Son of Hamas founder trashes Islam and predicts that it is destined to collapse within ten years

IN an astonishing video posted on the LiveLeak website a couple of days ago, Mosab Hassan Yousef  –  son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef – does to Islam what Stephen Fry did to the Daily Mail. He comprehensively fries it.

Mosab Hassan Yousef

Mosab Hassan Yousef (click on pic for video)

According to this report, Yousef, once President of the Islamic Youth Movement:

 Broke ranks with Hamas in 1997 and began working for the Israeli internal intelligence service Shin Bet. Ten years later, after helping Israel thwart dozens of terror attacks and arrest many members of his former movement, Yousef left for the United States where he sought political asylum and later converted to Christianity.

Shame about the Christianity, though. It kinda detracts from his assertion in the video that Muslims who believe that the Koran is the word of God are “sick”.

 The god of Islam is a god of torture, a god of deceit.

And the god of the Bible isn’t?

He goes on to say that Islam may appear, from the outside, to be growing, but in fact, from the inside, it is “completely collapsing”.

 Within ten years Islam will be over.

When the interviewer suggests “you are going to make millions and millions of Muslims very angry and some will want to kill you”, Yousef replies: “I’m not trying to offend Muslims, but adds that while  some will be offended, many will “wake up”.  He says that while there is a possibility that he will be killed, “they cannot kill my soul or my ideas”.