Rudd gets ‘Evil Eye’ from crazy Christian

Rudd gets ‘Evil Eye’ from crazy Christian

DURING a recent public Q&A session, a fundamentalist who works for a “national Christian Radio network”, tackled  former PM Kevin Rudd, now leader of the Labour Party, over gay marriage.

He was visibly upset by Rudd’s answers, especially the one pertaining to the Bible’s endorsement of slavery.

Enjoy this video!

Meanwhile, it’s reported here that police had to storm into an evangelical church in Northern Ireland to break up a noisy altercation between two opposing groups. At one stage officers had to stop a man trying to pull the power plug to the church organ.

Minister George Speers on the steps of his church last night after police were called to deal with a disturbance within the congregation.

Minister George Speers on the steps of his church last night after police were called to deal with a disturbance within the congregation.

Tensions between two groups within the Ballynahinch Congregational Church reached breaking point during angry scenes yesterday.

The dramatic climax in the evening service came amid a furious row between some members of a congregation and Rev George Speers.

Years of underlying issues came to a head at both the morning and evening service in the rural church in Co Down.

Around 70 members were in attendance at the evangelical church on the Dromore Road when Rev Speers was heckled from the pews. For the second time that day, just as his sermon began, around 40 church members left their seats and began to shout at the minister.

They roared “Out, Out, Out”, clapping, whistling and cheering and moving to the front of the church to surround the pulpit.

Rev Speers continued with the service but could not be heard over the angry crowd. The fury was echoed by stamping of feet and singing of “We shall not be moved.”

At one point the minister used a megaphone to make himself heard over the jeers.

It is believed that the church is split into two groups — those who claim to support the traditional church style and those who claim to support the minister who took up the post more than seven years ago.

The remainder of the congregration stayed in the church until the sermon was officially ended by Rev Speers at around 7.30pm. They shouted “Praise the Lord” in response to the protest at the front of the small church.

As the organist continued her hymn list for the service, one of the protesters swiped her music sheets in a bid to stop her from playing. One man was spoken to by police for pulling the plug out of the organ.

While the exchanges were not violent, the police reminded the crowd that disrupting a religous service was a breach of the peace.

Eddie Bell, who was not taking part in the protest, said he was saddened to watch the scenes inside a church he has been a member of for 35 years.

This is completely wicked and demon.

One protester told the Belfast Telegraph:

I am here with hate in my heart and I am ashamed to say that. I am a Christian and I feel hate in my heart towards the teachings and changes here.

Jim Magowan, 66, is secretary of the 13 trustees who say they are supporters of the minister.

The issues are that there is a majority of people within the church who have no confidence in the ministerial team. Some theology issues, some doctrinal issues and a lot of personality issues. It’s so difficult and so involved but it’s come to a head, this has been going on for a couple of years, but it’s built up to this point.

Ballynahinch Congregational Church, which is situated near Ballynhinch, Co Down, is one of 27 member |churches that make up the Congregational Union of Ireland.

The church, which was established in 1902, currently has two websites run by two separate groups which further indicates the alleged split vision of the congregation.

Hat tip Graham Martin-Royle (N Ireland report)

22 responses to “Rudd gets ‘Evil Eye’ from crazy Christian”

  1. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    I don’t particularly like Mr Rudd but that was an excellent slap down. The look on the pastors face is priceless.

  2. Ivan says:

    For a moment, I thought it was Mel Gibson.

  3. Daz says:

    The moment Rudd mentions slavery, and the crowd cheers… [Link]. Priceless!

  4. AgentCormac says:

    The fundie looks as though he’s about to burst into tears. Excellent response from Rudd!

  5. barriejohn says:

    It isn’t clear whether the musical accompaniment is an issue at Bally-No-Hitch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case. When I was a member of a large Brethren assembly in Lancashire, a prominent evangelist from either Scotland or Ireland refused to conduct a mission there if the organ wasn’t covered up during his visit (I’m not kidding!). [There was no mission.] I also heard about two Scottish ladies who holidayed in Ireland. They were very fond of music, and at the Breaking of Bread meeting on the Sunday morning (no musical accompaniment) began to harmonize during the first hymn. At the end of the first verse, one of the elders intoned: “Shall we sing that verse again – and this time we’ll all sing the same tune”!

  6. Angela_K says:

    The best way to attack the religious is to turn their dogmatic books back on them. Well done Mr Rudd.

    “One man was spoken to by police for pulling the plug out of the organ”. No other crime that day then!

  7. tony e says:

    Just slightly off topic.

    As this is clearly a case of intimidation of a christian (George Speers, no relation to Albert) I wonder if those clowns at the CLC will jump on this particular story…………

  8. Broga says:

    Brilliant response from Kevin Rudd using the biblical approval of slavery. Let us just transfer this exchange to another site – Thought for the Day. The Christian preaching at Kevin Rudd is the equivalent of the Christians on TfTD. Kevin Rudd shows the kind of challenge that ought to confront them – based on their own supposed biblical beliefs.

  9. barfly says:

    That stare, the only time I have seen a stare that intense was years ago when I was attacked by someone smashed out of his mind. Maybe he was hoping some kind of angelic nutter would intervene

  10. charlie says:

    LOL, xtian idiot. I just would have liked to have him hold his breath until his god critter nailed Rudd. What fools these religiots are. Gonna stare at him until gawd gets revenge on the guy. Amazing that in 2013, even in Oz, that we still have such utterly stupid, brain dead assholes allowed out in public. No doubt some damn religious jackass will now attempt to stare me into submission to her/his gawd. Good luck morons.
    Religion, thousands of years of fake tradition and not a single moment of real progress or usefulness to humanity. Religion is a scam to keep the masses fearful and supporting a priest class that could not hold a real job.

  11. Canada Dave says:

    Funny how a book written by an omnipotent, all knowing, all seeing
    sky daddy can be interpreted in so many different ways.
    One would think that the being in question would say enough is enough and come down and sort hem all out….

    Given the above a rational mind should conclude that said sky daddy does not exist….so why do they persist??….Most likely out of habit…they do not golf and must have some form of Sunday entertainment.

  12. 1859 says:

    Just watched Rudd. I wonder what the Russian religious fascists and vigilante groups would think of Rudd’s arguments? The totally incomprehensable problem is – why do these so, so religious ‘pastors’ (like the one questioning Rudd)keep on insisting the the bibble is the word of jessus , or the word of the big man? It has been shown innumerable times that it was written by old men thousands of years ago who had not one scintilla of scientific understanding of the world. It’s just a book full of ridiculous contradictions – it even condones incest for christ’s sake! (read on after Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt – read on and see what Lot’s daughters get up to in a cave with their dad). The bibble is just a collection of not very sophisticated fairy stories, some bits historically true, some bits plain stupid. This book is NOT the voice of some supernatural President of the Universe – blockheads!

  13. Robster says:

    First deluded christian I’ve seen that doesn’t have that slightly cross-eyed, sort of confused look they all get when confronted with something they can’t answer or uunderstand, which is most of what they’re asked. The pastor (can’t help but think of a plate of spaghetti when I hear of someone being referred to as a “pastor”)looked like he was hankering for a confrontation with the PM but was shot down beautifully by Rudd using the christian sects own silly old book of nonsense. Well done Mr. Rudd, can’t vote for him though.

  14. Matt+Westwood says:

    Of all the nations in the world, Australia comes across as one of the politically sanest – notwithstanding the unpleasantness with Julia Gillett (or whatever her name was, sorry, I’m no as up to speed as all that).

  15. Bubblecar says:

    Laudable position by Rudd, but bear in mind he has only recently deposed former Labor leader Julia Gillard, who was opposed to marriage equality. And the polls are indicating that after tomorrow’s election, we’ll have a conservative Catholic PM (Tony Abbott) who certainly doesn’t support marriage equality.

    The situation in the UK, where a Tory PM supports marriage equality, is the envy of Oz gays.

  16. barriejohn says:

    Kevin Rudd is a “committed Christian”, and not at all popular amongst traditional Labour supporters, mainly due to his “aloofness” and alleged intellectuasl arrogance, but Tony Abbott…

  17. Ian says:

    A question I keep asking Catlicks is if Jesus meant what he said in Mathew 5:17: I come not to break the law but to uphold it and honour the prophets, WHY, aren’t we all Jews.

    All I get is what passes for insults, not a single one of them including priests has come up with an answer.

  18. Matt+Westwood says:

    “The situation in the UK, where a Tory PM supports marriage equality, is the envy of Oz gays.”

    Yeah, sorry, but I seriously don’t know how on earth that happened. We’re mystified. Not displeased, mind you – but definitely mystified.

    What it *does* do is give the LGBT community some leverage to persuade Cameron to speak sharply to the Russians over their bad behaviour. “Come on, man, you support us gays, speak up for our cohorts in Muscovy …”

  19. barriejohn says:

    Ian: The simple answer to that conundrum – which I couldn’t see for years, but which answered a lot of the questions that I had as a Christian – is that Paul invented a new faith of his own. Jesus would have been horrified had he known!

  20. JohnMWhite says:

    @Ian: I have asked about that and similar passages, usually when dealing with somebody who insists that the NT isn’t homophobic (Romans? What Romans?) or violent (Book of Reve-what?) and is the story of a nice, new, all loving god. As if that makes the OT god’s violence and homophobia ok. They will go on about how the Old Law was an Old Covenant and Jesus brought a New Covenant which means Christians don’t have to obey Leviticus anymore. When pointing out that Jesus said no such thing, they simply stonewall and say “yes he did!” and retcon some nonsense about Jesus speaking to Jews at the time while also having a message for gentiles. As barriejohn points out, Paul’s the one who really tries to take the faith outside of regular Jewish laws and customs.

  21. Michael Glass says:

    Evil eye? Bunkum! That was just a good old hate stare.

  22. barriejohn says:

    JMW/Ian: Daz and I have been discussing this on a recent thread where someone remarked on the stupendous lack of quotes from Jesus in the epistles. When you read the New Testament it is abundantly clear that there are two Jesuses: the raving zealot who wants to establish the Kingdom of God and rain judgment upon Jehovah’s enemies, and the “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” who preaches love and forgiveness. Similarly, there appear to be two Pauls: the itinerant missionary and miracle-worker of The Acts, and the teacher of the epistles (who seems to have had different ideas on the keeping of the law, etc, as well), and Christians have laboured for years trying to harmonize his missionary journeys with the letters which he is supposed to have written. I wasted many hours as a Christian in this futile pursuit, but the moment you accept that half of this is made up the difficulties fly out of the window!