Crackpot Christian outfit furious over spoof reports of their ‘gay to straight’ initiatives


PEOPLE can Change exists to help gay men:

• To be free from the constant pull of homosexual desires…

• To have deeply fulfilling non-sexual friendships with other men, and to belong to a close community of men…

• Perhaps to have a happy marriage, to be a loving father, or else to be contentedly single…

• To live a life we feel is aligned with God’s will for us…

And it’s outraged over a recent a National Report item that claimed:

Beginning November 1 of this year, the state of Arizona is implementing a mandatory school program designed for all children grades K-12 to help homosexual males and women become straight. The controversial conversion therapy will be used in all of Arizona’s 2,325 public school curriculums and is already gathering a large amount of criticism as well as those who approve of the new program.

PCC is outraged, and issued this denial on its website:

The satirical website National Report has issued a FAKE news story alleging that People Can Change programs have been adopted by Arizona public schools. In fact, the spokesperson is fake, the interview is fake, the photo with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is fake, the press conference is fake – and the quotes are fake, rude, and demeaning of gays.

This satire is not reflective of our organizational values, including compassion, understanding and respect for all who deal with or have ever dealt with homosexuality, however they may choose to address it in their lives.

People Can Change does not provide programs or services for minors. We are a peer-led support organization of men who have personally experienced significant change from unwanted same-sex attractions ourselves and who now share our experience and give support to other adults who voluntarily seek similar change.

National Report  then took another swing at PCC with a fresh report claiming that Milwaukee County Sheriff David A Clarke has announced that the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office will participate in a trial “ride-along programme” with PCC members:

To assist in dealing with the outbreak of homosexuality in South East Wisconsin.

The scheme will allow PCC reps to:

Ride with sheriff seputies on patrol, especially in neighborhoods where a high incidence of homosexuality has been reported. Subjects in the target group will be identified and counselled during routine patrol stops, given literature and the kind of supportive spiritual outreach that can make a difference in a young ma

n’s life to hopefully precipitate his conversion to a more fulfilling life.

The PCC folk:

Will counsel the victims of homosexuality and assist them in dealing with the various stigmas and disgraces associated with their sexual orientation choice. While accepting the notion that not every person can be saved by PCC ministries, they share the belief along with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office that compassionate counsel and the influence of a higher power deity can affect positive change in the hearts of guilt ridden homosexual males.

The report adds:

People for Change is a non-profit organization that helps those steeped in the guilt of their homosexual sins to become right with their creator and their own manhood. Their mission is to support and guide men who seek to transition away from homosexuality toward a clean and healthy lifestyle.

A number of people reading the report failed to spot the satire. Someone called Philo van Rood commented:

I keep looking for evidence that this is satire, as it’s a completely insane and stupid idea, but I think this person is actually serious. When will bigots just do the world a favor and kill themselves? I almost want to move to Milwaukee and pretend to be gay just to annoy people like this.

Barbara Bagwell, who I suspect did spot the spoof, responded:

Philo, Please for all that is good and right in this world, do not pretend to be gay. The gays will sense your subterfuge. This will result in a gay rage that will be pounded upon your body and soul like a thousand wasps in the fifth circle of Dante’s Inferno. A wrong does not take a left. You could end up a liberal, which means you won’t earn a place at the table when Ted Cruz is elected and exports all the homosexuals, foreigners and feminist women to Canada. Do you really want to be Canadian? They eat horrible things on fries.

There ... fixed it for them (thanks Angela for suggesting it)

There … fixed it for them (thanks Angela for suggesting it)