‘Persecuted Christians’ #2,436: True Believers are being denied top jobs in the UK

FOLLOWING a recent survey that revealed that Christians are less likely than atheists, Hindus or Jews to be promoted to top jobs, a dotty fundamentalist outfit called The Way has weighed into the issue, claiming that some enterprises are being run in a manner designed to exclude the faithful.

Tim Pearson of The Way

Tim Pearson of The Way

When the findings of the survey – contained in a breakdown of employment and religious belief produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) –  were first published, it was suggested by economist Ruth Lea, of the Arbuthnot Banking Group, that the reason for this might be that Christians lacked ambition and were lazy:

Jews and Hindus are proportionately so much more successful than Christians. The driven people tend to come from minorities. Christians are the majority group, and they do not seem so ambitious and hard working.

No, no, NO said Tim Pearson, Director of The Way:

The issues that these statistics hide is that some employers by default expect their senior management to bend the truth, perform duties that go against the Christian ethos and have dubious ethical standards, all of which precludes the Christian with a strong faith from progressing.

It is not about hard work, as Ruth Lea would have us believe because the Bible tells us to go the extra mile be conscientious, hard working etc, so this is just another illustration that we are being persecuted.

According to the stats, almost a quarter of people with no religious belief live in homes headed by someone with a senior executive position or a job in one of the professions.

They also indicate that well under a fifth of Christians work in the best-paid and most influential jobs and that there were high levels of senior and professional employment among the Jewish and Hindu communities.

Andrea Miniciello Williams having a little rant on a video posted on YouTube by The Way (click on pic to watch)

Andrea Miniciello Williams having a little rant on a video posted on YouTube by The Way (click on pic to watch)

Andrea Minichiello Williams, a member of the Church of England’s General Synod and head of the Christian Legal Centre, said:

If you hold views that are contrary to the prevailing orthodoxy you are seen as potential trouble. This is a real phenomenon. Christianity is now a bar to appointment or promotion.