ought to have taken his own advice.

Last week Brown, 58, who had been an active member of his church’s youth ministry; often drove children to the church andperformed puppet showsfor his congregation, was sentenced to 20 years for possessing kiddie porn.

When he was arrested last year, Brown, who also featured on a local Christian Television Network show, Joy Junction, was charged with possessing child pornography and conspiring to kidnap a child.

In a 29-page criminal complaint filed July 20, 2012, the sinister side of Brown was made evident. While he worked with his church’s youth during the day, Brown was said to have harboured the desire to rape, carve and cook the body parts of a young parishioner for Easter.

Authorities later dropped charges of conspiring to kidnap children, but Brown did plead guilty to having child pornography.

Brown, according to this report, openly fantasized online about murdering, cooking and eating children. In an Internet chat session, he told an associatiate of his desire to kill and cannibalise a boy at at the Gulf Coast Church.

I imagine him wiggling and then going still.

Brown went on in gruesome detail about the different ways he would kill and eat children with another alleged cannibal enthusiast, Michael Arnett, using online monikers that investigators traced to their computers. The two discussed killing – what they called “snuffing” – children as young as two.

In one chat cited in the original charge, Arnett described drowning a little girl, and in another, he and Brown excitedly talked about a photo, shared by Arnett, of a three-year-old girl being strangled.

Brown said that that was what he would “enjoying doing” to the unidentified Gulf Coast Church boy.

Brown was found to have over 200 pictures of children on his computer. Many of the children were tied up, gagged and blind-folded. He also solicited photos of dead children online, where he also had conversations about touching boys at a cruise ship pool, according to a report from the Orlando Sentinel.

Investigators said in 1998 they also found boys’ underwear at Brown’s home, and a blowup doll dressed in children’s clothes. Brown said he used the items for puppet shows.

WTSP reported that although Brown told investigators he wanted to eat a little boy he met at his church and had discussed his fantasies on a Yahoo message board, he never intended to actually harm children.

Along with being sentenced to 20 years in prison, Brown will have a lifetime of probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender, is prohibited from having contact with minors and banned from having access to a computer with online service.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake