Video: Australian Labor leader Kevin Rudd get’s the Evil Eye from homophobic Christian fundie

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DURING a recent public Q&A session, a fundamentalist who works for a “national Christian Radio network”, tackled  former PM Kevin Rudd, now leader of the Labour Party, over gay marriage.

He was visibly upset by Rudd’s answers, especially the one pertaining to the Bible’s endorsement of slavery.


Meanwhile, it’s reported here that police had to storm into an evangelical church in Northern Ireland to break up a noisy altercation between two opposing groups. At one stage officers had to stop a man trying to pull the power plug to the church organ.

Minister George Speers on the steps of his church last night after police were called to deal with a disturbance within the congregation.

Minister George Speers on the steps of his church last night after police were called to deal with a disturbance within the congregation.

Tensions between two groups within the Ballynahinch Congregational Church reached breaking point during angry scenes yesterday.

The dramatic climax in the evening service came amid a furious row between some members of a congregation and Rev George Speers.

Years of underlying issues came to a head at both the morning and evening service in the rural church in Co Down.

Around 70 members were in attendance at the evangelical church on the Dromore Road when Rev Speers was heckled from the pews. For the second time that day, just as his sermon began, around 40 church members left their seats and began to shout at the minister.

They roared “Out, Out, Out”, clapping, whistling and cheering and moving to the front of the church to surround the pulpit.

Rev Speers continued with the service but could not be heard over the angry crowd. The fury was echoed by stamping of feet and singing of “We shall not be moved.”

At one point the minister used a megaphone to make himself heard over the jeers.

It is believed that the church is split into two groups — those who claim to support the traditional church style and those who claim to support the minister who took up the post more than seven years ago.

The remainder of the congregration stayed in the church until the sermon was officially ended by Rev Speers at around 7.30pm. They shouted “Praise the Lord” in response to the protest at the front of the small church.

As the organist continued her hymn list for the service, one of the protesters swiped her music sheets in a bid to stop her from playing. One man was spoken to by police for pulling the plug out of the organ.

While the exchanges were not violent, the police reminded the crowd that disrupting a religous service was a breach of the peace.

Eddie Bell, who was not taking part in the protest, said he was saddened to watch the scenes inside a church he has been a member of for 35 years.

This is completely wicked and demon.

One protester told the Belfast Telegraph:

I am here with hate in my heart and I am ashamed to say that. I am a Christian and I feel hate in my heart towards the teachings and changes here.

Jim Magowan, 66, is secretary of the 13 trustees who say they are supporters of the minister.

The issues are that there is a majority of people within the church who have no confidence in the ministerial team. Some theology issues, some doctrinal issues and a lot of personality issues. It’s so difficult and so involved but it’s come to a head, this has been going on for a couple of years, but it’s built up to this point.

Ballynahinch Congregational Church, which is situated near Ballynhinch, Co Down, is one of 27 member |churches that make up the Congregational Union of Ireland.

The church, which was established in 1902, currently has two websites run by two separate groups which further indicates the alleged split vision of the congregation.

Hat tip Graham Martin-Royle (N Ireland report)